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  1. Adding NPCs is not going to happen (any time soon anyways), mainly because adding NPCs is a lot more work than most people anticipate. Especially any kind of NPC that is supposed to play an objective based game such as APB is. NPCs would be an absolute non-challenge to play against, see Counter-Strike bots as an example. On top of that APB is a multitude more complicated than CS is, meaning the bots needed to run it would need to be just as complicated, and they'd run on the server, which can struggle enough as it is. And this isn't even addressing issues like pathing, logic or prioritisation in the AI.
  2. You need to rename the APB_EAC exe file before you rip, and you can only rip from the character selection.
  3. Brilliant idea, why didn't LO think of this before? oh wait....
  4. In general, file edits are against the ToS, so no, removing or changing the audio files is not allowed.
  5. Define "basic pathing." Any pathing that isn't just simply what APB civilians already do is by definition not simple. Any free-form path finding is complex and requires an absolute butt load of level design work
  6. The "AI" in APB is ridiculously basic. It can only travel on preset paths, and if knocked off this path (crashing into a car) they are completely incapable of even finding their way back onto it. An AI that just swarms a player is likely not too complicated either, but it would have to be able to do a lot of things that they cannot do at all atm, which includes stuff like: Open doors, climb ladders/walls, respect collisions of the world and props in their pathing, car jack players (so that you can't just sit in a car and insta win) and a whole pile of stuff I can't even think of right now. In general, PvE is off the table for the foreseeable future, APB has a LOT more pressing concerns to work through than adding a buttload of systems for a zombie horde mode
  7. With that we get back to the other point, which is that increasing the texture res is a MONUMENTAL undertaking. There are several hundreds of textures that would need to be completely remade from scratch, and there'd be absolutely no guarantee that the aesthetics would remain the same, considering that the artists that made the original textures are long long long gone. It's also entirely possible that some items don't have their source high-poly models left anymore, which would just further increase the already absolutely massive workload. Not to mention that any artists working on this would obviously not be able to make new content.
  8. The only thing with texture resolutions that you can do is doubling, otherwise they stop being a power of 2 and that's bad for mipmapping. As for whether or not it's in VRAM or normal RAM is a good point, however, even if the likelihood of this ever happening is very low, it IS possible, so it needs to be accounted for. Additionally, 5GB of RAM for something that right now takes only a bit over 1 is a very massive step up in memory usage, which again, is just character and car textures, no models, none of the other graphics or memory things required to run the game. This is the price of APB's insane customisation, it's very expensive on the memory front, be it VRAM or just RAM.
  9. Considering that characters alone would take up 2.5GB of VRAM (not including cars at all) I do think it would be a pretty big concern. If you include cars (assuming everyone has their personal car spawned) that'd be at least 5GB of VRAM spent *only* on customised assets, no environment assets, no UI, no graphics buffer. It's a much more substantial thing than people realise. The customisation data being transferred/stored on the server is minimal, The theoretical maximum on a single item is 5000 sets of data (50 symbols @ 100 layers each), but the customisation limit will hit loooooooooooooooooong before you can hit the theoretical limit.
  10. Short answer: No, this will never happen. The way APB's character creation works is something called morphs. In order to increase the mesh resolution of characters you would need to remodel and retexture every single item from scratch. It's a huge amount of work for almost no payout. The real issue is texture resolution, but that is even less likely to change any time soon. All textures would need to be remade, and there are literally several hundred. but even aside from the level of dev work needed, there is the issue of how APB's system works. Every character has 2 textures, both at 1k resolution. These take up 4mb each in memory. if you were to double the texture resolution (2k) the memory requirement increases quadratically, so 16mb of memory per texture. this is a MASSIVE increase in resource requirements, it would be the same as increasing district pop to 320 (aside from the networking issues.) TL;DR because of how APB works, no, this won't happen, at least not in the foreseeable future.
  11. From yesterday's thread. As for collisions of names that are both in active use, we have not been told yet, though I can see it going something like oldest character keeps the name. We'll likely find out soon
  12. If you would for once read more than the title you would actually understand what is different between this and a traditional merge.
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