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  1. Asiana

    Enforcer Only Vehicles

    Hiya, So i noticed this pretty big bug while making a car for my friend. I have a fire hawk kit on my enforcer account and was trying to make them a kit. i got curious and added a light bar to the car. before saving the changes, i removed the light bar and then i clicked save. my issue started at that moment. the car was marked as Enforcer only from that moment on. now ordinarily this wouldn't be much of an issue, but in this case it was a huge issue because it left me unable to trade the car to my friend( a criminal) and i had no personal need for it myself. this left me with 2 options, use it myself(which i don't need it) and sell it on the auction market. in the end i was left with 3 useless vegas g21s that i couldnt trade as i tried to figure out how it worked. i feel as though this issue should be addressed soon because if people join to create and design cars, this will be a huge con to them. in my case, i feel like it might be easier to make a button for removing enforcer only elements, thus allowing us to sell the car(kind of like how the refurbish button works) as a quick recommendation, i think it would be sorta cool to allow criminals to use a light bar and light patterns because they already have access to this feature in 2 Balkan vehicles and the ambulances. maybe they are only allowed to receive the car with light bars though? kind of like a black market thing. -Asiana
  2. Hello everyone!! Today, I would like to invite everyone apart of the APB Reloaded community to bring their cars to waterfront 1 WEST at 7:00pm PST. Me and other people apart of the APB Racing community will be hosting a car show in waterfront to showcase everyone's cars to each other, and maybe even a little bit of drifting. events usually last about 3 or more hours and will go on as long as there are still people there!! I would like to state that any people who wish to grief people apart of this meeting are NOT welcome. furthermore if any GMs such as @ComFeyer wish to pop in, me, along with other members of the APB Racing community would be thrilled!! ###ALL CARS ARE WELCOME### Respectfully, Asiana
  3. Hello Selali, I feel like this is a very bad approach to the issue given... My reason for this is due to the nature of these "toxic" or "greifing" players. If these players learn that certain people may not be able to hear their death themes, they have 2 other options... Those players may choose to play high Hz noises that only certain people can hear over VoIP, or they may choose to make a song that their vehicle plays that gives others headaches. My recommendation from a player of over 5 years is to change the current /ignore feature to /ignoreTexts, as well as adding a brand new feature labled something like /ignoreAudio. This feature would probably be a decent bit harder to code in, but will allow people to ignore other players in more ways. The /ignoreAudio feature would have to cover not only the death themes, but that players music and VoIP. On the other hand, players who are forced to globally mute all death themes due to health reasons will not be able to hear (I'm guessing) about 95% of the apb community's death themes, but still will be suffering due to VoIP and in-game songs.this will remove some of the cool customisation features of apb because you will no longer hear any themes such as Nyan cat, coffin dance, and many more... Respectfully, Asiana K. Summary: Muting death themes globally will not stop greifers from using other audio sharing means. Investing in a mute audio for individual players will give a better experience to players who like listening to good themes, but would turn audio off for the headache themes.
  4. Ok I know I'm a little late, but here are some of the issues I noticed when playing today's beta. But first here are my specs FIXED AMD RX5700XT i7-7700k @4.9ghz SODIMM DDR4 ram(yes it's a desktop) Z270 carbon pro MSI 4K 60FPS HDR Screen So upon entering the district I noticed that my Pikachu coursor that is usually yellow seemed to be black and white. Upon inspection it looked as though it was a grey replacing the yellow instead of white. This issue never went away wether I tried windowed or full screen. My second issue I noticed which I feel is a real annoyance that should be fixed before live is the chat. When you type in any chat via / enter or even backspace(reply) it will only let you type if your not at the spawn screen. Once you die you usually can continue typing but on the beta this doesn't seem to be the case. I noticed this when I was asking a gm something and I died before sending the message. Nothing I did(even clicking home) would let me continue typing my message. Upon spawning back into a spot I discovered I could continue typing the message as I was before I got killed. The third thing I noticed that needs to either be fully finished or fixed is the passenger view on cars. When riding passenger in a Vegas 4x4 my view would stay the same when looking at the sides or twords the back of the vehicle, but it seemed to switch inbetween first person and third person while looking forwards. The fourth thing I'm sure everyone has mentioned is the gates and doors, sometimes the doors appear open or gone but are still right Infront of you and you don't seek them but you need to interact to get them open. The last thing I noticed was the colours, I believe Little Orbit should move on carefully with the colours. My reason for saying this is not because I hate the new colours, infact I love them. However this does not mean everyone will. As most of the apb community knows, you cannot edit the colours of clothing, symbols, and cars if you do not own them. As a result of the colour changes, my car that used to have a very light blue symbol on the side that matched the symbol on its good, now it looks like a dark blue with a light blue colour on the hood. I guess what you could do if possible is allow users to change between two colour grids(the old and new one) for cars and symbols not owned by them. As for my clothing I feel like the colours are a very good change! I'd just hate to be the person who buys a car for alot of money just for the colours and the update messes up the whole look of that car.
  5. Not sure if this is known or not but when going to the vehicle tab you cannot see the full title of a packer ceresco r10, instead it shows Pa...
  6. While I think this is a good idea, I believe that it should be seperate modifications especially with nitro. For starters, the mods cannot be allowed in missions as you stated. However this would be an inaccessible feature for people who cannot obtain the upper levels of the mod for reasons such as money and levels. Adding a modification with no money or level restrictions would not only be accessable to max level players, but also to players who just started apb and wish to join any car events where everyone else may have the mod(as an added note, new players could expirament with different high level mods to find out what they do and if they like them before purchasing). On the contrary, this would be a difficulty with players who grief others as they will be able to constantly chase and keep up with people in a mission. I suppose one way LO could handle this IF they were up to it would be to dedicate a district without PvP but with no cooldowns for racing(like RARE), the people who like stacking dumptrucks or ramming into NPC Cars, people doing tricks with nitro, or even car shows to show off everybody's custom car designs. (In my opinion this could be done to the gold districts because most people in gold are shoplifting or holding events)
  7. Alright, so this is really my first post on the APB forums so i hope this is in the right spot, but let me get down to the issue now! so the mission started out seeming normal, once it got close to the mission ending me and my group mate were at target C, while the other teammate who had abandoned mission covered mission D. about 5 seconds(i'm really not confident in that statement but its a decent guess)remaining in the mission we had 2 opponents dispatched against us. after the countdown ended we were expecting to loose the mission due to not completing the Disarm Bomb objective D, instead we found not only our team, but the enemy's team was trapped in this mission. after a bit of looking we located the store where we had to disarm the bomb and it said to disarm the bomb using F. on the map and on the GUI for everyone the objective was nowhere to be seen without facing directly into the window. when we got bored of levelling up each others roles we decided to have one side leave, when this happened out team ended up winning the mission. Upon trying to report this issue, i had discovered that Report A Bug inside APB wasn't working, it would say it was submitting it, but then tell me that the report failed to submit. Below I am attaching a URL that links to a google drive folder containing 2 video, as well as pictures showing what happened for some of it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ooG3VDUO8oV5aI1_yT3TNybGbjpwGb8B?usp=sharing Below are the links for the youtube videos(they are inside the google drive folder just as a backup) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eeKE7Q9GIU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nlIFqC1kwI
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