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  1. I always was wondering what the exact real life model of this beauty, maybe someone knows, just reply here please if you know...
  2. From main menu of the game ? They added option to disable fog recently but didn't see uncapping fps yet.
  3. No one gonna read what this lil bro wrote Just kidding of course, you state a good points for making the game better and I pressed the like, but will try to explain what I didn't like or what they should also add: 1. Return the 40v40 mission servers maximum limit of players to make the game run smoother for everyone else. 2. Remove all the garbage no mod (0 mod) vehicles from the game and replace them with Mobile Spawner (ONLY 1) Mode, because the starting vehicles has this mode already and making it grind for other cars makes no sense. (I know that you may buy any vehicle or mod from social's district marketplace but then you will not be able to customize it) Here is the link on my topic where I explained the all things more properly. 3. They should make customizable UI in general because personally for me and maybe other players it was a cool idea. I also wanted to change my radar placement but wasn't able to do that due to the lack of customisations. Okay, that's all for now from me, now back to your solutions: 1. Players are able to rep any contact regardless of current district - I don't think it will work because people will abandon the waterfront district completely and will start to play only in the financial one. Personally - I enjoy playing in both districts and hating the fact that waterfront always missing players. 2. Threat levels hidden until the match is concluded (prevents discouragement) - Honestly, I would just disable the whole ranking threats like they (LO) did on consoles. Old players aka veterans will still continue to play like usual and the new players will probably rage less. The other solution to this is to make the separate matchmaking system. (ranked and normal missions are separate)
  4. They are already working on it according to the Roadmap article.
  5. Then this list of skins will never end I assume.
  6. Would it be a cool idea for the future? Give me your thoughts again, I think it will not affect the whole point of grind and will be more fun in general because 195 is just too much for it, almost the highest rank in the game.
  7. My bro just blasting those fools Nice, I hit a like because using the same pistol as you.
  8. I will have to disagree with that sentence because usually I've seen the price of 2 slot weapons was about in 6500 thousand JT while any of 3 slot costs 10000 thousand of JT currency. Some variants of them are already in the JT Store if I'm correct but legendaries are really expensive comparting to the usual ones. FAR and LCR are not the reskins as you said, it's the new weapons but I agree that it should be purchasable from contacts because people will have more options and freedom. As for compromise - they may leave the actual reskins (Vas, Joker CR5 for example and so on) in the Joker Store and add all new 0 mod weapons to contacts for $ currency.
  9. Good day for everyone once again! (or an evening) First of all - I wanted to introduce myself to you since I wasn't able to do that for some reason but some people may already know me by my salty great topics. I'm a pretty new person to APB in general but I was playing just a little bit in the past back in the days when I was a little kid. (as every other kid of that time - I fell in love with gaming obviously) For making it more clear to you - I have an old CD with APB when it was actually a new game and was owned by realtime worlds. So, back to business: "why do I even wrote this?" you may ask and I can understand that - basically when I accidentally returned to this game I just recovered my old account within my old character on this account. I've played the game a bit and not gonna lie - I was pretty shocked (not in a bad way) how the game developed. There were a tons of new features that previously I have not witnessed for and had to play to get the knowledge for it. After few days of playing on the old character - I've decided to create the new one for making the whole process of it more fun. And from that moment I will actually start to explain the whole point of this topic. Little Orbit wants to add new features to the game as you all already seen so I want to try help them from my point of view. After playing some time on the new character I've witnessed some things that I didn't like personally and usually when you are unhappy with something - you are making it clear. I will not list everything here because you can find it by checking my previous posts but I will just list one that should be changeable in future for sure: 1. The no-mod (0 mods) vehicles in this game became absolute garbages but I've seen that some of the new (low rank as well) players are actually using them on missions. Why is it so? Simply because they are not able to buy at least 1 slot mode vehicle at the start of the game, for that you have to progress literally a tons of contacts and play the actual missions and it obviously takes some time to them. Why am I talking about 1 slot mode vehicles? Because as being the new player your goal is to get that as fast as you can for at least having Mobile Spawn Point on your personal vehicle. With that being said - I want to suggest removing all 0 mods vehicles from the APB and replace them with the Mobile Spawn Point only mode. Why do I chose exactly that mod? Because the starting vehicles (Macchina Calabria and Macchina Cosenza) are already equipped by the Mobile Spawn Point only. So why not to make the every other of starting vehicles the same? If Little Orbit will able to do that in future - I think people will use more of this current 0 mod vehicles. (it should be good not only for the new players, but even for the old ones for testing the vehicles without affecting your missions by garbage vehicles) As for other 1 slot mode (for any vehicle mode that you would prefer) vehicles - leave them the same because anyway it takes some time to unlock them from a higher tier contacts.
  10. So, I played a bit with FBW and yeah, I was capable to kill people who even had colby 45 but you know - still feels like that the TTK of colby 45 should be somewhere in 1 second exact. 0.8 of the seconds makes the colby 45 too powerful, (in my humble opinion) so Little Orbit should make it slower or 6 shots to kill like FBW has. With that being said - the colby 45 still will be better than FBW but only because it's a pistol of the JT currency. P.S. Or in opposite way they can make FBW faster (without nerfing the colby 45) with TTK of 1 second exact or 1 to 1.1 somewhere. (1.05 for example)
  11. When I will get rank 195 - I will do it, I can even promise but I'm not sure what day it will be. I play as an enforcer too by the way so for making challenge proofable - we should play together since I'm not into recording stuff as I said before. P.S. Oh shit, I forgot to ask you on which server are you playing?
  12. That's a good point but it's just the meta pistol and overall better than FBW. (of course if you will fight 1v1 the colby 45 with FBW but if you will fight some bronze or silver guys with FBW, maybe you can handle it, but I'm talking about the equal situations in terms of skill and pushing the weapons to their limits) I had a free trial of colby 45 and for me it was easier to play with it comparing to FBW. I didn't buy this pistol but tested a little bit for 6 hours or so. I'm not into this stuff but we can play together if you want to. Well, that's good to know, will try this out, cheers.
  13. It's hard to find a person, who is playing with FBW nowadays but you are still defending the OP gun again... True, I prefer another pistol (S-AS PDW) may be found few people who are using it as well but not on the level with colby 45 in terms of popularity.
  14. Colby PMG is automatic gun but yeah - colby 45 with macros equals to colby PMG, just less bullets in pistol, it's insane.
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