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  1. this forum is mostly an echo chamber for toxic golds so you'll only get one result from those toxic golds that like their easy matches and dont wanna face their own the silent majority dont post here or even visit. most people i know/friends with on discord etc have stopped playing until servers are back to normal because its impossible to play atm.
  2. only because they haven't existed for ages... dunno why you're lying about it you've never been a problem, i notice you mostly play solo/casual and never came across as tryhard or anything never considered you to be toxic or out to ruin peoples fun. but you're definitely in everyday, bc i'm in everyday and always play with you -_- so why lie about it when you dont even need to, bit silly
  3. you're always in bronze district, i see you there everyday what are you talking about
  4. well, i've now got 100 hours in no man's sky since there being no threat segregation wont reinstall until we're allowed to play without vsing full gold clans all the time again
  5. personally i think LO are doing a good job, considering the circumstances and the state they adopted the game in. i complain about some things sometimes, like their decision to put servers up without segregation i think was a major mistake from a new player retention standpoint. but when you step back and look at the bigger picture, we are really lucky that LO took over. you've listed a bunch of arbitrary nonsense of "g1 vs little orbit" but left out a few little facts. here's some differences between g1 and LO -we actually have DEVELOPERS now. g1 fired all of theirs! hence stagnation. -LO tells the truth. g1 kept talking about engine upgrade, when LO took over, i remember one of matt's first posts admitting g1 literally had never even started the engine upgrade. -LO communicates. i can't even remember one time g1 ever communicated, i only caught the tail-end of hte g1 era so i dont know how they were before but i'd never seen a gm, or announcements, or news -LO has in-game gm's, showing they care about the game. as above, i never once saw a gm under g1 -LO is spending money and investing in the game. you have to spend money to make money, LO is taking a chance on us and this game and investing in it financially. g1 never. -LO is designing and creating new clothes and stuff. LO makes mistakes, but the real difference between olde g1 and LO is LO actually cares and wants to rectify them and improve. LO is doing a great job and most of us are very grateful for them, and we should count ourselves lucky it was LO that took over and not another company. because LO actually seem determined to make it won't, and don't seem like the types to just give up or buckle under stress.
  6. oh i didnt realize it was supposed be only temporary i thought this was it. i'll reinstall when segregation comes back then. yes we will still get opped with dethreaters under segregation, but, that really doesn't bother me. see the dethreaters play casual. i assume that's why they dethreat? because they want to play casual, i've only met a minority of them that are toxi, usually the clan types. they kick our patootie but it doesn't matter, we whisper each other they're always friendly, i've made friends with many opp just chatting in whisper and having a laugh in matches. sure, they mostly win still but i actually don't care about wins/losses, i have just as much fun losing as i do winning bc the end result is irrelevant to me. what is important is how fun the match is. and the fact is playing against full gold clans is not fun. their playstyles are cancer, their tryhardness is cancer, their cheap tactics are cancer, their macros are cancer. the difference is bronze & silver district players are different cultures playing for different reasons. bronze & silver don't even describe people's threat levels, they more accurately describe people's attitudes, personalities & reasons for playing. bronze server: casual players playing for fun. they're all about enjoying matches, it's all about the lulz silver server: competitive players playing to win at all costs. they're all about boring matches, it's all about the score brah we need a district where it's about having fun and playing casual. segregation works everyone gets what they want. the competitive ones get their competitive matches against people their skill level and the casual players get other casual players who just want to have fun. i don't know why toxic golds are so against this and only want ONE player type playing. it's like they wont be happy until there's only a dozen people playing all from the same 3 competitive gold clans or something.
  7. its ok i'll just uninstall, not worth playing now. you want lower pop well its just been lowered by 1 impossible to play against full gold clans. toxic golds are gonna be the death of this game, idc anymore uninstalling
  8. why you thought it was a good idea putting bronzes vs full teams of golds idk @MattScott but this is UNPLAYABLE [[ if you're going to force us newbies/lowbies/bronzes to share districts with these toxic animals at least fix matchmaking first???
  9. im ngl, im bronze ok. yes im BRONZE. i suck. idc, i play for fun. i have a crappy internet and a crappy laptop. i dont care about objectives or winning i just have fun and play. i dont actually care about dethreaters that much bc in bronze most just solo and play casual, they die and lose missions just like anyone else my concern is when you have a full clan/group of golds. its not even worth playing. i always just afk but then i get the "HURR DURR REPORTED MISSION BLOCKING NOOB" whispers. like gtfo, let me /abandonmission then so i can press k and get a better match!!
  10. i'll be collecting my pension by the time star citizen is ready for release anyway and im 23!
  11. we're all just constantly pressing f5 on the extended maintenance thread hoping for an update from lixil or beard man
  12. just to be clear im glad there isnt a competitor, i think apb is amazing and so glad i found it. i just found it odd that nobody did is all
  13. none of those games are in anyway similar gameplay wise. tho i did enjoy saints row , i agree about the customization part
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