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  1. Helix Reloaded

    The Growth of GamersFirst

  2. Helix Reloaded


    asdsd I'm logged in (as you can see) but I can't see that offer.. Take advantage of the opportunity I guess..
  3. Helix Reloaded


    Oh Lixil, you're a godsend. Thank you.
  4. Helix Reloaded


    Premium players get 1/2 cooldown times. Isn't it about time this was just the baseline?
  5. Helix Reloaded

    OTW Patch notes 1.19.7 (1014)

  6. Helix Reloaded

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    warm welcome from jericho
  7. Helix Reloaded

    Voice chat issue

    I'd rather the engine upgrade first. Any delays that aren't crucial (we have other ways to communicate) will just make the players less hopeful about the fabled engine upgrade.
  8. just stop being so hot dude, fuck. btw can u send me some too
  9. buddy... if you're getting offended by people in the chat, you know you can like, not respond or look at the chat, right or ignore whoever the person is? from reading your post, you sound like the kind of player that joins districts just for chatting, then just gets into arguments in the chat. i've read a lot of district chat and yeah, there's a lot of banter that goes on about, but it's nothing to get suspended over. a punishment like that should only be reserved for actual threats, not demeaning remarks. i talk in chat a fair bit and have never had "verbal abuse" or "sexual messages" slung my way. perhaps you should take a look at the way you conduct yourself in chat or how you treat the people you talk to? anger doesn't come out of nowhere in most people. inb4 "blaming the victim"
  10. Helix Reloaded


    Seriously, I'm losing my god-damned fucking mind over this gun. 60% of the time I'm getting assists instead of kills with this thing. Give it a higher marksman modifier or something, the low damage and inaccuracy are a terrible combo.
  11. Helix Reloaded

    ETA on the new vehicle?

    @Lixil @MattScott Any comment?
  12. Helix Reloaded

    ETA on the new vehicle?

    What the.. Your comments weren't where they are now yesterday..
  13. Helix Reloaded


    The effective range is the same, but it's the massive reticle that bothers me. Hitting 8 shots with accuracy like that at anything over short-mid range seems pointless, especially when people that run CA regen the damage I just did in the time of couple of shots that miss because of the inaccuracy. I often find myself switching to my RFP to deal with enemies that far away. Again, the bad accuracy even with HS3 makes this even less of an option on the Watchman. ATAC Watchman just seems like an AR that gives up mid-long range effectiveness for some close range effectiveness but still fails to SMG's and shotguns, leaving it sub-par at whatever range I try use it on. Oh and as for the suppressor, I think it'd be nice if all suppressors were made into removable mods that could only be used on the weapon it came with. Would give you an empty slot if you decided to remove it.