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  1. That'd be lit Because I've had this character for a couple of years now and only decided last year or so that I'd like to play female. At which point I already spent lots of time and money on it which is not worth it throwing away. No shit, that's what I said. Let's take 1 item for exaple right now. The Snood. I bought that, which in turn means I unlocked it on my character. The snood is for both male and female. Lets say it was possible to get a gender change. And all clothing would be rendered useless. That snood, which unlock is logged to my character, would then be available for purchase in the customizer. For the then female character. Right? Delete all the old clothes. Unlock all the logged items on the new char and start over with cusomizing? Partly my mistake. I could've sworn the armas loyalty weapons were only sent to 1 character. In which case that would've been an insane loss to give up for a new character model. So that's one less thing to worry about. My legendaries, cars, songs, themes, symbols etc can stay where they are since they're not gender locked. I own quite a fair bit of vehicles and kits which again would be an insane loss if they could'nt let me keep that. So actually the problem is the clothing and some titles. I don't own many titles and the one I use is Idiot, which as far as I'm aware does not have a female counterpart. And again, the clothing. Totally understandable that male clothing is not usable on the female body. And converting that would actually be an insane task. But as I said above here, start fresh with all the logged and new unlocks. Bad writing on my part. Thats just a little explanation why I wanted the volcano. Because I know for sure there's gonna be some fuckwit making some bs comment on how bad the volcano is. Story makes perfect sense. I borrowed out my volcano and he lost it.
  2. Since I got absolutely destroyed for talking about changes for the game itself I'll just keep it to some Armas stuff I'd like to see this time: -Charge Cisco Audio Kit -Patriot Vegas Audio Kit I absolutely LOVE the Cisco, one of the best looking cars in my opinion. But it really lacks an audio kit. Same for the vegas. These are great cars used by a lot of people, Especially the 4x4 vegas. Would love to have audio kits for them. Nothing else to add here. -Cross Faction Mako/Kissaki Some kits make total sense why they're faction locked. The Jericho's Hot Pursuit for Enfs and Nightrider for Crims for example. Or the different styles between the Enf and Crim Waragi LAV. It fits the style of the faction. But I dont see why the Mako and Kissaki kit are faction locked. Why can't Crims drive a Lamborghini rip-off or why can't Enfs drive a circuit spec car? Same kind of goes for the Mikro Cheetah and Raptor kits. Just add or remove the police light bars respectively and you got great kits that can be used by both factions. I would just REALLY love to have the Kissaki Kit on my Crim. -Gender Change Aww shit here we go again. Listen, I just want to be able to change my characters gender. I'm tired of looking at this dude I'll be honest. Point is, I put a lot of time (and more importantly) money in this character. I'm not just gonna throw that all away just to play with a female character. I have quite some character bound stuff that I'm not gonna let rot for nothing. Last time I suggested this someone mentioned something about back-end not being able to support that due to differences in the model's build or something. Now I'm not a programmer but I don't see why this is not possible. All the clothing you have would become obsolete. You'd have to start over with your wardrobe. That's expected, and perfectly fine by me. That's just the loss you have to be willing to take. As your gender swaps, so does the unlocks from contacts. So you'll lose nothing in that regard. Most Armas clothing I own are for both male and female. And those purchases are logged and toggled as unlocks in the character customizer anyway. Sooo one should just be able to flick some switches and bada-bing-bada-boom enjoy your new character, right? EDIT: Turns out a lot of stuff that I worried about could potentially get lost is either account wide, tradable or not gender locked. Which in turn made me wonder even more why a gender change isn't possible. If all we have to worry about it clothes and titles. Again, clothes are unlocks which are logged and available to you in the customizer. Titles can be swapped for the female equivalent. All that aside, I do want to show some appreciation for the things LO has done so far. Getting rid of the joker boxes was a legendary move (pun intended) I love the new legendary system, since you can just get joker tickets by playing the game (alltough it does take quite some time of course) you can now just get them without spending a single dime ever. Realizing I had enough joker tickets to rent one weapon I decided to try my luck see if I could be blessed with a premanent unlock. Guess who now permanently owns a Volcano. Dont LMAOO at me for wanting a volcano, I loved that weapon, gave mine to a friend so he could try it out and the moron got banned for aimbotting, hacked afterwards and lost it. Haha rockets go boom. I'm also of course still eagerly awaiting the engine update. Yes I see it takes a lot of time. But I'm still hopeful for it. I still have decent hopes for this game to make the long awaited 180 turn and become somewhat popular again. Even though it doesn't have a lot to offer in comparison to other games, I still think it's great fun when you're just messing around with friends. Have a nice day and don't forget to stay hydrated, peace Edit: Y'all got any info on when the next Armas sale could be?
  3. I am thankful for the things that LO has done. But I'm getting ready to drop that F in chat for I'm afraid the funeral of APB is in the very near future. It's a real shame because I really like APB but even if the engine update would roll out tomorrow, the matchmaking is still shit and I don't think a lot of people will return.. Mate when a GM joins a district it suddenly becomes a toddler daycare, Have you seen the amount of childish bullshoot they get thrown at them? It's toe-curlingly cringy.
  4. So we're kind of stuck in a negative loop. We can't properly fix it because there are not enough players and nobody joins/returns because nothing has been fixed. Reputation as in rank? If I would ever reach max rank it would just mean that I've played a lot of missions. Yet I'm still a mediocre player. If you're talking about a threat system rework.. It will basicly just end up the same, but under a different name. You're still rated on your performance and you could still underperform and get dropped. So according to that logic there's no way of fixing this?
  5. I've talked about this in my quality of life post I, for one, don't enjoy being put in matches against maxed gold threats. You know, those kinds of people I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BEAT. There's a reason competitive games have matchmaking based on your skill level, so you can ACTUALLY ENJOY THE GAME. And guess what? People left because they got fed up with playing against the same group of elitists. There's no fun in being buttfucked every single match. The matchmaking, together with the current shit about the server migration and the fact that the anti-cheat is not state-of-the-art + dethreating is hard to monitor (supposedly) are all reasons to why the player base is so low. Removing the threats will not do shit. People will hear that and think "well fuck me now I'm never going to play APB for sure" All my friends quit APB for the same exact reasons. Most players did, with a few white-knight special snowflakes here and there. And okay, let's say I'm wrong. How do you propse we fix matchmaking without threats? What would you implement to make matchmaking fair and give everyone a fair chance at playing against equally skilled players and actually enjoying the game?
  6. Agreed, personally my Han Veo is red so I don't mind but it really messes things up if I'd want to make it a different colour. Either make it a customizable area or make it carbon like the rest of the splitter.
  7. I just realised something, I have an on-board laptop in my Jericho from (allthough it doesn't show anymore) I believe the Phantom kit. So eh, Ey LO b0ss, gib kissaki kit pls.
  8. Allright then, enlighten me. How do we make matchmaking more fair? How do we get the elites to fight eachother?
  9. Not only would I need to find friends for that, but that still does not solve the problem for new players. I understand that enfs need to be able to earn money from doing this otherwise it would've just been a free pass for crims (wouldn't complain though) But a gold threat should not be able to bust a bronze/green threat or a trainee. That's why I think threat locked districts are great because (looking past the dethreaters) it makes a safe environment for new players to experience the game's basics. Also, to get back to the unfairness: I mostly play it safe by making smaller amounts of money and laundering more often than farming lots of cash and handing it in at once. This way when I do get busted I won't lose much money. Takes longer, yes, but especially with enfs who're just sniping you it's much safer. Say I do get busted, if I DONT kill that player first, I'm pretty much done for, if I get killed first or especially if I get arrested there's no way I'm able to win my money back, By the time I spawn that person collected my cash and is well on his/her way to their delivery point. Then I'd have to find a car and still drive to there. It would be nice to see something change there too so we both have an equal chance at delivering the cash.
  10. As long as they also make it so high threats can't start missions against ram-raiding low threats I guess I'm fine with it. Nothing is more annoying than fairly ram-raiding and being picked on by max rank gold threats because they have nothing better to do. I understand it's part of the game but come on, let me at least have a chance. These 'busts' are unfair anyway, If you get killed first it's pretty much done for.
  11. Maybe it's because of those elites that people left? Wasn't dethreating bannable? Thought I read that somewhere. I think if the top-tier threat is as difficult to get in to as to get out of most elites would be stuck in that pool for a while. Thanks for agreeing As I said, the loss of clothing is the loss you have to be willing to make. But about the back-end stuff? I don't know I'm not a developer. But I still think it would be a nice option to have. I also own the Jericho and I can put a laptop in that too from the Phantom kit. Just remove the sirens and I got myself a nice looking Lambo rip-off from the kissaki kit. Same for the mako, who says police can't drive in circuit-spec cars Edit: unnecessary quotation marks
  12. Instead of complaining about stuff like everyone else I thought I'd just drop some suggestions here. -A threat level above gold "GiT gUD sCRuB" "L0L UNiNstAll" shut up. You know those pesky max-ranked, gold-threat, die-hard players? Wether they cheat or not there is just no way of beating them. Now I know I'm a mediocre, R133 silver threat player at the moment (see quoted sentences above). And being rusty after a break of about a year jumping in with no threat locked districts due to the server migration certainly doesn't help either. But let's say there would be a Platinum threat. For those who have never tasted defeat. Especially with the plans for the globalized disctricts instead of split NA/EU servers. Let the elite fight amongst eachother. Not against people like me and certainly not against new players. -A change to District chat "WhUT?" This title is a little vague so let me explain. Primarily because of the russians but there are people all over the world who pull this shit so I'm not just hating on them okay. I personally think people should only speak english in the District chat. Now a little comment in one's own language here and there will always happen, and that's perfectly fine. But if you're gonna have full-blown conversations with someone in a global channel, there should be some sort of encouragement to take it somewhere else. E.g. join a group, a clan or take it to discord/teamspeak/skype or whatever. With the steam overlay you can make group chats and chat there as well. Now I understand this is more of a personal thing because it's blood-boilingly annoying to me, especially if you're having an argument with someone and they suddenly switch to cyrillic AND YOU CAN'T FUCKING RESPOND TO IT (reeee). And I'm not saying some algorithm should be wielding the ban hammer for let's say 5 minute chat-bans (allthough it would be effective) Let a message pop up on their screen stating that the chat detected they're using their own language too much in a global chat and let it encourage them to search for alternative options. -Gender change Aww shit here we go again, "YoU SHoULdVE pICkeD RiGHt aT THe StARt" "DeAL WiTH wHAt YOu CHosE" "JuST StaRT OvER" shut up. I don't personally care about a gender change for I like my main character to look like myself (and since I only actively play 1 char I have no need to create waifu material as second char) But I can see why a LOT of people would like to see this. Now I've seen arguments against this before, main point being the unlocked clothing since you can't convert that. That does not seem to matter to me for why there can't be a gender change. That's just a loss you have to be willing to take. As you change the unlocks from contacts change for you as well. Most Armas gear already has a opposite gender equivalent which should convert just fine (right?). Otherwise just re-send the clothing items and let them claim it as the opposite gender. So you can just delete the clothing that don't fit on the gender you're changing to and start customizing the 'newly unlocked' clothing. Those who will buy this gender change most definitely have the in-game funds to support their new wardrobe anyway. -Stop punishing me for running an RTX card I will not use 3rd party software to be able to play a game. Even though it is allowed in this case. I just don't feel safe doing that. Does anyone have any idea on the progress of fixing this? We already got the trading system which was long overdue and is just a top-notch addition and with the weapon balances happening APB is well on its way to become what it should've been from the start. And just like everyone else I can't wait for the engine update, which should draw a lot of old players and hopefully a lot of new players to the game. Now for some Armas stuffs -Cisco audio kit, when? -Vegas audio kit, when? -Make the Rapier Mako and Kissaki kit cross-faction. These make no sense to be faction specific imo Thanks for coming to my TED talk Edit: A suggestion Edit2: RTX complaint
  13. Ah, I do have a RTX card. First world problems. I guess I'll have to live with the crashes then, I'm not a big fan of using 3rd party software even though it's allowed in this case. I'll just wait till LO fixes this themselves. But thanks for clarifying the cause.
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