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  1. G1 used to have daily missions in the armas marketplace section. Usually you just kill a few people or whatever and you would get a joker box. It was fun and gave me a motive to play daily. Weekly missions would be just as nice though
  2. I already have a few guns. But 1 gun for account lifetime is 20-30$. And that just seems a little over priced.
  3. Not sure if this is the right area to put this or not but everything in the armas market is hella over priced. I don't feel like spending that much when I can easily get decent guns without paying money. The cosmetics could also be lowered cause I would proably buy a few things if it didnt cost 20-50$ per item.
  4. Vitaless

    New car spawns.

    I think It would be interesting to have car spawns like the ones in gta (when you leave los santos customs) or like planet side but the spawn square is in a garage. And also have the area like in planet side where if people are in the way it moves them or removes their car. Maybe something like los santos customs aswell, like you pull into a area and you have the same menu from social district come up. But that would be adding customization into mission districts so it's not to perfect.
  5. I hate having to change districts just to make small customization changes. In the social districts there are areas that are faction locked. I was thinking you could have 2 faction locked areas on the mission maps that have customization access. (Possibly adding a new spawn too) Or you could just have 1 area with customization stuff. The areas shouldn't be accessible during missions. You could have it where you can go into the area while in a mission or while actively looking for a mission (K'd up) Or if you are allowed to be there while actively looking for a mission (K'd up) you get teleported out when a mission starts. (But if you are customizing something that would either discard or save it so not that efficient.) The social district is a great place to wait for a server slot to open up. And people just chill there a lot so I don't think the population there would be affected I feel people would still frequently be there. But if you wanted to keep it a bit different then mission districts you could only have marketplace kiosk in the social district. The areas shouldn't be accessible during missions. You could have it where you can't go into the area while in a mission or while actively looking for a mission (K'd up)
  6. I'm unable to post in discussion in social? Plus it kinda sucks having the servers down and them not telling us about anything they might be changing.
  7. Customization Vehicles -Being able to pick different wheel types that have a different selection of tire types (Being able to change wheels and tires independently) -Changeable break pad colours Changeable vehicle suspension -Able to pick a section of a vehicle you want to customize.(Ex: when you pick a different part under the base colour to paint.) I had a carbon fiber square symbol I wanted to put only on my hood but it was difficult to fit it on the hood without it also going over another part, like the fender. Persona -Able to pick a section of the body you want to tattoo. I wanted to make a black sleeve over a part of my arm, I was having a problem with making it go around the whole arm It only wanted to go over a small section then tattoo a different part of the body like the stomach, so I had to use 3 tattoos to make a sleeve all the way around the arm Extra Balance -Lower the level of certain modifications so newer players don't have to get half a thousand hours in just to use them. Like the 195R mods. Possible down to 150?. Random Events -Something like a truck moving from one place to another and people can fight for whats inside it. This would take alot of thought and might not actually be worth it. You would need a motive for the enforcers and crims that's balanced to the lore. Would be more fun if the people could fight each other so maybe a option to join the event or not.
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