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  1. You mean "It's time to stop" xd
  2. Would be good if the maximum amount of clothes would be higher... make it like a 100 or so, same goes to themes and symbols.
  3. Everybody gets banned without even a warning xD
  4. Good explanation. I guess everybody knew that already. Btw camera shaking in a 3rd person shooter.
  5. Hello guys, I just put up some high quality HVR gameplay, kappa. Feel free to check it out. Criticism is always welcome.
  6. Ohh yeah well, that's not really a big deal as you already said
  7. Not really, I'd say it's a bit better than the LCR cause of the "no scope firerate" There is almost no recoil at all. Actuly didn't test how many bullets it takes to kill someone. But I think 5-7 is a good number. Thank you ^^
  8. It has been a quite long time since I made a video. I hope you enjoy it, also I'm talented at editing videos and using photoshop. NOT! (Please don't kill me)
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