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Found 9 results

  1. So a short bit of context, just for the sake of having context: Anecdotally, new guns have been largely only available to players who paid around $25 for a gun, outside of sales (also, off the top of my head, not particularly researched). The consequences of this have been that free to play players have felt left out of new content, and have also felt like the game was pay-to-win. Also, some personal context, I am not a free-to-play player. My solution to this issue is a "Hand Me Down" model for adding new guns (or cars, or whatever, but I'm just going to use guns as the model here because it's a lot easier to explain this way). The idea is that when a gun releases, for the first 3 to 6 months (or however long the most amount of revenue is made off a gun is) the gun is at its full price, whatever that may be. After that initial 3-6 months, the price could drop again, and then shortly after, the gun would be added to the roster of free-to-play guns in the same way every other free gun is. The idea is that, the players who like to buy guns day 1, or want to support the time will still get the gun and LO could still return a profit off the gun (ideally. I don't know the ROI for making a gun for this game lol) and then further down the line, the often betrayed F2P players can still access the gun. If the scheduling is kept strict, this could mean that there would be a constant flow of guns for all players. When the newest gun comes out and the ARMAs big ballers are using it, the the gun that came out XX months ago will be released to the general playerbase. No more locking players out of content with a paywall. I'm not claiming that this is a perfect, or business-sound idea, but just an idea I had that could possibly be a solution. Any feedback? Negative or otherwise.
  2. Already posted a thread similar to this a couple of months ago, but it barely got any traction, either from lack of interest or lack of exposure. We'll see this time around which one it is! I've been wanting something like this to be added into APB since I started playing the game over 6+ years ago now, and being told by a GM recently that LO actively looks at player suggestions, thought I might push out a suggestion myself and give it a shot. We have a few police lights. But that's about it. Some cars in-game don't even have the ability to put on any of the newer pack of police lights from ARMAS. I know that other cars, like the Han Coywolf/Veo and even our beloved Patriot Vegas have the old Cop 15 lights that don't even light up properly. One of the things that bugs me out the most though, is the inability to slap on push-bars, or those steel rims with the silver hubcaps that you see police departments put on their vehicles, or even just those spotlights that sit in front of the driver's and/or passenger's side mirrors. Don't get me wrong, I know you can put a few of these on some cars, but why the preferential treatment? PUSH-BARS I love how these things can look on just about any car/truck/SUV. A variety in push-bars, with or without emergency lights would be nice. STEELIES Moirai is one of the big culprits for me wanting this in the game. You can slap on the ARMAS cop lights on it, but don't have any "suitable" rims to go with it apart from its default ones. Not to mention it doesn't have a single push-bar either, unlike like the Broadwing. Broadwing itself gave me a pet peeve when I saw that its blk/slv steelies have silver on the lip too, instead of just the hubcap. Silver just on the hubcap or all black please! COP LIGHTS (MAYBE SPOT LIGHTS TOO?) I honestly feel like there's not a lot of rewards for maxing out your Cop role to 15. Maybe Cop role could be increased with added rewards such as these, or maybe players could be rewarded with some more lights like these as they progress towards Cop 15. All of this post-stabilization/engine upgrade of course,
  3. So LO will be releasing a new vehicle soon. Anyone have any idea's on which type they are bringing to the game, or suggestions? Lets discuss
  4. This is more of a question directly posed to the devs, since I don't think any of us from the community has seen the code changes. Q1: Apart from the shown shadows/shaders facelift, will the game bring improved physics and other things, such as an increased spawn distance + more pedestrians to give the city some more life? (since optimized code should strain the servers less) Q2: Are there going to be any additions that G1 had done but didn't/couldn't finish? EDIT: I understand that it's about upgrading the code into the new engine version to make it more workable with, however my question is that whether along those lines, if during those long years of development hell there were some projects/improvements that were meant to be released with the update/upgrade.
  5. basically this is just a glorified blog website that'll sometimes have TLDR's made by me and also with quick references to other people's handy tools, and a few poorly made "tools" made by me. i'm hesitent on posting about this, but this is probably a small morale boost for me to see if there's any interest in this website again. the last interation a year ago was surprisingly hitting a decent amount of traffic but i never fully evolved into what i wanted it to be. at the beginning of 2018, i had a family emergency which took away a large majority of my time for 6 months, and was overpaying for hosting by a lot which led me to the decision of not renewing apbhouse.com. even then, this current new iteration might take a long time to be what i want the final product to be. regardless, if it seems like i'm helping people out, i'll be glad to do it. [funny side note, the only comments i remember from the last website was someone being very upset at G1 for removing Refer a Friend, and another person commenting 'good job, keep it up' which genuinely made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.] there might be some of you that remember this small website about a year ago. i don't even know how to summarize what it was before and i still don't know what i'm trying to make of it. it essentially seemed like a blog, but was also sort of a wiki at the same time, and kept archive of events and tracked g1 officials and tried to give criticism when deserved. it also tried to be new-player friendly in talking about certain gameplay tactics and technique. i guess if i want to live under it's true name, i want it to basically encompass everything. a house full of useful and useless shit. a house you can feel welcome to. i'm decently satisfied with the front page and think it's pretty useful at the moment. however, it is using a basic theme on wordpress but as time goes by and i learn more, it is definitely subject to change. house feature: what's the house feature? just an easy way to promote content creators and hopefully create more interaction within the community again. again, there isn't really a critera at the moment but since it's just me, they'll be handpicked and hopefully i have good taste. can be anything from youtube videos, twitch clips, deviantart pages, etc. doubt there'll be enough traffic to have it as a "daily" swap so featured people might stay on for anywhere from 3 days to 7 days. tldr blogposts: i've started keeping track of events since December 4th, 2018. the previous interation of apb.house probably kept track of events for more than a year but no more than 2 years. i definitely will consider going backwards to try and add prior events. right now i'm doing something what i call TLDR for the blogposts. it primarily just functions as a quick summary of what a blogpost is about so you can quickly skim through what the topics might be mentioned. also, i just noticed that the TLDR's might still be long for some but it still tries to be informative without excluding too much detail. i think LO deleted or archived the really old G1 blogposts. maybe I'll do something of a "State of APB" each month to make it sound more dramatic. ads: if there are ads, the only ones i'll utilize are banner ads. no pop ups, no full screen, nothing intrusive. if you do see any ads that don't sit nicely and out of the way of the main content, please tell me asap. ads will be for the upkeep of website > community contests/giveaways/events > money to buy a nice hot bowl of pho. that's the priorization of the pennies i'll receive for the forseeable future. i also like to be as transparent as i can with things i work on because i enjoy being a helpful and honest individual. i'll most likely keep this post updated with what im currently working on and what i want to add/fix/remove in the future. if things look funky on website, that means im currently breaking, trying to add something. currently working: getting started guide + scrim organizer in queue: scrim organizer still need a logo more fucking content marketplace tax calculator loadout randomizer getting started guide [big] finished: marketplace tax calculator scrim organizer edit: scrim organizer is finished, able to enter player names, and it'll create two teams for you. it'll also assign random weapons but i don't have a complete list for that. later functionality should include checkboxs to customize ability to randomize ONLY smgs or ONLY secondaries. the list of weapons available to randomize isn't complete either, i haven't played in so long, i wasn't sure which weapons are just reskins. if someone has the extra time to state them, that'd be neat and appreciated. edit1: okay i do it. gathering all the names onto an excel sheet because i don't keep up anymore. default randomizer will only random weapons available to everyone without ARMAS/Joker Tickets. checkboxes will allow options to randomize certain categories, and add weapons obtainable via ARMAS/JT. visuals would be nice later on but obviously just aiming for clean functionality at this point. design isn't my forte. should be done within a day or two. i always find motivation late at night. maybe it's because i know i can avoid doing it because i'll probably sleep soon. edit2: three options available for the scrim organizer, default, joker ticket, and legendary. edit3: added a g1c calculator that was totally not inspired by ffbans
  6. Hello, i used to play APB Reloaded 5 years ago and came back when I've heard that there are new owners for GamersFirst which might listen and try to really improve the game so more people will come and join APB Reloaded (My fav game of all times btw) i'm really hoping a mod or a dev will see my suggestions here and tell me what they think about it. First suggestion, i thought of, new threat ranks. Most games have more than just "Bronze, Silver, Gold" ranks. What makes people to fight harder play more smarter and enjoy new ranks. I suggest to add 2 more colors to the rank which will make people play more and better. Bronze < Silver < Gold < Platinum < Diamond (or even 1 more) This aswell might help the matchmaking and bring more players to the game. Second suggestion, new district with new content a Co-Op district where Enforcers and Crimes can join together to fight against common threat. Like zombies or other enemy, this new content and option will probably help and make a lot of new players to join the game and enjoy more and new content. Third suggestion, Team Leadership vote and Team player kick vote. A command that you write down send and starts a vote for team leadership. The game currently choosing team leaders in missions automatically, and sometimes these leaders go afk and makes you lose or won't kick a player who is team killing or doing other bad stuff that interrupts the mission. The leader won't need to wait for a player to make a bad move and then to only have the chance to kick, it should be a vote that can only be started by the team leader. Then all other members of the team will vote yes or no to kick that person. That is fair enough i would say. I would suggest another vote option: Lets say you think someone is hacking, and their teammates also might think that, i suggest a vote that anyone can start which shows up both for your team and the opposition team and lets both sides to decide if this player should be kicked or not. Kick reasons would have to be chosen and show for everyone: Hacking / Exploiting / Flamming / Spamming etc'... Please read it carefully and reply your thoughts. It would be much appreciated to know what you guys think of this.
  7. Found some old unfinished concept artwork I tried doing from a while back of a "2014 Balkan Varzuga", and thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if LO added/replaced old cars with later models? I know some models in game currently still have only the old siren lights and such (like the varzuga, machinima, etc.), and haven't been given much love compared to other cars. Maybe they can replace them with updated models and add all those goodies that most of the more-used cars have, or just add them in somewhere down the line, with better specs? It'd be nice to see some diversity around San Paro, instead of just seeing Vegas' and Pioneers/Espacios all the time.
  8. So sorry about the mess Open World People can turn on Dynamic Open World by pressing "o" Which allow the player to join in on the action and to get notifications of upcoming events. If a player decides to ready up for some mission, it will turn off Open World Civilians HVT High Value Target is a NPC the enforcers have to protect, while the criminals tries to take it down. He/she will spawn at a random location inside a black nulander kurai with some bodyguards, while driving towards a destination The nulander kurai has increased health, so it will take 3 rockets to blowup or a lot of bullets. Enforcers will get the first notification, so they can prepare for an assault Criminals will then get a message with the details, that if they kill him/her they will get rewarded with money The HVT will drive around 1000m to its destination, so the criminals have a short window to complete the job If the HVT successfully drives to its destination, enforcers will get rewarded with 5000$ If the HVT dies, criminals will get rewareded with 5000$ Razzia Razzia is a open world event, that will mark 3 garage doors on the map that enforcers have to raid criminal stash. Enforcers get a message saying there is suspicious activity at those 3 garage doors. Criminals will get a warning that their stash is about to be raided. The whole event lasts 10 minutes. If the criminals successfully defends it, they will win and receive 5000$ If the enforcers successfully raids it, they will win and receive 5000$ Gas Stations Inside the gas station you can find a Joker Vending Machine, and a NPC Joker Ammo! Gas Station Clerk The NPC at the gas station, sells vanilla guns and some modifications. Criminals will be able to rob the NPC for a quick cash reward. It will take some time (20 sec) to finish robbing the NPC, but the reward is pretty good (1000 - 3000$). Upon robbing the NPC, all Enforcers will receive a Notification saying "*Name of Area* gas station is currently robbed!" After the Criminals are done with robbing, a bag filled with money will drop. The criminals have to deliver it to Money Laundry Nearby civilians can see you commit a crime. There is a cooldown before the NPC can be robbed again ( 15 - 30 min). Enforcers can take the bag and deliver it to a contact for 1000$ Blue Steel Security A dynamic event that will spawn every hour if there's enough players and if people have turned on Open World. A 'BS' (Blue Steel) truck will spawn in somewhere on the map alerting players There is a timer before the event ends. Total of 10 min to either protect/rob it. Criminals have to break into the back doors of the truck to get the cash and win the event. It takes approximately 30 seconds in total to break in. (It can be canceled) If successful, the Criminals wins and get 8.000$ Enforcers have 10 minutes to use any means necessary to stop the criminals from breaking into the truck. If successful, the Enforcers wins and gets a 8.000$ paycheck Burglary Same as Ram Raiding but this is on all the doors around San Paro besides the ones used for missions The loot should almost be the same as Ram Raiding but with more Computers and Televisions ATM's Criminals can also hack ATM's for a cash reward There is already a hacking animation in-game, so it would be pretty easy to reuse Since there is a lot of ATM's scattered around the map, they should give less cash than gas stations. Hacking takes approximately 15 - 30 sec. Cash reward is 250 - 500$ Nearby civilians can see you commit a crime. Statues When purchased from the market place, it will give a 10% boost to respect (Standing) Players will also be able to change what pose will be shown This will make the statues less pointless Those commands will unlock once the player has purchased a statue. Weather Emotes Leaning against a wall Benches Walking up to a bench and pressing 'F' will make you sit down. Should only be an option in Social. Male position Female position Player created content Darrell "Speedball" Kayne should accept more player created content E.G. "Asylum Theme" "Bloodroses Theme" Clothing, vehicles etc. Then players could post their creations on forum, and then players will vote for the best ones. Vehicle Fire Burning cars should slowly kill players if they are near it. The closer they are the more damage it does Lights Turn off the light on vehicles, by pressing 'R' while inside. This is a pointless detail (same as turn signals) Engine By holding 'F' will make you exit the vehicle and turn off the engine. This is a pointless detail. Vehicle Cargo Vehicle cargo should be shown in the back This is a pointless detail. San Paro Bus A bus that drives around San Paro and picks up civilians. Would be more immersive than having dump trucks littering the streets. Tinted Windows WIP Moirai Uber RS WIP Dodge Charger 2019 Mission Information This could also be a way for players to learn the different names of streets and areas. Player Information A way to see what secondary weapon the enemy or teammate is using Weapon Locker Arrows to move your guns up and down the list. Good way to have the most used/main guns at the top when you change weapons, so you don't have to scroll through a lot of weapons. Favorite Weapons A way to quickly select your favorite weapons in the heat of battle Can favorite up to 6 weapons Search Bar Adding a 'Search' bar to the interface to help navigate through mails or finding a specific mail. Adding a 'Sent' button to navigate through the archive of sent mails. Adding a 'Select' option to select multiple mails to delete. More Attachments Will be able to add more attachments to a mail. So you don't have to send a lot of mails with only one item You've Got Mail Inspect When trying to inspect a player standing in a group, the inspection box should show all player names in the vicinity. So it's easier to inspect people. San Paro News By pressing 'F' on the various newspaper stand around San Paro will open up a window and show the latest news from Matt Scott. Example Team Damage If you do more damage than 50% to a teammate, you will get the demerit medal Modifications This is just a goof. I've been frustrated many times, due to teammates stealing my car to transport their patootie 100m. Destroying a good spawn point Weapons & Grenades Smoke Grenade Consumable Slim Jim Kit Allow the user to break into a vehicle It wont work if the victim is on a mission It wont work if the victim is inside the vehicle If your car gets stolen you and want it returned, you will have to pay a insurance fee of 500$ Visual Attachments When adding a modification to a weapon, it should be visible on the weapon. Vanilla Silenced Extendedmag Optimization Playeclip should be added to most areas as they prevent the player from getting stuck on them (walls, etc) Also prevents the players view bobbing when going up/down stairs With Playerclip Without Playerclip Map Improvements Waterfront - The Blades Hotel Before and after pictures. Could also be a place for a contact Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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