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  1. PIG is only really a problem when paired with percs/8-ball, in all other instances the thing is borderline useless
  2. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Stabba Weapons

    You're letting the design of the NL-9 fool you. It looks like a shotgun but really it plays more like a sniper. It can work in close range but really it's not supposed to be used that way
  3. I'm not sure if you need to be locked up or if you need to be commended for the achievement
  4. Crims should be happy they don't have stabba. Nothing quite like getting backup and finding out that they're playing a different game from the rest of the team, then getting salty /t chat messages about killing stuns (even by accident) and seeing his score of 0 0 15 2 at the end oh but he still turned gold because arrests are so ridiculously weighted in the threat system
  5. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Stabba Weapons

    No idea what even is reasonable to add anymore as LTL. We have a long range gun (NL-9), a mid range (CSG) and a point-blank (PIG). LTL is cut in such a way that implementing anything new would either be useless from the start or completely replace one of the others. On that note, stun fuel would be hilarious (and actually balance that mod a bit)
  6. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Threat Levels in APB

    Why on earth would reintroducing an even more broken threat system bring back any players, let alone "most?"
  7. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Can be there new cars in game ?

    I'm fairly certain Matt said quite a while ago that there will be a new car after UE3.5, can't remember when he said that though.
  8. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    Yes because getting pulled to court for breach of NDA is so worth it getting a screenshot out there a tiny tiny bit earlier than we're allowed to. Just have some patience dude.
  9. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    ัusing another clients

    This happens sometimes when you get disconnected from the game. Give it like 15 minutes and you can get back in. edit: dammit cooky y u ninja me like that
  10. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    As a renderer of course I'd love any and all improvements to topology and textures, but for in-engine stuff in almost all cases the models are good enough. Not up to modern standards, but good enough. Now, don't get me wrong, if LO can do it I would be hugely in favour of it, but I'm also very aware of just how huge of a mountain of work it would be to remake every single body and face morph on new topology, let alone every single clothing morph too. Weapons are stupidly low detail though and imo they absolutely need an update more desperately than character meshes. The idea to upscale the current textures to combat the projection issues is interesting and I would approve of it as a stop-gap solution.
  11. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    If they're going to double the res they'll need to rebake everything anyway, the tougher part is the morphs. I personally don't see the mesh changing ever and luckily, it simply doesn't really need to. There are other things that would help with that aside from texture res changes. If they added some kind of anti-aliasing to the symbol projection it would already look a lot better.
  12. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    Gotta correct you on two things. One, bandwidth usage would be the same, since the game doesn't send the textures directly, but instead sends instructions on how to recreate the character locally. Two, it would require 4x more memory per texture since you're working with squares, meaning 8x the memory per player in district (if we double normals too) for the clients which can become pretty daunting considering that textures are by far the largest part in memory usage in games.
  13. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    I went and walked around all districts for hours to find all sorts of lighting and collision glitches and found a lot more than I would have liked, but I have to say that I personally like the palette changes quite a bit more than I anticipated from what I saw in screenshots. Though the post processing needs some serious rework, contrast is insanely high right now. Very much looking forward to have an opportunity to share more in the future!
  14. In my experience with many other games as well as APB and even some things that LO has already brought to us, it is always much better to wait it out than to bring stuff out half-baked. Problem is a lot of people want to have their cake and eat it too. On the one hand people want the Engine Upgrade now, on the other, people want it to be perfect. On the one hand, people want weapon rebalance now, on the other hand they demand perfection. Doing things right takes time, and I would MUCH rather have them take more time than to get shotgun-meta style issues with the entire UE3.5 upgrade, but that's just my 2 cents on the matter.
  15. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Is this bannable?

    That's basically dethreating (right down to the TK at the end) so yeah, it's bannable.