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  1. is this confirmation that /report does nothing?
  2. Game launched fine after first installing. The default graphics quality is very high, so I tried lowering the settings since my PC isn't very good. It instantly crashed when I applied the settings. After that, it crashed every time right on startup, as soon as the splash image went away. Doing another fresh install to see if it works again. Edit: Exact same thing happened. Game launched fine after fresh install, tried to change settings from Fullscreen to Windowed and it instantly crashed and is repeatedly crashing on startup.
  3. this is incredible news. can't wait to see where APB will go from here. god bless ya, Matt and LO.
  4. Yeah, I know it's bad but I just wanted to post something.
  5. symbols: prntscreen and save with paint or something themes/music: record the game and play the audio
  6. the argument is; the cheaper it is, the more people would pay for it and the more overall money you make from it.
  7. yes, crims and enforcers share the same Social District, but there is a "criminal area" and "enforcer area" that the opposite faction cannot go inside. It's just a small part of social though.
  8. Need more slots for Themes, Cars, Clothing... for everything, I guess. Matt Scott our lord and saviour, end the days of storing our shit in the mail system once and for all.
  9. can u draw a picture
  10. Thank you guys for doing these events for us.
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