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  1. Damn.. didn't even think of that. 300 JB's and you can buy a crown.
  2. Damn.. I feel bad that this is the reputation the playerbase has.. Sorry LO.
  3. to be fair, many of those are Firebombs, but yeah. i tooootally don't do this every time 8^)
  4. The district was full (80 players) for every round during the event.. but I do see where that argument is coming from. I just think that with a few tweaks, Gun Game and Riot are two modes that could be something that consistently has players. There just needs to be more incentive to play them, like rewards. Imo one of Riots main problems was the lack of rewards.
  5. Of course, if it's made permanent the JT prizes would have to be lower or it would be too OP. But still, it was so much fun that I'd play it regardless. EDIT: In case people are getting confused, this event would be taking place in a separate district, not in the normal mission districts. I thought that was obvious.
  6. I was hoping for a free gas mask, but premium works too 8^) We really appreciate you continuing to work on the game and making us feel more comfortable at home. Stay safe, Matt, LO Staff, and players.
  7. yes, there used to be tracers, and we should be getting them back once the engine upgrade hits silencers only reduce flare, they dont remove it. also the issue seems to be that on some weapons, the flares aren't blue like they're supposed to be.
  8. im just gonna shamelessly plug my thread here since this is getting traffic and has the same subject 8^)
  9. My choice is Green + Open conflict. P.S. I don't know what the matchmaking is based off right now because I've seen it do some of the stupidest things imaginable. Also in this hypothetical, it's a lot easier to gain ELO/Threat than it is to lose it.
  10. Could you post a spreadsheet like that with the current stats too? Just to compare everything. Thanks
  11. NA servers are currently connecting to NY as well.. Might want to check that out.
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