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  1. That is only in reference to stuff in the RIOT shop, so far we have no idea what that may be. Could be titles, could be skins, could be cosmetics. It's also possible that if stuff gets rotated out of the RIOT store it goes on ARMAS instead etc. Matt is a smart man, they'll come up with something that works and has integrity.
  2. "Players who enter RIOT at any point in the future will start at the season one." Already been answered in the blog post. Doesn't matter when you start, you first unlock season one, then you can upgrade to s2 etc.
  3. Agreed on that. This is the very definition of a "too early to call" situation. It's hard to say how RIOT will impact the population and it's distribution.
  4. Apart from it being hide and seek, I think not. Your one was multi step, this one is just hide and seek with one GM acting as a map marker for searching
  5. you have to use the latest version of NinjaRipper, older versions are not permitted by BE. Also make sure to run the D3D9 wrapper and not intruder, refer to my tutorial for details.
  6. I sincerely hope you are joking. playing stretched is at best a placebo that makes you feel like you have an easier time hitting and a straight up disadvantage at worst. Most people that play on stretched do so because they are used to lower res from ye olde days of the late 90s early 2000s, then there are a few special snowflakes who saw their favourite CSGO pro play stretched and therefore thought it had to be some sort of advantage.
  7. In case you are serious, try and tweak your mouse sensitivity, most people's aim is off because they are actually not using the right sensitivity values for them. Other than that, practice practice practice. In case you are not serious, git gud
  8. If I had to hazard a guess, it's because A : implementing a non-critical system such as this is not a priority for UE3.0; B : LO is planning to move away from separate districts for MM with phasing and C : A queue would most likely not fix anything for the reason Cooky mentioned. People giving up spamming into a district makes them move onto an empty one eventually (unless you're stubborn like me)
  9. It takes considerably less time to copy-paste a message that translates to "screw you, buy more joker boxes" than it does to actually investigate issues properly. That being said, I'm kinda amazed you let it sit that long without asking for a status update. Hope you get it resolved soon though.
  10. You seem to be having difficulty understanding this. This was NOT an official event. This was entirely run by community members.
  11. If you didn't participate with the community in a community driven event, you really don't have anyone but yourself to blame.
  12. If you really did report 30 people, I guarantee you that a good few of them were not cheating, especially because the only 100% obvious cheating you can tell without seeing the other's client is speeding.
  13. Just like all other F2P games out there, no there is no ban that can stop them from coming back on a reroll.
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