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  1. Was my thought when I did see only 3 items added to a merchant.... So much missing. Don't take me wrong those 3 items was needed bad, but and its a big but, still so much more missing.Bag and Vault extensions, farm and drill boosters, faction shirts, DT and other player boosters etc. As a example these 2 merchant has some of it. The amount of storage shuffling you have to so if you want to craft your own stuff is insane tbh. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Merchant:_Reward_Points_Merchant_(Los_Alamos) https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Merchant:_Reward_Points_Merchant_(2)_(Los_Alamos) There are also items that was marketplace only... Have to look after the ppl leveling and help em get to lvl 55. Reson the Kit was so sought after is pure storage and bag related....
  2. So being on the console version of this game for many years( since launch of it back in june 2016 ) the community is out of control with billboards calling people pedophiles and putting explicit pictures of people ,haming them, and the toxic behavior cause we know LO doesn't have reach ( we honestly believe) or interferes with the console side. I was thinking can we have any GM's to monitor? I think you said something in the past or it was probably the last company but they said theres more of us than you but compared to PC its a fraction. I was thinking can you hire ingame players to watch over and put strict rules so they dont abuse their authority? of course they would consult with what they do and etc. i think i may not be sure but something like this was on the PC side and it didn't go well or im just thinking all together but yeah heres the suggestion
  3. I am aware there is another topic for buffing the anubis, however I thought I would create my own as the other does not seem to offer an actual solution or explain what is wrong The NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen is a 3-shot-to-kill sniper rifle type weapon. It features a unique sight as part of its legendary gimmick. The original version of the anubis was, in my opinion, quite good. It has a good rate of fire, and the bloom was very manageable as you vould easily time your shots a little slower to maintain accuracy or try to fire at max rate for shorter ranges. This, coupled with the anubis's good mobility and great 'aiming time' (a term I will use to describe the time it takes for the retivule to reach macimum accuracy after entering marksmanship mode) meant that it could provide quick, mobile, precision damage without being overbearing like an N-HVR. It was a fun weapon to both use and play against. It could be compared to a DMR, with the movement penalty removed, but with reduced damage and lacking the reverse damage dropoff that the DMR features. Some players had an issue with the gun's legendary sight, saying that it was too intrusive and made the gun too hard to use. To fix this, Gamersfirst issued a change to it in the large amounts of weapon rebalances a few years ago. They made the sight slightly translucent to allow players to see better. This was fine. However, they also made major changes to how the gun performed: The 'aim time' was increased significantly, meaning that you have to wait a significant amount of time before being able to shoot accurately. The bloom was increased massively, meaning the shot fired after the first will almost always miss unless you wait the even longer time for the reticule to shrink back to sensible levels. The bloom decreases with each shot fired, meaning you have to fire 3-4 shots before you can fire at a similar rate to the old accurate firerate. These changes made the anubis an extremely cumbersome and unintuitive weapon. It now has a long setup time, slow effective rate of fire and makes the user waste ammo if you want both accuracy and a decent time-to-kill. I suggest the reversion of the bloom mechanic to something like what it had before. This would allow the anubis to be a quick responsive sniper again and not feel punishing to the user. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my suggestion. edit: I revisted the other thread and saw the user Kewlin brought up the issues I have discussed here. Apparently the excessive delay of bloom recovery is a bug, as it was only supposed to be applied to the N-HVR 762 (Where it makes a lot of sense!). I believe that reverting the mechanics would be the best and simplest fix, if this is possible for LO. I do not know if the old mechanics would have been stored.
  4. When APB launched under RTW, the gun models were very artsy, and only roughly based on their real life counterparts. Then G1 took over, and all the new weapons were modeled after real guns, which was a huge improvement as they actually looked good. I've made a quick comparison between some of APB's ugly weapon models, to what they were based on. As you can see, the game models are absolutely disgusting. The CR5 looks like the deformed brother of the M4A1: The SR15 is a disproportionate SIG 552: The CR762 is an ugly SIG 550: The OBIR might be an HK93? It's so ugly, who knows. The OSCAR looks pretty similar to the OBIR, so I guess it's a tacti-cool HK93: Any chance you could update the original game's weapons to look more inline with the new ones?
  5. We all know that this is a dead, old, and unloved game at this point, but there are some things that can be done to give it a second chance. If anyone at Little Orbit does find their way to this post (which I doubt), I beg you to at least try and implement these things, you really don’t have much to lose so what's the risk. The steps that will be listed below are not only meant to help the game before the completion of the engine update (if that ever happens lmao), but also to help “rebrand” this game as something actually new. Honestly, I have no clue how demanding many of these features and changes would be as I only have a limited experience in coding and 3D modeling. Nonetheless, I’ll attempt to order these from most important to least important. 1- Anti-Cheat: This is self explanatory, the game needs one. If Roblox devs can afford competent ones, I think LO can too. No excuses. 2- Joker Store Additions: Every weapon, clothing item, and vehicle (kits too) on the Armas Marketplace should be able to be purchased through the Joker Store as well. I don’t exactly understand why this wasn’t already implemented. 3- Permanent Weapons and Trading: All Weapons purchased on Armas Marketplace should be bound by account, whereas all weapons purchased through the Joker Store are bound by character. If someone owns a character permanent weapon purchased through Armas, it should be converted into an account based one. This will clear up any confusion and it's not like LO will be losing copious amounts of money in doing so. When it comes to trading, permanent weapons (both character and account based) should be able to be traded between players similar to clothing, symbols, etc. New players will finally have a fighting chance to get their hands on capable weapons without spending money and veterans can trade weapons they don’t want or use anymore. To help limit possible confusion, Account and Character permanent weapons will be distinguished in a way so it's obvious to players trading what they are acquiring. 4- Login Bonus: The simple addition of a daily login reward would be more than enough to have players at least get on the game more frequently. Other users such as imV have more in depth ideas on said topic and others. Go check out his posts, if nothing else. 5- Gun Game: Keep the Beacon map as permanent and have it exclusively as a gun game (both free-for-all and team deathmatch), and have it function similar to fight club. This is probably the easiest suggestion on the list as everything is already done, just need to get rid of the Christmas theme it currently has. The added bonus of this would be the fact that new players could try some of the weapons out in a combat environment. 6- Suggestions: Actually paying attention to the game suggestions forum, it's that easy. There are a lot of great ideas in here, far better than the ones in this post, that could realistically improve this game that are sadly neglected. For instance, just look at the clothing suggestions, that alone has more than enough content to bring people back.
  6. Would it be a cool idea for the future? Give me your thoughts again, I think it will not affect the whole point of grind and will be more fun in general because 195 is just too much for it, almost the highest rank in the game.
  7. Before the in-game UI was overhauled many years ago, we had the option to disable the group_vote popup after you finished a mission while not in a group. Small things like that make the game more enjoyable.
  8. Introduction The main reason I and many others play APB is the games heavy customization. It really allows for the creative people to stand out, and a huge part of that is the symbols we can make. However, there's another function I wish could be implemented to the clothing itself. What if we had the ability to choose how certain clothing fits? Take a regular long sleeve shirt, there's a lot you can do with it using symbols. Make it look like one sleeve is pulled up while the other has tears. Add a decal going around the waist with the same color as the skin to make it appear shorter. But why should it be necessary to use symbols only? Suggestions for features Adjustable lengths on certain parts of clothing. How worn out a piece of clothing is: scratch marks and tears. More options for multiple layers of different clothing. One knee pad instead of the default two on both legs. I understand that we already some of these features. This submission isn't completed, I will update it after I give it some more thought, I would also really appreciate to hear some ideas and would love a discussion about this.
  9. It's been a couple of years since I've dreamed about something like this being added in APB for Enforcers, but now that LO is in charge, and that the forums are all renovated, I feel as if it's a good time as ever to suggest this now, in order to get exposure/opinions on what others think about this. Push-Bars and Steelies for All Vehicles I'm not talking about something that affects gameplay, just something cosmetic to make any vehicle look like an Enforcer vehicle. It would be sick to see Bishadas and Mikro's and such with these things. More Cop 15 Police Lights I kinda feel a bit disappointed with the current Cop 15 lights (and the old ones as well). The old Cop 15 lights were nearly nonexistant when viewing them from any angle, even when flashing them on, and the new ones aren't that noticeable even from a short distance. Would be nice to see some more variety added in regards to low profile lights like these: One can dream.
  10. As I've been getting back into this game, I've started to pick up on things that maybe could have been executed better in terms of visual and gameplay customization. I've done my best to try and organize my thoughts. Outfit Customization Organize the Outfit Designer screen by Clothing type. I don't know why this wasn't done from the beginning but it was a pain to find the items I wanted. Its more of a user interface change and categorizing items based on what slot they fill. I believe it shows up this way when you try to buy items but not with items you own. Replace items that are pre-designed with a skin selection option for the item it actually is. Having 3 or 4 different variants of the same item show up when trying to select an item is kind of annoying. These can still be unlocked the same way. Vehicle Customization Add more body kits for the Ravan, Cosenza, Broadwing,Sentinel, Han Veo, Calabria, and other vehicles with minimal customization options. Remove pre-modded cars. This is one part of the same suggestion I'll make later on in this post. I don't think they're necessary, and having all of the pre modded copies of vehicles that can be built by players with open slots seems to me to be a waste of menu space. Just have the skins available as liveries. Add Universal Wheel Sets. I'm not sure how hard this actually is currently, but It would be nice to have some better options for wheels across the board, especially on the vehicles I mentioned earlier. Weapons Again, remove the premodded weapons, but replace them with the current ARMAS weapons in the contacts. I understand that you can get them with Joker tickets, but thats like a grind on top of a grind, especially for someone who is midway through the contact ladder. And choosing between two weapon types gets boring. I honestly wouldn't even care if it was a "DLC package" to compensate for the lost money. I do, however, think that ARMAS should be the only place you can buy the Permanent, Fully unlocked weapons. These could have the Gold Icon like Armas weapons do now Create A New customization category :"Setups". Basically, a visual variant of a weapon that has the same performance, but looks slightly different. Think the stock and Stockless version of the NTEC. Realistically, would change the performance of the weapon, but doesn't. So basically you could have a STAR C (G36-C) that doesn't change performance, but looks bad patootie and is more stuff to put on the Armas market to make the game money. (I tried to think of these things). It would still look like the weapon. Let me know what Y'all think!
  11. Since we have a trading system there could be some achievement for it. As example: Using trading system for the first time Complete a number of trades And as reward there could be titles like: Trader Tradesman Wholesaler
  12. Okay, so can someone in charge tell me why on the launcher LO doesn't have up to date information. Just like this extended time of servers being down. Some people don't know to come to forums for information. Latest news and updates it 'says'. Last listing was from August Would make more sense if you had it listed in launcher messages. You probably have a large % of players that think the game is shutdown even. I and everyone else in APB appreciates your efforts, but lets take it a step further and do as I am suggesting. It only makes sense. I have had to tell at least a dozen people it isn't shutdown, that you guys are doing some kind of updates. Lixil I expect you will be where I will get an answer for this or excuse/reason. Have a great day APBers. Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving
  13. I think that it would be much better to have intelligent servers, that is now the servers Financial and Waterfront have a max of slot to 120 (60 crim and 60 enf) but if the servers Missions-Financial-1 and Missions-Financial-2 are full and the another one Missions-Financial-3 is with 2 crim and 3 enf, this is a problem, i think is a better the full servers transfer the some players. Example!!!, The server: Missions-Financial-3 have 3 crim and 2 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 have 55 crim and 60 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 transfer 12 crim and 13 enf on the server Missions-Financial-3, so now the server have 15 crim and 15 enf, it is easier to start missions, but this without the game disconnecting from the server for connect to the other one, but this with a sync without loading screens, something you don't even notice. All this to avoid being alone and getting bored on almost empty servers. Sorry for my english, I'm italian @MattScott
  14. Hi, how do you fare. I'm quite new here, so "hell'o all": I'll try not to space myself, if I can help it, and be clear with what I'm sugesting. Not that I don't hope this will ever exist in the game, but I know can be tricky and enough should have already in the table of LO for just caring about my rumblins... I just sometimes feel the need of sharing my thoughts... that's that, and would be nice as a hardcore RPG player, hardening a bit sometthing related to FOOD. (also the need of resting and be fed or thristy... well, other history) Let's go: Food expiration. Now: We have reserves of all kind of food: meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. that lays still in our vaults, stockpiling, waiting to be used in recipes or sold. Problem: too easy, isn't it, if we have done just enough realism for having to feed our horse or refueling our vehicles or making ammo to our guns I just don't see how magically those Bankers are sood good keeping our stuff. Unless wastenland's vaults have refrigeration, all that food pile should have gone to rot in a matter of days if we do a RL perspective. Solution: give food, or food materials, an expiration time. An edible meat, should degrade to it's next lower questionable meat when it expires. Same a questionable item degrades to tainted grade next time and maybe a rotten grade should be added to the end of it. (this rotten grade should be nice for fishing bait, soil fertilizat..., th's other thing) Maybe we found the issue if giving each item or the full stack the expiration time, also wich rate.... The point is not having those stacks that should be gone to waste if stored too long inside a storage with no preserve conditioning (we could create a new type, for food storaging, that uses batteries or gasoline for it's generator to work and have all those items fresh and healthy...) Well, besides it's ableability, wouldn't be fun opening one day your vault and find all is rotten away?... now you have more free slots availale, yeah
  15. I think it would be a huge quality of life thing if you guys would merge the console accounts with pc ones so you keep the purchases you made on one platform to the other since you guys are making armas more account focused now, I have spend at least £100+ on xbox specifically it would be nice too see that all the account perms to crossover I know a potential issue with merging rn is some of the new weapons aren't on the console so guess you would have to grey the weapons out or something similar and there could be other potential issues I wouldn't know of, Anyway I'd like to hear at least a stance on this.
  16. Guest

    Apb needs a plan B or C

    Look I understand your team at Little Orbit is under enough pressure as it is. But you people at Little Orbit need to remake this game right now just restart all over please for the sake of the community and for the sake of many people's sanity. You're all working with super outdated coding along with files I know you get that comment a lot but right now all I see is these files and this whole program is just one big monster consuming your time and energy along with money. However you get little or nothing when you invest a lot of time/resources through patching up some of these fixes. You have the right's to the game and the concept I don't understand why you people can't get good investors or better 3D programs such as maya, autodesk, 3ds max along with adobe photoshop or whatever new software and technology out there that is good to develop video games. Also I read video game credits and some of the most decent to really good video games out there have a lot of names under programmers and animators along with designers and coders. I don't know how big or how small your team is but you either need to hire more people who know what they're doing or you need to back track to see who is actually falling behind or maybe the current staff you have is good however they might need more support.(hire more people) There's a lot of side tracking going on that's fine but will there ever be a resolution? Whoever bought this game did you think maybe the solution is to restart all over? I feel like there's some things that is out of reach for you people. My solution look I don't mind for you people setting up a go fund me page or accepting donations. As long as you can come up with a good ethical plan that seems rational at the same time(other than this current plan going on). Yeah I could buy some things from armas to support you but get real I barely play this game anymore and I feel like if you gave us a very good reason and a good second plan to support you through donations then that would make more sense. Also it could attract other people outside of the game to see the potential that this could have. At least consider it I'm sure even the smallest amount of donations or spare change could add up to make a difference. Because right now it seems like I bought out all the 99 g1c items. To be realistic I wouldn't be surprised if this game needs more money from thousands to millions of dollars gta 5 needed 265 million dollars in order to develop the game. Because it seems like most of the investment goes to buying the rights of the game instead of the game itself. I know this may seem grubby but focus more on unsung story,fallen earth and descent I am guessing you have right's over those games and get profit from that too right? Also focus on other titles of games too and make more things for them in order to profit off of them. Get some of that leftover money and put it towards apb and then invest it back if all goes well. Just keep focusing more on social and asylum along with Baylan get rid of the other districts if theyre giving you that much trouble during this time. Just remake those other problematic maps. I feel like we all could survive off the fight club districts alone with social for a year and maybe that could help save you more time and resources to focus on other things. I know some people want to progress in the game why can't you move financial/waterfront contacts to the fight club districts for the time being. I don't know but maybe you guys should consider this you seem like you're juggling too many tasks at once. I personally could live with just baylan and social district alone. Merged. Or better yet why don't you guys bring in smaller maps such as the beacon.
  17. Already posted a thread similar to this a couple of months ago, but it barely got any traction, either from lack of interest or lack of exposure. We'll see this time around which one it is! I've been wanting something like this to be added into APB since I started playing the game over 6+ years ago now, and being told by a GM recently that LO actively looks at player suggestions, thought I might push out a suggestion myself and give it a shot. We have a few police lights. But that's about it. Some cars in-game don't even have the ability to put on any of the newer pack of police lights from ARMAS. I know that other cars, like the Han Coywolf/Veo and even our beloved Patriot Vegas have the old Cop 15 lights that don't even light up properly. One of the things that bugs me out the most though, is the inability to slap on push-bars, or those steel rims with the silver hubcaps that you see police departments put on their vehicles, or even just those spotlights that sit in front of the driver's and/or passenger's side mirrors. Don't get me wrong, I know you can put a few of these on some cars, but why the preferential treatment? PUSH-BARS I love how these things can look on just about any car/truck/SUV. A variety in push-bars, with or without emergency lights would be nice. STEELIES Moirai is one of the big culprits for me wanting this in the game. You can slap on the ARMAS cop lights on it, but don't have any "suitable" rims to go with it apart from its default ones. Not to mention it doesn't have a single push-bar either, unlike like the Broadwing. Broadwing itself gave me a pet peeve when I saw that its blk/slv steelies have silver on the lip too, instead of just the hubcap. Silver just on the hubcap or all black please! COP LIGHTS (MAYBE SPOT LIGHTS TOO?) I honestly feel like there's not a lot of rewards for maxing out your Cop role to 15. Maybe Cop role could be increased with added rewards such as these, or maybe players could be rewarded with some more lights like these as they progress towards Cop 15. All of this post-stabilization/engine upgrade of course,
  18. Good Morning San Paro This is the collection of best (and worst) suggestions, there are a lot of topic about them, but i prefer keep it all in one. Mission "Gold-Whale": the purpose of the mission-concept is to use the existent AI inside civilian vehicle/character ,already able to find a path around city or detecting player and aim them, ,giving them an active role inside a missione How it works: An heavy armored truck spawns and is going to reach a very far zone in the map. after a bit, an alarm signal like bounty alert appears in district or only to a random team/group/player. the truck will be equipped with an npc surfer,with a random strong OP anti-vehicle weapon ,its health will be regulated like a KV3+CA3 benefits, and aim will work like the civilian detection (they turn head if u are near, so increase the value should give an input for shot & aim too) The goal is destroy the truck, (setting its mass upper to 1000*normal truck should avoid break its path following) With damage car crash ,bomb or fireweapons. (opponents can get in missionfor save the truck ,if ,and only if, the truck get a certain amount of damage or after a certain amount of time after first blood/damage) When the vehicle is destroyed the first goal is reached. (mission ends when item is delivered to safebase,no time limit, if there are no opponents) If there are opponents ,team have to deliver an item dropped by destroyed supertruck to a safe house , before opponents get it and deliver to their enemy base. (like classic system, but without large time for item-hold ,deliver first==win) random reward could be deployables,joker tickets, or also a "Key Truck" a deployable that allow player to drive itself the truck if is in defense team during this type of mission, or ,if is attack team is possible deploy a "E-Guard" that works like an automatic turret for shoot the target crossing the path. Deployable Roller Blade: it allows for 30 seconds to give to character the same physics type of a little ,fast, light, vehicle,the ramming power is limited, brake sys is very low too. when equiped (F), player can literally skate, also on ramps. canTperform action or use any kind of weapon, shoot, climbing or complete object. should not be hard to do cause is simple an object with same propiertyes of a vehicle, the few difference are the size, and a little set of animations, just for moving. when the player "dress"the rollers is like inside a vehicle, but littlest. Homerun!! If activated as orange mod with key 5 ,it allow for 3sec to bounce back any 8 ball / Half brick back ! time for cooldown 30 sec / 1 minute Add an Animation could be cool. Reduce the cooldown to 2 sec / 5 sec could be a nice mini ball game between 2 user with this amazing mod. Miranda Law: « You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. ....... But we are in SanParo! We need Interrogatory Orange Mod! (only for enfo) How it works: Enfo stuns a Crime Near the stunned crime, Enfo press 5key for active the mod (crime is arrestable too during attivation) All the opponent's team is spotted on Radar at every distance for 5-8 seconds! Pros: Spotting enemyes better than Dogfish. Cons :requires great cooldown, Enfo with this mod is spotted on enemyes radar during activation. Tactic Broken Bottles. (only for crimes) Like the fireworks or stereo, but with parallel fuctions: Type:Grenade (3 for equip) How it works: Crime launch the bottle (obvious silent on radar when used) When the bottles impact the ground,cars or walls create 1 single fake target on radar for 10-15 seconds) if bottle impact directly an human target deals +-10% damage, +-40% stamina Pros : Fake target, amazing sound, 3 bottles combo is a stun weapon for crimes Cons: Somebody could drink them instead of launching. DOG-MOD as video explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxrAYI1HG2o Enfo should have the ability to interact with Citizens too! An identiki tool for find criminal hidden in map. V,IV,III,II,I How it should works: Enfo interact with Fkey to a citizen (it works also without the tool, but very slow), citizen begin to "talk" with enfo. If a crime is nearest to 100-200 unit is spotted for 5-8 seconds (icon of handcuff will be shown too, if active) if the crime is nearest to 30 unit witness mission automatic starts. time for gain the spot depends by grade of tool (I,II,II,IV,V) like other tools. Is treadable. new titles! new ranks! \^--^/ Could be cool and avoid the insane advantage of crime and balance cop's finance just a bit. Repair ToolBox (suggested before BLOWTORCH release, but still useful) when activated, all vehicles near player are under fixing for 10 sec max. (player is hold like ammo bag open) time for reload = 3 minutes Fast Check In: when activated allow to shooting with secondary while carrying medium items, or opening doors for 10 sec, deployable after 3/4 minutes Posted 18 June 2013 - 11:44 PM someone did this suggestion too? Repair toolbox.
  19. Hello. I was offering myself to the old G1 as community adviser to help them understand what we players really want, becouse they never acted like a players tbh. The old G1 team was ignoring me for years when I was offering my 'volunteer' help in making the new district map (if they only give me the programs like map maker or whatever they used). I could finish the midtown district like 2 years ago but... Nvm. The new age begun. I see that, L.O. is more eager to listen the players. So I will give some pretty useful tips. As a APB player since RTW i think i have something to say in that direction. And also i will speak as voice of the people, becouse my opinion is shared by pretty huge group of people. Already it's like whole nation which is pretty big % of whole apb comunity. Don't dont forget some of these ideas are just my and private so not eveyone can find them cool :P. Some of the ideas are just concepts that could never work good in game- but are worth saying it. So let's go to the point. These ideas must these ideas must come into force. Few of them will be possible to implement instantly, and few will be concepts to work for : Return of stunting- Everyone knows that, a lot of people was chilling in the game and stunting. Getting to hard to reach places was attracting people to do that. And made you want to get it. It gave a lot of fun to everyone that stunts.Then G1 introduced anti-glitching system that stopped people from bugging cases etc. behind the walls. I dont think this system is bad. Its pretty necessary. B U T. As the system came into the game, tobi (if i remember correctly it was him) instantly suggested 1 simply change in the system code, that could make system just perfect. CHANGING 1 LINE - made a system working when you are on the mission, BUT system was inactive when you wasn't on mission. That change could protect people on missions from bugging, and allow the "free-time" chillin' players to stunt (that change probablly would bring a lot of people from beyond the grave)- not every glitch or a bug is bad for a game- stunting spots wasnt, and it made apb kinda unique. Less than LTL weapons - Old apb concept like stuning sticks etc. to stun as melee. Arresting for crims- concept kinda related with upper one. But it can work already if enforcer stun himself accidentally (and that happens). In my idea crims could use 'cable tie' or just a rope to "arrest" enforcers. Road around the social district where people could drive they cars (blocked road like highway what wouldn't allow them to drive into social center). Make clan logos finally visible for others in a 'TAB preview' section. Clans are allowed to challange other clans for a match. Bigger groups than just 4 of people. (5/6 is kinda better- we dont need group of 20). Clan title for everyone- not just for a premium members. heavy NHVR is really hard to balance weapon. from one way it should hit u strong, in second way, its kinda too op. I think adding bullet drop only to this weapon would make it more balanced and less op on distances like 80+ meters. Kevlar 3 is a character mode that is found by community as really tryharding and give huge advantage in 1vs1 situations. I think if someone have 130% hp rather than 100%, so he should provide more points for a kill. If killing traditional person provide 100 points for a kill- killing guy in a kevlar provides 130. it kinda balances the his advantage in 1vs1, or at least rewards you for wining it. 2x bigger custiomization bar in the car customization. Everyone who at least once tried to make a great car: experienced the fact he still haven't use all 50/50 symbols BUT his bar is full and he can't finish his work as he wanted. Clan ranking based on W/L ratio (it's conected with challanges system i suggested above). Everyone knows there was idea about CRIM and ENF social districts. But what you think about clan district? I have few options in my head. There would be "clan bank" and clan members would collect money to buy/unlock a clan's house. First idea is that: there is a district for clans ( working on rules of the old crim/enf social district idea ). So every clan is allowed to have a clan house('district') imposed in advance . they have no choice in this. One for enf clans and other for crims. Like the old 'asylum concept for crims' and unfinished concept for enforcers. Whole clan district could be unlocked after getting right ammount of cash or you can just buy main room, and then you have to buy and unlock next and next rooms and zones. Second idea is that: there are few smaller and bigger clan houses available to buy by a clan. Depends how big clan is and how much money they own to buy and unlock a clan house district. This option is cooler but of course requires much more work and projecting. To finish both ideas we could use mission reward system. As we get yellow character mods/ emoticons/ symbols and rarely clothes after finishing the mission, that we could get furnitures and fixtures to finish our clan house make it unique, and more desired by others. More open buildings in apb- not just corridor through the building. more like few open flats per district ( not many, just few ). and make fire stairs usable- to make a second enter to these flats. that would protect these spots from being too op. If fastest apb car (vegas) max speed is 23 meters per second, AND IF YOU EVER PLANNED adding motorbikes into the game- they should be with a speed like 40 m/s BUT every collision ends with your death or making u '-85' and also u are still hitable on the motorbike, so for example sniper still can take you off. abandoned racing idea. Long time ago there was an idea about races. even old fightclub (bacon) had racing startup lines around. In my idea there should be simple and 'fast-made' racing district. With system of choosing a race type, cars allowed, entry fee etc. Also there could be added some simple (not that awesome as armas ones) car kits, so we could win parts of it in the 'official ranked races', not in the custom ones. Crash Derby arena (minimod like fightclub where group of 4 with a car could join to take part in the car crash derby with weapons. Last team standing would win). There are bronze statues in the city with a plate "higest honor", after placing ourselves on them, the plating should change from the "higest honor" to Chararacter name and our clan. Extend existing districts by existing textures around. Like docks and Lighthouse in Asylum. Or some textures in Financial or Docks in Waterfront. Cars Patriot T-25 and Dolton Montane could have a grip for a weapon on the semi-trailer, that allows you to instal weapon and decrease recoil. Daily login rewards. (with a minimal play-time of 30 minutes to achive). At this moment, HAZARDOUS is the only one legendary weapon in APB that isn't unique becouse of any variation. In the game is placed unavaiable weapon moditication named "Muzzle brake VERTICAL". And this modification would make this weapon much better. I think replacing one of the Hazardous modifications with this variation of muzzle brake would finally make it better than common colby version and worth naming it "legendary weapon". Get back with the old district system, where golds playing on bronze had -90% standing and cash and -25% on silver, so gold disctricts will be full again. Thats pretty MUST HAVE to fill gold districts again and let silvers play vs people on their level. As usual, I was became dreamly and wrote about conteption ideas and i forgot about most of the real ones but I will add them soon. Anyway you can say what you think about these. PEACE.
  20. Back before the separate threads for the game and forum suggestions, I posted an idea for another ATAC variant I called the ATAC 424 "Classic". The original thread got a little carried away with what the gun was based on. I thought the ATACs looked like M16s but was informed that they are actually based on HK416s which I still don't see. The ATACs, at least the base gun and the Watchman, look like M16s. Anyway, the ATAC 424 "Classic" is basically the standard ATAC with the watchman barrel guard and without the fore-grip. This is what it would look like if added to the game. An alternate version of the Classic but with the CR-5's iron sights
  21. Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add: Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals 2017 Dodge Charger: Ford Interceptor SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe: Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals Ford Taurus SHO: BearCat (Different from the Pioneer): Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck: Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: More police lights on vehicle body New spotlight that actually work New siren sounds Detailed interior design Actual police horn sound Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: Ability to deploy spike strips Speed radar in police vehicle In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle) Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)
  22. So anyone here remember the whole "Midtown" thing that is supposed to be in between Financial and Waterfront? Hopefully that could be added in the Last Update or so. It'd be pretty awesome.
  23. Vasco14

    APB Tournaments

    As APB is a competitive game, it would be funny to have tournaments, thus giving some use to the clan system and introducing a more complex clan system, with the top clans, for example. Some concepts i created for the tournament system: Lobby Selector: Here players can choose what tournament want to play by clicking the "+ Details" button. There are 3 types of tournaments (e.g) Free Entry: Don't need to pay anything, but the don't have prize (playing here just inscreases the clan experience) 50k$ Entry: players get clan experience and a prize of APB$ 100G1C Entry: Players get clan experience and a prize of G1C or Joker Boxes Lobby Creation: Here you can invite your clan members to join you and also choose what loadout you want to use since this gamemode dosen't allow players to change weapons in the middle of the match, meaning that Field Supplier/Joker Ammo will only give ammo. Tournament Lobby: When a mach is found, the all players will be in a lobby when they can talk to each other, and here they need to press "Not Ready" for the mach starts. How this will work? Since Financial and Waterfront are big maps, i think the system could ramdomly select 3 specific zones of the map to occur the missions. Each zone will have a capture point, and the team that captures the 3 or 2 points wins (Best of 3 Tournament). Thanks for you attention! @Amayii @MattScott
  24. Hello LO team and all APB's community! I was thinking about the scenario that is getting more serious as the time passes, the APB population is decreasing a lot. It is so sad to see. I'm an almost everyday player, but there are days that I want so much to play and there is simply almost no one to play, and I'm not talking about late hours, I'm talking about the middle of the day, and we are in a quarentine. My suggestion would be to leave a permanent APB 2.1 BETA server online for us to play. Why am I suggesting this? I really believe that people are so bored of the current APB because all of its problems and mainly there is nothing really new to do ingame for years. For example, I (aswell as many "old" players) have already a criminal and an enforcer character at level 255 for years (more than 3 in my case), and almost all weapons of the game. We need something to motivate us to play, and there is almost nothing in the current APB that can do it. On the contrary, it is making more and more people give up it and go play another game. Even with the unfinished and with probably still many problems, the past BETA test servers attracted so many people to play on. That being said, leaving a server for us "APB enthusiasts" would be something to motivate us to play it at least a little; The Pros and Cons about this in my point o view: Pros: - Something different to try and get to know more the new changes, many APB players didn't have the opportunity to play on the past BETA test servers; - More constant feedback since it would be like a 24/7 test server to collect and analyze data; - Enjoy the new beautiful graphics of the new BETA(for those who have a PC that can enjoy it); - Improve the gameplay of the people that noticed performances improvement with the new engine; ... more things that I can't think of right now ... Cons: - Handle the complaints/feedback of the problems of a still work-in-progress that APB 2.1 BETA is; - Maintain the infraestructure needed to keep online this new server alongside the default one; - All the players' progresses and achviements would not count; - Make it more difficult to play for the people that had problems with the new engine(based on the last BETA feedbacks); - Decrease even more the live APB population; ... more things that people will probably point out in the comments ... If you can please leave your comment below with your Pros and Cons about this, and what you think we could do to help increase APB population and make the game more enjoyable for the ones that like it and still insist want to play.
  25. Originally posted 24. November 2013 – 11:32 AM Written and managed by @Esther // Proof-reader, editing, support by @freq Review/Flashback: 1. What is the Clan Progression thread about? The Clan Progression thread moved from a single suggestion and idea regarding clan functionality, improvement and progression thread of mine, to a community driven thread with a lot of great suggestions coming from forum members across the whole world. Together, we achieved a huge list with important suggestions to revive and bring back the importance and necessity of clans for All Points Bulletin: Reloaded. 2. What’ve we achieved the past couple of years? This specific thread received more than 190 likes, more than 230 votes (remains to have all of 5 stars filled out), more than 80.000 views and more than 570 replies. This isn’t everything though. The Clan Progression thread raised up to the most liked, voted and replied (without counting one pinned post) content in the Suggestions & Ideas – Section. Also, the thread achieved to be the third most liked content on the GamersFirst Forum overall. 3. What’s the plan regarding clans with Little Orbit? The most important step is to show Little Orbit that the clan progression has been left out for a decade after they removed the leaderboards for clans and players which kept the clans relevant during RTW. GamersFirst pretty much ignored this thread even though I tried several times to get in touch with a red name. However – we didn’t give up and kept being active. 4. Gratitude Statement: I’m going to take the possibility and try to explain my emotions and gratitude here. I want to thank everyone who supported me, the team behind the thread, the clan progression thread, and the efforts to keep the thread alive, fresh with ideas and relevant. I highly and greatly appreciate all the welfare and commitment to help me out over those couple of years. I just can say it a thousand of times again, thank you very much everyone and I hope – together we’ll get clans back on track. I am optimistic that together we’ll prove Little Orbit that something must happen with Clans. Contents: Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans Clan Progression Leaderboard (Leagues) Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad") Clan Wars Games Of Chance (Gambling) GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014 Closing Remarks Special Thanks 1. Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans: 2. Clan Progression: 3. Leaderboard (Leagues): 4. Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad"): 5. Clan Wars: 6. Games Of Chance (Gambling): 7. GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014 were: 8. Closing Remarks: 9. Special Thanks (added your ideas, suggestions, improvements and more): I do greatly appreciate every small talk, gif, picture, feedback, suggestion, criticism and a +1 like. I want to be clear here, that I've spent several hours (yes hours) on editing and formatting this thread to get it ready and published for this forum. I really - really hope the APB: R community will enjoy and appreciate it as much as a few did on the old forum. Thank you. "As stated in number "8. Closing Remarks", I would love to see a small little change/update but an important improvement to the whole free to play community which makes it possible to choose and use the Clan-Title without having to buy and own premium in the near future. Clan Tag should be usable as free to play player." Updates: 27. 06. 2018: Rewrote and overhauled the complete thread. 27. 06. 2018: Proof-read and supported by freq.
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