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  1. Nfas and shredder are exceptions to the shotguns can't be fired from inside vehicles. why not showstopper: it fits in one hand it would have the most logic too. plus it already has a invehicle modifier.
  2. Since mobile radar doesn't work in district anymore changing the preset mobile radar on patriot v20 street krew to mobile spawn is a need.
  3. Gonna be that one person and say the MOUNTIE YUKON EXISTS PUTTING an END to this pointless convo on RFP FANG....lollll... how bout a marksman buff on the regular variants of Mountie(northwest and nunavut) 0.75marksman mod instead of 0.9. (the yukon is separate by itself don't touch it XD)
  4. The 45 got reverted to 40m.
  5. Sooooo.....any actual news yet. If it's the error code where u are already logged in....u simply restart ur computer.
  6. Maybe Ez anticheat have become self aware.....and found the solution is not to let ppl play.....xd
  7. I tried restarting my computer and lauching the game twice...doesn't work
  8. The Colby 45 range was 40m base before nerf....typo in 45m. Should be 40m The equip time of 0.45 needs to be 0.8 cause the Colby 45 uses heavier bullets . I still think.
  9. It can be 50 base total HARD Dmg on true ogre instead of 36 still lower than nfas 12 60 base total HARD DMG
  10. Theronguard

    make FC 15v15 again

    Get good lollll....it only happens when ur out numbered in total numbers enemy team more than ur team or u have more low ranks on ur team.....Good job on tryna find a solution to game snit spawning u though.
  11. Still not hearing anything about hard damage.....HARD DAMAGE IS THE DAMAGE THAT AFFECTS VEHICLES not players.....36 BASE ON TRUE OGRE IS 648 IN 18SHOTS WHICH IS HORRENDOUS.....u might as well throw gravel at the car.
  12. Ty for the replies though homie.....on topic . I legit lost a mission with NFAS true ogre because I couldn't explode the opp spawn car in time it was a hard comeback too.
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