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  1. Yes it is, because you can't selectively disable where BattlEye runs since it is client-side. Be patient and be glad we have our workaround for now.
  2. Been a while since I did a render, so have a quickie: Whiskey and Amaka on a mission or something I dunno
  3. I only get this error when I don't run NinjaRipper as Admin. Either you are having a different permissions issue, or you forgot to launch it as admin.
  4. Are you using the 32bit version? Running as admin?
  5. Don't get me wrong, your trick is a life saver. I have tested it and I can say with certainty that it works, it's just also a pain to search through a dozen identical looking eyelash meshes, and for people who need to rip multiple outfits.
  6. You're allowed to speculate, it's just that this is out of our hands now and we need to wait for LO.
  7. Speculating at this point is useless. The people responsible at LO are aware, they will test some things most likely and then whitelist it or whatever. Keep in mind that NinjaRipper doesn't only work as an injector, but also as a wrapper, and I feel like the wrapper is more likely to be allowed. You should have some basic knowledge of Blender, everything else is covered in detail in my tutorial here.
  8. I have also written a very in depth tutorial that is available on the OP. It's more refined and cut out some old/obsolete practices that are present in the videos
  9. Also hopped onto the hype train!
  10. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    The plan to fix the lag

    Thank you, Matt! Just this communication alone is amazing, really looking forward to the changes in the coming months!
  11. Maybe is the best I can say. I doubt it will happen, so you are going to have to work around this.
  12. Yeah increasing the resolution would be great, though I fear it's not particularly plausible, since doubling the res means 4x the memory usage. Also, contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with internet usage. Every player generates every other player's models and textures locally on their own PC. This is why people using a certain glitch will still show up normally on most people's screens. Ultimately, giving the character a second texture atlas would go a long way, though I am unsure if the system can do that.
  13. Backpacks and high heels do not use additional meshes, they just deform the back and feet respectively. Most hats use texture space on the skull instead of using a texture slot. There are a number of exception to the rule I stated, the only way to figure it out exactly is to trial and error it.
  14. Okay, quick explanation on how the customisation system works on a base level. The customisation system has two major parts, one being mesh deformation (used to change the shape of the naked body to match the shape of clothing) and the other being additional meshes, these are things like a lot of piercings, belts, holsters, the bottoms of skirts and some head gear. All things that deform the base shape of the body have no impact on texture resolution. Additional meshes however almost always need additional texture space. Now by default there are 2 "tiles" of texture space on the character texture free for extra meshes. This means that you can almost always use at least 2 extra meshes without having to worry about the resolution being lowered by the system. If you add another mesh, one of the existing meshes will have it's texture resolution halved to make space for up to 3 extra additional meshes, all at half resolution. Eventually it will also half the resolution of the eyes, feet and teeth. Now I don't think I have seen the layout of the headphones, but it is possible that it might use both free slots, and when you add the skirt, it needs to scale one down, and it picks the skirt. The real issue here is that there does not seem to be a way to manually control which mesh gets a reduced texture, and in this case it would be much better for it to pick the headphones. The complexity bar is only there to stop people from killing the texture baking process with too many layers and has nothing to do with any of this. TL;DR: reducing polygons will do nothing, this is a limitation of the system that will not go away.
  15. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    2D Artists Thread

    Hey that's looking pretty good already!