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  1. considering the fact that a GM resorted to freezing a cheater's movement while he was on twitch streaming the cheats, instead of outright banning him on the spot yesterday... Nope. I'M NOT NAMING AND SHAMING PLS DON'T DELETE THIS POST AGAIN LMAO.
  2. yeah me neither. anyways, here's a drawing i found sitting on my computer for a while. Never got around to finishing it. Its as abandoned as APB is lmao
  3. Even worse, they sold the APB IP/brand to a shady no-name mobile-game company. Trying to go to either apb.com OR their site (unitgame.com) gets blocked by Chrome for being too sketch. lmao. Such a baffling move and a slap to the face by LO. I love APB but I'm pretty sure once the servers shut down, the APB franchise dies with it.
  4. Found some old unfinished concept artwork I tried doing from a while back of a "2014 Balkan Varzuga", and thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if LO added/replaced old cars with later models? I know some models in game currently still have only the old siren lights and such (like the varzuga, machinima, etc.), and haven't been given much love compared to other cars. Maybe they can replace them with updated models and add all those goodies that most of the more-used cars have, or just add them in somewhere down the line, with better specs? It'd be nice to see some diversity around San Paro, instead of just seeing Vegas' and Pioneers/Espacios all the time.
  5. Lemme get uhhhhhhhhhh bigass swat truck twice as strong as a pioneer and twice as slower
  6. I KNEW something was off about my Talon all along. thanks for taking the time to test it out. I regret having bought the Talon all those years ago.
  7. Vitrorax

    gang wars/clan wars

    Ehhhh, servers are already sparsely populated as it is, I think adding yet another restricted district would do more harm than good, at least right now.
  8. Decided to make Spider-Man 2099's suit in purple and orange Spider-Man 2099 Suit for reference: My Remake: Sorry for the arrest, Hocha. lol
  9. I really like the idea you're getting at. I've been playing less and less APB as time goes on, and it sucks because no matter how much I love this game, there's always that small little feeling of dread whenever I hover my cursor over APB's desktop shortcut. This might actually get me to play consistantly again.
  10. Off topic - sorry in advance - But did you really take the time to screenshot individual category buttons for your post? If so, that's alotta dedication lol (but if not, how'd you do that?)
  11. I don't see this working right now, sadly. Maybe once the upgrade drops? Server performance isn't *good* a lot of the time, and there have already been a few well known streamers that have tried playing APB in the past. IDK, feels like this game has too many problems surrounding it at the moment for it to attract any potential new players.
  12. tbh i got jelly when i first saw the plow on an espacio
  13. Already posted a thread similar to this a couple of months ago, but it barely got any traction, either from lack of interest or lack of exposure. We'll see this time around which one it is! I've been wanting something like this to be added into APB since I started playing the game over 6+ years ago now, and being told by a GM recently that LO actively looks at player suggestions, thought I might push out a suggestion myself and give it a shot. We have a few police lights. But that's about it. Some cars in-game don't even have the ability to put on any of the newer pack of police lights from ARMAS. I know that other cars, like the Han Coywolf/Veo and even our beloved Patriot Vegas have the old Cop 15 lights that don't even light up properly. One of the things that bugs me out the most though, is the inability to slap on push-bars, or those steel rims with the silver hubcaps that you see police departments put on their vehicles, or even just those spotlights that sit in front of the driver's and/or passenger's side mirrors. Don't get me wrong, I know you can put a few of these on some cars, but why the preferential treatment? PUSH-BARS I love how these things can look on just about any car/truck/SUV. A variety in push-bars, with or without emergency lights would be nice. STEELIES Moirai is one of the big culprits for me wanting this in the game. You can slap on the ARMAS cop lights on it, but don't have any "suitable" rims to go with it apart from its default ones. Not to mention it doesn't have a single push-bar either, unlike like the Broadwing. Broadwing itself gave me a pet peeve when I saw that its blk/slv steelies have silver on the lip too, instead of just the hubcap. Silver just on the hubcap or all black please! COP LIGHTS (MAYBE SPOT LIGHTS TOO?) I honestly feel like there's not a lot of rewards for maxing out your Cop role to 15. Maybe Cop role could be increased with added rewards such as these, or maybe players could be rewarded with some more lights like these as they progress towards Cop 15. All of this post-stabilization/engine upgrade of course,
  14. Vitrorax

    DMR stun damage

    Don't wear Kevlar and you won't get 2-shot stunned
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