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  1. I used to do fairly well in this game when there were bronze, silver and gold district instances. Now I'm doing terribly as I'm only matched up against High ranks, groups of veterans and gold threat players. I don't want to play the game anymore as there's little chance of being matched against similarly skilled players. I've only had fun in the holiday event. I think having all districts open to all threats has put people off this game.
  2. I was kicked for inactivity after I tried to jump onto a roof multiple times, I didn't stop moving for more than 15 seconds most but still got kicked for inactivity. There were no enemies around so I couldn't avoid getting kicked.
  3. Sadly I found this out by losing 1.1 million.
  4. Managed to lose out on a valuable legendary due to either an error or a glitch in the trading system. Another player was able to accept his trade contents and then change the contents very quickly, and it didn't say he wasn't ready to trade. This could be a massive weakness in the new trading system and could lead to others getting robbed of their items.
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