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  1. With the release of Blender 2.8 and the highly anticipated Eevee viewport and render engine, it is now time for me to push out the updated rendering tutorial (accessed here) as well as the brand new Eevee-only character materials. These materials have several major improvements versus the cycles-compatible material, which can be viewed in the change log at the end of the post. Material link | updated generic characters As with all major overhauls, there are bound to be issues. if you encounter any with the tutorial or the new materials, please either PM here on the forums, or preferably send me a DM on discord (Whiskey#4737) Material change log:
  2. Finally decided to post my crim designs I've been making.
  3. yep that's what I mean, except now you need to rename APB_EACprogram, but other than that it's all the same
  4. I miss the days when there a large amount of mid-range skilled players. They have either all left the game, or gotten better over the years. Playing non-competitively (i.e. using weird guns, non-meta playstyles, etc) is just asking to get your patootie wiped off of the face of the earth, especially if god forbid you turn gold and need to play in silver districts for a dozen or so stompings
  5. Photorealism is basically impossible to achieve with the quality level of APB assets, things will just look uncanny af. I generally use post processing effects that come with the Eevee renderer in 2.8, but I also don't particularly try to be realistic with my work. Jenz technically hasn't updated his OP, but NR is blocked by EAC, though the old BattlEye workaround works for EAC as well
  6. Even if LO would add Open Conflict again (which they almost certainly won't in the foreseeable future), it will suffer from the same problem it did for literally years before LO removed it: Nobody plays on those districts. Open conflict is an awful mess, the only people who actually enjoyed it are the ones who liked preying on the unfortunate bronzes who stumbled into the district, no knowing what it really is.
  7. I mean if you're jump shooting at 20m you aren't likely to survive so I don't really see that as an issue :v
  8. Do you have a time machine? Because in this timeline you can't jump scout anymore. aside from that quick switching was cancer and it's good that it's gone.
  9. If by add you mean remove from the game, then I agree with you, otherwise no, it's a good thing it's not on the JT store
  10. You're on a proper roll here! You should make an Album so Jenz can add you to the OP.
  11. Oh is it "SpCt Is ChEaTiNg" time again? Or is it "LO is protecting cheaters"? can we get a different hate meme going? these ones are really starting to get kinda stale.
  12. Making statements like that, I'm glad that you're not a GM
  13. The real issue here is that the Mounties are busted. Fix the mountie, you fix the Yukon too
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