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  1. Esther

    Lixil’s public stream

    Hello @MattScott, if I'm honest with you, I wouldn't go that far and tell her to stop streaming APB missions. I would love to see you guys approaching the issue differently and let her stream missions or whatever but she should be solo'ing to skip the huge hate which appears grouping up with community members. I'm aware of the fact that APB: Reloaded isn't a singleplayer game and of course it favor teams and it's build around teamplay. However, she'll gain and receive knowledge, feedback and understanding how difficult it's getting into APB. It doesn't matter if she plays in green/bronzie districts but she obviously will learn from it, a lot more than playing with high ranked players who keeps "carrying" her through the missions - doesn't matter who it's (sorry for the word carrying!). The community loves to see a CM/Dev streaming APB for sure and I'm sure we all would appreciate that but it's really difficult to find the right rail to keep everyone pleased without creating drama and this probably only possible when she or however of the staff plays alone, at least while streaming. She might learn the game from the harsh and difficult side but it's pretty important since she'll understand and see what's missing to APB to keep the game new player friendly and make it more helpfully. Also streams like that always create nice disussions in terms of improving APB, helping new palyers and more but also a little bit of drama of course too. I'm, not trying to tell you to completely change your statement but I still would like to see you guys talking about the issues before instead completely turning it down. I think Lixils idea was great but she wasn't aware of the issues which can occur with the community.
  2. Thank you @Seadee for giving us the opportunity to use this tool again!
  3. Esther

    [Game] Clan Progression

    Thank you very much, I appreciate those kind words @Dezire! The possibility to sell copies of clan clothins/cars/symbols et cetera. through the clan contact would make everything for clans easier and more interesting to even create those clan designs. Regarding the unfair advantage as you've stated already @Seadee , being in an organzied clan/group is a slightly advantage already but it's pretty much like this in every game. I still think a Clan Contact would be a huge and nice improvement in terms of progression.
  4. Esther

    [Game] Clan Progression

    Thanks everyone for all those kind comments, likes and thanks - I appreciate it so much!!! Yes, the Clan Progression thread contains Clan Levels. As example I wrote 15 clan levels with ideas down just did some quick brainstorming long time ago. You can find those at 2.4 Rewards for achieving Clan Levels?
  5. Esther

    [Game] Clan Progression

    Originally posted 24. November 2013 – 11:32 AM Written and managed by @Esther // Proof-reader, editing, support by @freq Review/Flashback: 1. What is the Clan Progression thread about? The Clan Progression thread moved from a single suggestion and idea regarding clan functionality, improvement and progression thread of mine, to a community driven thread with a lot of great suggestions coming from forum members across the whole world. Together, we achieved a huge list with important suggestions to revive and bring back the importance and necessity of clans for All Points Bulletin: Reloaded. 2. What’ve we achieved the past couple of years? This specific thread received more than 190 likes, more than 230 votes (remains to have all of 5 stars filled out), more than 80.000 views and more than 570 replies. This isn’t everything though. The Clan Progression thread raised up to the most liked, voted and replied (without counting one pinned post) content in the Suggestions & Ideas – Section. Also, the thread achieved to be the third most liked content on the GamersFirst Forum overall. 3. What’s the plan regarding clans with Little Orbit? The most important step is to show Little Orbit that the clan progression has been left out for a decade after they removed the leaderboards for clans and players which kept the clans relevant during RTW. GamersFirst pretty much ignored this thread even though I tried several times to get in touch with a red name. However – we didn’t give up and kept being active. 4. Gratitude Statement: I’m going to take the possibility and try to explain my emotions and gratitude here. I want to thank everyone who supported me, the team behind the thread, the clan progression thread, and the efforts to keep the thread alive, fresh with ideas and relevant. I highly and greatly appreciate all the welfare and commitment to help me out over those couple of years. I just can say it a thousand of times again, thank you very much everyone and I hope – together we’ll get clans back on track. I am optimistic that together we’ll prove Little Orbit that something must happen with Clans. Contents: Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans Clan Progression Leaderboard (Leagues) Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad") Clan Wars Games Of Chance (Gambling) GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014 Closing Remarks Special Thanks 1. Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans: 2. Clan Progression: 3. Leaderboard (Leagues): 4. Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad"): 5. Clan Wars: 6. Games Of Chance (Gambling): 7. GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014 were: 8. Closing Remarks: 9. Special Thanks (added your ideas, suggestions, improvements and more): I do greatly appreciate every small talk, gif, picture, feedback, suggestion, criticism and a +1 like. I want to be clear here, that I've spent several hours (yes hours) on editing and formatting this thread to get it ready and published for this forum. I really - really hope the APB: R community will enjoy and appreciate it as much as a few did on the old forum. Thank you. "As stated in number "8. Closing Remarks", I would love to see a small little change/update but an important improvement to the whole free to play community which makes it possible to choose and use the Clan-Title without having to buy and own premium in the near future. Clan Tag should be usable as free to play player." Updates: 27. 06. 2018: Rewrote and overhauled the complete thread. 27. 06. 2018: Proof-read and supported by freq.
  6. Esther

    [Game] Change Default Camera Distance To Max (FOV)

    Thank you @Dopefish as usually. I agree, the small little FOV change from sprinting (when zoomed out to max camera distance) could be disabled or at least they could offer a disable button in the settings. However, the FOV change from camera distance close (zoomed in) to sprinting maximal camera distance (zoomed out) is a huge jump and also generates a huge camera movement. I'm certainly sure that not everyone enjoys those camera movements and shakes.
  7. I've to do the same with Samsung S6 Edge on the Samsung Internet App, but this could be simply count as confirmation when you press "enter" once and another time to create a line break. I have no clue for what this could be good though. That's pretty annoying, I can imagine that. This clearly should be changed. Did you include "Bullet Lists" in the [.spoiler]? This will trigger an issue and spoiler box goes beyond his [./spoiler] command and literally sucks up the whole post of yours. @Itazura I'l give it a try later, thank you very much!
  8. This can be an issue for long time players too but mostly for new players who are freshly starting with APB. I'm not trying to say that the possibilty to change the camera distance is an issue per se but there're tons of players who might not know that his is even possible to do. When you're creating a fresh new account, start playing APB: Reloaded for the first time, spawning on the district then the default camera distance is set to be the closest to your character. Of course there's the possibility to zoom out the camera when you press "default button -" but this isn't explained in the tutorial neither does everyone have knowledge of camera distance and FOV in shooters that's possibile to change it. I've seen several youtube videos, streams, footages of players but also friends playing with the camera zoomed to the closest point where most of them don't even know they can move the camera distance. The small suggestion but improvement would be: Change the default camera distance to the maximum distance (zoomed out) for new accounts. Add a zoom in/out task to the tutorial so you have to complete it at least once. The only reason I can think of why the camera is zoomed in on a new account is probably the first impression, immersion and the feeling of joining a world where Enforcers fight against Criminals. To compare the differance of the camera distance, I've taken several screenshots with a new account. They're hiding in the spoiler box.
  9. Esther

    Post your pets!

  10. Esther

    Post your pets!

    My golden retriver Samy drinking water together with his best friends.
  11. Sorry to annoy you again @Majiik but I just found out and wanted to let you know that issue 1 "double line break" is back again in the spoiler box. I was certainly sure it worked yesterday though I'm very precarious now and confused. Maybe I just didn't realize it while I tried it out. Following I've three screenshots with the same issue again. I've tried the line breaks on this thread and on the suggestion & idea section, on both tries I received the double line breaks again. Copy pasting it into Word 2018, Notepad or whatever shows me those unnecessary line breaks. I'm very sorry. To be clear here, I've tried it on all of my browsers available Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and I also asked @AkiMVP to try it out in case that it's not an issue on my end. However, he also receives those forced line breaks.
  12. Okay, thanks for the heads up @Majiik. Issue 1 "Double Line Break" seems to be fixed now in the spoiler box since the patch. However, Issue 2 and Issue 3 seem to be still active and not working as intended. "Bullet Lists" still moves to the end of the spoiler box if typed in manually or the spoiler box goes through the whole thread if "Bullet List" is used with the button.
  13. Thank you @Majiik for letting us know, I appreciate it a lot! Please, let us know though when you applied those patches so I'll give it another shot.
  14. Just as information, @Seadee and me are talking with PM. To be clear here though, I think this "spoiler box" command should be fixed regardless. Other people might experience the same issue whenever they're going to use a spoiler box for whatever reason. Depending on the depth of the bug and the duration of the fix, the workaround with google doc is an option for sure and I'm not going to lose track of it. Though I would like to try to avoid this opportunity for now in hope it won't take too long to solve this issue otherwise I'll get back to it of course and try to create an appealing, informative and clear thread without the spoiler box.
  15. Here's a quick update after giving it another try because I thought I would have found a work around for all 3 issues. At least I hoped but in the end it didn't work. However, I might found out which "command" brings up all these issues. I've tried to copy past several different written "Clan Progression" threads on another forum and looked at their preview window. One thread was written in word 2018, one in Notepad++, one was completely done on their Forum, one was a mix of word 2018 and their forum tool (made the break lines in Word2018 and spoiler tags + bullet lists on their forum). Everything worked fine and looked good on their preview window BUT then I thought their Forum might not be up-to-date like this one or at least runs on another IPboard version. However, if I've to guess the "[.spoiler][./spoiler]" command is a huge mess and might brings up all those written issues 1- 3 above. I've made an example after trying it out again with better screenshots this time so it's a little easier to follow (hopefully) and understand my problem: Here on the first screenshot we can see the upcoming thread in the preview window WITHOUT the spoiler tag. I've used a bullet list (manually written with [.list][.*][./list]) and the Bold button. Everything looks exactly as I wanted it to be, every sentence is in position and nothing moved around. On the second screenshot you can see how I approached and formatted my flow text. I used [.list][.*][./list], [.spoiler][./spoiler], [.img][./img] and the Bold button within the spoiler box. The last screenshots simply shows the outcome of my written text in the preview window. As you can see the spoiler box added 2 additional line breaks - issue number 1, this means I've used 2 line breaks between 1.1 History Journal and 1.2 Statistic Tab in the Clan Management but I've actually got 4 line breaks in total between then. Next the bullet list disappeared from the position I wanted the text to be at and moved to the end of the spoiler box again, I wrote the bullet list manually ([.list][.*][./list]) - issue number 2. When I used the pre made button for the "bullet list" then the issue number 3 appears and means the WHOLE text is in one spoiler box. Hopefully this can help us to get this solved. I also hope everyone understand my issue better now and sorry for my bad explanation.