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  1. WhiskeyTangoFoxX


    Okay, so how is it LO's fault that you expected something that was never promised anywhere?
  2. WhiskeyTangoFoxX


    You know, the point of the event is not the rewards, right? How about just playing the brand new content in the game instead of complaining that the rewards are not what you wanted?
  3. Yes it is still possible, albeit with a slight workaround. It's detailed here in my tutorial.
  4. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    ARMAS Store refresh and pricing changes

    I appreciate the fact that you explained this Matt, but I have to say this tier thing is complete nonsense apart from secondary weapons. This pricing implies that ARs are somehow superior to all other guns, while this is absolutely not the case. Every weapon has a role and a place it excels in, there is no one gun or one class of gun that trumps all others, this notion is just nonsense, and the prices should not imply this ever. I'm also very disappointed by the fact that reskins of normal guns are priced the same as Armas exclusive guns. It is a highly unusual choice and it makes the prices of said reskins seem disproportionately high. There is also the whole point about a gun in this game costing the same as whole games which is frankly ludicrous. All in all, I do enjoy the new Armas design and the fact that the website loads a lot faster, but I was expecting more from the price adjustment. Before prices were random at best, now they may follow a system, but a fundamentally flawed system imo. Again thank you Matt for shining some light on the details here and reading my 2 cents on the matter.
  5. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    [GAME] New Vehicle Suggestion and 3D community Question

    The 3D thread has always been open to people making their own models for APB or for APB renders, feel free to share your stuff there!
  6. As the title says, I get booted to the log in screen after trying to connect to any district. I get this error message: I tried repair, I tried updating again.
  7. Green normals are a byte swap issue that can happen in ripping. To fix it you need to swap the red to blue and invert it, the green to red and, the blue to alpha and the alpha to green.
  8. Right, the link is old, the one on the thread is up to date Edit: Fixed the link in the tutorial.
  9. Are you following my tutorial? I have added a work around for how to rip characters at the moment. You need to download Tobii's empty lobby mod, with it installed just press the rip key when your character is in the lobby. It's not ideal, but it works.
  10. No, prices are discussed in PMs with the artist. 2D artists will charge what they deem is reasonable for the work they do.
  11. For an avatar you'd probably be best off commissioning one of the talented 2D artists to draw your char, that is going to run you far cheaper than getting a 3D artist to remake your character from scratch.
  12. Yeah that's the thing, you'd need to replicate everything, and as things are at the moment, we can't do anything, you'd need to rip and set up the character yourself because our current situation doesn't let us rip other people's characters, just our own.
  13. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Shame on Lil Orbit

    I'm pretty sure this game belongs to Little Orbit.
  14. What you would need to do is make an account on PC and try your best to match the sliders from the Console character to the PC character. There is no easier way to do this since we cannot actually rip from the console versions.