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  1. No sliders in the advanced launcher will ever increase quality, the names are misleading. If you increase the value to over 1024 it only means that larger textures won't be scaled down, but the actual textures are already only 1024, so increasing the value does nothing. The architecture of the OS has no impact on the game since the game is 32 bit. And even then it has no impact on symbol projection. The main factors are as 404 has already said. In addition to that, when adding a lot of accessories, parts of the character texture will scale down, so it's a careful balancing act between picking accessories, clothing and design to work with the limitations of the game.
  2. A bit late, but I've gotten around to changing the wording in the tutorial to refer to BE instead of EAC (again)
  3. Unless it explicitly states otherwise, purchases are only for the character you picked after logging in. If you want those items on more than 1 character you need to buy them again with the other character selected
  4. This should be the standard anyway, the coloured icons just lead to confusion with new players and serve no actual purpose
  5. The short answer is that there will never be AI in this game, and giving new players AI to play against sets them up for bigger failure because good performance against bots *never* yields good performance against players. The longer answer is AI is hard. Like, really hard. Just about every game out there cheats with their AI by making them stronger than the player, telling them exactly where to go or in the case of the "AI" already in the game, have them only move on strict paths. All of APB's maps have no work done to make combat AI work, and a lot of APB's areas use verticality to some degree, something that even the best AIs have huge problems using effectively. Not to mention that APB is a multiplayer game, which means APB's servers would need to process all bots, otherwise 2 different players could see 2 different things, which is bad. Even if the servers could handle AI, LO would be looking at months, if not years of development work to even hope to get rudimentary AI into the game.
  6. Too much work, absolutely not worth their time right now. In a few years, when they aren't busy with way more important projects? sure why not? Aside from that, there are some legal implications about having an official exporter that may or may not be very dangerous for LO, especially considering that they don't own the APB rights anymore. This analogy is completely wrong. Think of it more like this. Ninjaripper is a toy gun, a cheat is a real gun. From 10 meters away you see someone holding a gun to someone else's head. Are you going to let them pull the trigger because you think it's a toy gun, or are you going to stop them because it could be real?
  7. You don't get it, do you? It doesn't matter what the program does, but HOW it does it. EAC is a program. It can't think about what something is. It detects cheat-like behaviour, and therefore blocks it. Trying to get around this without also opening a window for actual cheats to come through is simply not possible.
  8. If you seriously think that the rendering community alone is going to make this game "great again", you're legitimately delusional. To explain why what you ask is impossible: Ninjaripper is a third-party injector/wrapper based software. It works by adding code to the game client which is normally not there. Very few software use this functionality, and most of those are cheats. This is why EAC blocks it. to EAC, ninjaripper looks and behaves exactly like a very rudimentary cheat. If you allow Ninjaripper through EAC, cheat makers could just make their cheat look like Ninjaripper, and be allowed through.
  9. This has been notoriously buggy with the key to the city pack also in my experience
  10. This is already a thing, was a reward in 2018 xmas iirc
  11. WhiskeyTangoFoxX


    Gifting was disabled due to incidence of credit card fraud and false charge backs, as those have serious financial and legal implications for LO. Until they find a way to effectively stop this from being an issue (unlikely, but not impossible), I don't see a way for gifting to come back.
  12. Do you have an RTX card? If you do, that's the culprit and you'll need to use the advanced launcher to set your graphics to bare minimum
  13. As a Citadel player, I can't remember the last time I encountered a macro so obvious that it was noticeable.
  14. Few outfits I made since my last post. WTB more clothing inventory.
  15. RIOT was not a failure because it did what LO set out to do, get familiar with how APB works and finish implementing a way to detect city blocks which has been said multiple times will play a role in future missions, events etc. This is your opinion. My opinion is that the Thunder is super fun to use and easily my favourite shotgun. The New Glory has nothing to do with the original N-TEC 7c, other than sharing the model. LO also didn't make the model for the Showstopper for that matter, so the argument is kinda moot. What exactly else should they do? Premium is one of the very few things that they can give out that really only compensates the people who lost out, since giving anything else would require them to filter players who are actually active, which is incredibly difficult to do. I'll also let you know that giving out premium or it's equivalents is basically what most MMOs do as downtime compensation. Also, here are your options for the server: New York, or none at all. The EU servers are currently stuck in customs, so instead of leaving the EU servers down over the weekend LO decided to host them in NY while they have to wait. Completely out of their control.
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