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  1. im just gonna shamelessly plug my thread here since this is getting traffic and has the same subject 8^)
  2. My choice is Green + Open conflict. P.S. I don't know what the matchmaking is based off right now because I've seen it do some of the stupidest things imaginable. Also in this hypothetical, it's a lot easier to gain ELO/Threat than it is to lose it.
  3. Could you post a spreadsheet like that with the current stats too? Just to compare everything. Thanks
  4. NA servers are currently connecting to NY as well.. Might want to check that out.
  5. that is extremely specific. have you recreated that one?
  6. compare the time it takes to get 3000 JT to the amount of time it takes to buy an APB$ rental
  7. stop stop it do NOT DO THIS. this gun is being added as a APB$ rental from the new contacts. do NOT waste JT's on it yet.
  8. good secondaries: .45 AP and Showstopper. good primaries: AMG-556 JT2, N-ISSR-B JT1 PR1, N-HVR 243 PR1, or if you like rental guns like N-TEC or OCA-EW, you can get the JT versions of those to have permanent ones.
  9. if you want the game shut down, you dont plan on playing anymore. if you dont plan on playing anymore.. give me all your money and items. if you dont want to/'cant', then you just made a useless post.
  10. no, the masquerade mask has an additional bump map. Merged. I got my code in Financial district Merged. I got mine in Financial, and so did a couple others. They were giving the codes out in every district.
  11. I want to be able to customize a car and save it as an "outfit" so that I'm free to customize it in a different way without losing the original look and being able to switch between them. So you could have a Vegas or something and have a police look, a racing look and a tactical/tank look all on one car that you can switch between. This has probably been suggested before, but I just thought of it after feeling like changing up my car's look but also feeling like i'd regret not being able to make it look how it does again. What do y'all think?
  12. Personally I wish there was no nose or mouth on either of them. And it does kinda suck that it's a reused model. But overall I think they do look nice. Really think the art team's been doing good, all the skins and clothing since LO has looked great IMO.
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