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  1. It's not just colors it indicates a person with better W/L stats or K/D Stats however they decide to make it. That's why i think it will help matchmaking
  2. I just believe it will help the matchmaking and focusing of teams. People would know who is what that way, besides i dont believe it will divide the community just put more goals for everyone
  3. Well they should make a permanent co-op district i think, for both sides to play together.
  4. +1 Just made a clan and hoped someone would suggest this. Well said bro.
  5. Hello, i used to play APB Reloaded 5 years ago and came back when I've heard that there are new owners for GamersFirst which might listen and try to really improve the game so more people will come and join APB Reloaded (My fav game of all times btw) i'm really hoping a mod or a dev will see my suggestions here and tell me what they think about it. First suggestion, i thought of, new threat ranks. Most games have more than just "Bronze, Silver, Gold" ranks. What makes people to fight harder play more smarter and enjoy new ranks. I suggest to add 2 more colors to the rank which will make people play more and better. Bronze < Silver < Gold < Platinum < Diamond (or even 1 more) This aswell might help the matchmaking and bring more players to the game. Second suggestion, new district with new content a Co-Op district where Enforcers and Crimes can join together to fight against common threat. Like zombies or other enemy, this new content and option will probably help and make a lot of new players to join the game and enjoy more and new content. Third suggestion, Team Leadership vote and Team player kick vote. A command that you write down send and starts a vote for team leadership. The game currently choosing team leaders in missions automatically, and sometimes these leaders go afk and makes you lose or won't kick a player who is team killing or doing other bad stuff that interrupts the mission. The leader won't need to wait for a player to make a bad move and then to only have the chance to kick, it should be a vote that can only be started by the team leader. Then all other members of the team will vote yes or no to kick that person. That is fair enough i would say. I would suggest another vote option: Lets say you think someone is hacking, and their teammates also might think that, i suggest a vote that anyone can start which shows up both for your team and the opposition team and lets both sides to decide if this player should be kicked or not. Kick reasons would have to be chosen and show for everyone: Hacking / Exploiting / Flamming / Spamming etc'... Please read it carefully and reply your thoughts. It would be much appreciated to know what you guys think of this.
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