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  1. Dev*. There's only 1 person working on apb. Car wasn't even made by Little Orbit. Matt Scott himself said during the interview that the car had already been made years ago by Reloaded. It is "98% done," just needs wheels (again, according to Matt). But AGAIN, only 1 dev (who's currently working on the matchmaking thing) so who knows when it'll release. yep. Didn't take any time at all. Just a contact nano with a skin. Why is there only a SINGLE person working on the game?
  2. so... the ip was just sold randomly to a random company with no credentials or products or... anything? their site claims they were founded in 2001 and talk about having apb but that's it. no products on display or works. at least their site doesn't make my antivirus freak out anymore, i guess. Also, are there any plans to add more devs to work on apb? what's the deal with just a single dev working on the game?
  3. I noticed this today. My roles don't progress when I do them, though. Opp or no opp, the numbers just stay the same. Oh well, I'd be surprised if they do anything about it.
  4. idk that's just something i heard from an ex-insider.
  5. As long as those same cheaters keep spending money on name changes, they could care less about banning them or closing the servers down. They're gonna milk this game as dry as they can before that happens. I've stopped purchasing anything from Armas for a long time now, I still play occasionally, but I've lost hope for the game. As someone pointed out, their GM's consist of old players that probably even know the cheaters personally. shrug
  6. considering the fact that a GM resorted to freezing a cheater's movement while he was on twitch streaming the cheats, instead of outright banning him on the spot yesterday... Nope. I'M NOT NAMING AND SHAMING PLS DON'T DELETE THIS POST AGAIN LMAO.
  7. yeah me neither. anyways, here's a drawing i found sitting on my computer for a while. Never got around to finishing it. Its as abandoned as APB is lmao
  8. Even worse, they sold the APB IP/brand to a shady no-name mobile-game company. Trying to go to either apb.com OR their site (unitgame.com) gets blocked by Chrome for being too sketch. lmao. Such a baffling move and a slap to the face by LO. I love APB but I'm pretty sure once the servers shut down, the APB franchise dies with it.
  9. Found some old unfinished concept artwork I tried doing from a while back of a "2014 Balkan Varzuga", and thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if LO added/replaced old cars with later models? I know some models in game currently still have only the old siren lights and such (like the varzuga, machinima, etc.), and haven't been given much love compared to other cars. Maybe they can replace them with updated models and add all those goodies that most of the more-used cars have, or just add them in somewhere down the line, with better specs? It'd be nice to see some diversity around San Paro, instead of just seeing Vegas' and Pioneers/Espacios all the time.
  10. Lemme get uhhhhhhhhhh bigass swat truck twice as strong as a pioneer and twice as slower
  11. I KNEW something was off about my Talon all along. thanks for taking the time to test it out. I regret having bought the Talon all those years ago.
  12. Vitrorax

    gang wars/clan wars

    Ehhhh, servers are already sparsely populated as it is, I think adding yet another restricted district would do more harm than good, at least right now.
  13. Decided to make Spider-Man 2099's suit in purple and orange Spider-Man 2099 Suit for reference: My Remake: Sorry for the arrest, Hocha. lol
  14. I really like the idea you're getting at. I've been playing less and less APB as time goes on, and it sucks because no matter how much I love this game, there's always that small little feeling of dread whenever I hover my cursor over APB's desktop shortcut. This might actually get me to play consistantly again.
  15. Off topic - sorry in advance - But did you really take the time to screenshot individual category buttons for your post? If so, that's alotta dedication lol (but if not, how'd you do that?)
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