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  1. I know, hence the :^) in my post.
  2. Try running a proper resolution :^)
  3. No there is a contact in the riot district who gets standing with every match of riot. She has the new skin. If the match ends unexpectedly no standing gets applied.
  4. Trading your account is and was against the ToS, making that decision while being drunk out of your mind doesn't change that. It's unlikely that LO will release the account, but it's worth a shot I guess. If your ticket is older than 35(?) days update it and ask for a status update, otherwise, just wait and they'll get to you eventually
  5. Not exactly sure why people are going "too cheap!!!!!" in the thread. Right now, unless you grind the god awful Fight Club all day you get so few JTs it's laughable. Looking forward to seeing the new JT system for missions.
  6. You are aware that you are the only person still necro'ing that thread, right? Just ask Matt in PMs, he answers there when he can.
  7. Why did this need another thread exactly? Also removing threat restrictions on districts is a band-aid solution at best and will more than likely mean less people playing, especially in the lower skill groups.
  8. Whenever I got the "account is in use" message I usually had to wait 15 minutes to log in. Not sure what's going on in your case that it didn't resolve itself in that long.
  9. Patch day is basically always Wednesday, Matt said that he will delay "a week", so that kinda makes next Wednesday the day. Ain't rocket science.
  10. JuSt BaN tHe ChEaTeRs Seriously though, you're aware that if even staff would be able to ban at their discretion a lot of non-cheaters would get caught in the net. Like just about any games company LO needs conclusive evidence before banning, and what most people call "blatant" isn't even cheating at all. Hackusating in this game is almost pandemic and most of the time completely wrong. Bruised egos and all that shit. We'll see how EAC works out, but unlike BattlEye EAC has a server-side part which cannot be bypassed the way BE can be. Think FairFight except not shit.
  11. This might come as a shock to you, but f2p MMOs have been able to make money before lootboxes were a thing.
  12. If you change any item, the other needs to accept the trade again. If the button goes back to not accepting, always double check the trade contents. It's safer to assume that someone is trying to scam than to assume they're not. Not saying this is the case with this one, but I know of several people who thought the trade going unready was a bug and pressed again, only to find they got scammed.
  13. I mean EAC has a server side implementation, think FF but not as bad.
  14. Good to know that APB will be a bit less frustrating to play for at least a week or 2
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