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  1. well i guess it is when you put it that way what i mean is like ive never seen him roll in a full group clan throwing insults and using cheats like macros and stuff like the toxic golds do
  2. ive played vs hex before (many times) and hes way better than me but hes not toxic. all the times ive seen him he plays solo and just plays for fun so all these accusations against him in this post are never anything ive seen or experienced. js hes right unless you're a toxic gold the game is just unplayable rn. well no maybe its playable for the non-toxic golds too. the non-toxic golds are often better than the toxic golds that's why the toxic golds only want to play vs bronzes and low silvers while the real golds want to play other golds.
  3. vets are always going to have an advantage over non-vets. that's true of any game tho i dont get what your big deal is. i don't hate vets for being vets. i only dislike the toxic ones. that's why i always make the distinction between 'golds' and 'toxic golds'. i have great respect for golds i love watching vids on youtube of them playing i even pick up tips and stuff, they seem to genuinely enjoy playing other golds at their level. i'm a bronze. unironically. i have disabilities and i play on a potato which both contribute to that. i lose most of my matches, but that's ok, i have fun. i'm not one of those that cries about dethreaters tho bc tbh if im having fun idc. i dont have fun against toxic golds. the dethreaters ive faced usually play solo and casual so, its not a big deal to me. there are toxic dethreaters too tho, a couple of clan names come to mind but name and shame is against the rules, if you're a bronze you know who they are tho. full clan group of dethreaters. i'm better than i was 3 months ago but those vets are also better than they were 3 months ago. the vets will always be better, and that's ok they've earned it??? until they hit a certain age. people get slower as they get older their reactions and cognitive ability goes. just wait for the vets to get old. once they're like 30 they'll play like i do now! or just stop caring about winning. winning isnt important. ask yourself "am i having fun?" if you're not then delete the game like i did, if you are then stop caring just play. i will once the toxic golds are segretated back in the district they belong in away from us
  4. omigoshhhh i'll be collecting my pension by time they're back up fudge it the withdrawals are too much im just gonna play as is and just run away if any smelly golds come near me

  6. awww no i love lixil. why we'll miss you @Lixil
  7. i deleted too like 3 months ago when eu servers went down. will reinstall as soon as threat districts are back no point playing if you're not allowed to have fun
  8. aww you actually read the appreciation thread i'm so happy
  9. i live in my bedroom and my only friends are anonymous posters i'm not even sure are real but i have games not apb rn tho
  10. i already see one for my autism and he already knows i get depressed a lot
  11. liar and yes the silvergolds "stomp" us too and yes it is extremely different. because they arent invincible or being all toxic on us but your argument is this. "well X happens anyway so why don't we do Y to make X happen even more but worse?" stupid logic. just one toxic gold can take out 10 of those silvergolds by themselves, so what you're saying is i should swap a silvergold for a person who is 10x worse than he... what logic is this? where did you buy it? do you still have the receipt? you need to refund it
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