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  1. I've been thinking since i saw how the veo got the coywolf treatment, maybe we could do the same for other less common cars? like the varzuga for example, since it also resembles a rally car style (ford fiesta/focus) it could get decent customization, bodykits/soundkits etc. plus the varzuga has decent potential as a standalone car, decent acceleration forward and back and top speed middle of the mikro and high end cars, plus the trunk being able to fit the mobile supply unit while still having space for 1 heavy item, i think that this car has very good potential when it comes to customization and styles, what do you guys think?
  2. chaoscody

    Fine tune's

    So you know how theres econemy cars (low cost to spawn but shit) and like meta cars pioneer/vegas/espacio and all inbetween what if you could tune all your cars not to make it OP the meta vehicles end game vehicles if you will are already maxed tuned and you can detune or whatever making its stats weaker and reducing spawn cost, $100 mid tier there half there potential and $50 they're at there weakest so they can be fine tuned the most so potentially anything can be used in the end, how'd they implement it maybe slide bars bricks point systems for examplee i really love the fresno but its weak af but if i fine tune it whether that being improving acceleration max speed or hitpoints and hitting its max then itll cost $150 and i dont mean max every stat i mean you get a limited amount of changes
  3. Introduction What do you do when all lights are out, the districts are almost empty or you're simple fed up with doing missions? Well, some of us race, and with APB being a game with so much freedom it gives you the option race just about anywhere. I've played the game for a few years and I've noticed that racing has kind of faded away. It could be because people don't draw any joy from it, or they've simply never been introduced to it. But I don't want racing in APB to die. I think it deserves a little recognition by the developers and perhaps we can have something introduced down the line after more important updates. APB for me is a game that introduces the player to a lot of emotions, negative, positive. Those feelings of choking up, heart pounding, hysteria and amusement from random events happening. It really is something I sought to chase, and everytime I race in APB, those bursts of emotional highs come rushing through me. I've been in races with as much as 20 people at once, and it never felt like winning mattered. Just being there next to that many players laughing and having fun was really enjoyable. I've heard stories of massive races being told, and stories of people racing for pink slips "the car itself", and the winner would take them all. When I explained I had never experience this the teller reacted almost out of pity, that I had missed out. The common denominator of these stories were passion. APB doesn't have to be a game with a reputation of a gloomy community, I think implemented racing could be one small step in the right direction. Table of contents Part 1: How to Race 1.1 Acquainting 1.2 Race tracks 1.3 Making up tracks Part 2: Current health of Racing 2.1 What to expect when racing 2.2 Certain bugs Part 3: What I would like implemented 3.1 Structure 3.2 Custom Tracks 3.3 Custom Tracks public library 3.4 Rated Race Tracks Part 4: Conclusion and additional notes Part 5: Credits How to Race 1.1 Acquainting Finding new people to race with or simply setting up your first race can be a long process, it consists of a lot of trial and error. You have to either find a small community of people that race or continuously ask in chat till someone seems interested. Sometimes those people just wanna do one or two races, and some of them have a short attention span so learning the track results in them giving up. However, there's a sneaky way to find people that will be interested in racing. Asking people to see their cars, showing your cars and talking about the cars in APB can quickly flush out the people you wanna find. When you finally start racing don't talk to the ones you're racing with privately, rather talk in district chat. When you're talking in district chat people tend to ask about it or simply want to join. Think of it as commercializing the fact that you are racing, like a meme, commercials familiarises people with it and it's in the back of their mind till they eventually decide "It might be fun". 1.2 Race tracks APB has so much freedom, every corner becomes a potential track. Some race tracks are more known than others for many reasons, when something becomes too complicated it's forgotten, and when something is just outright dull and plain it's ignored. That's why it's important to find which types of races you like and which cars that go along with it. The best kind of race track is one which allows for a variety of cars to participate. Vegas RWD and 4x4 has their intensive acceleration but suffer when you have to turn. Jericho is fast with much benefits for being a good all round car, but nonetheless has its weaknesses. Bishada allows for control with great handling but doesn't have the best speed. Growl is a generalists favourite for being good at everything, but doesn't stand out. Micro/Vaquero are nimble, quick and handles the best, but highly lacks top speed. Finding a track were these can race equally together is highly rewarding. 1.3 Making up tracks The start is important and needs to be equal. Racers start next to each other, so there needs to either be a straight that's long enough to gain some speed after a good launch, or two opposite corners right after each other that allows the outer car to catch up on the second turn. During the race, if you have the time to look behind because you're racing a long sprint the track might be dull, remember that racing should require you to have full concentration on the objective the whole time. Lots of turns can be fun at times, but be careful of making it tiresome. Areas that elevate are a good way to create risk and reward, a good example would be financials second story parking lot above the highway entrance. There are two wood pathways that makes a race intense, drive a little to carelessly and you're out of the race. When making long races, or races that have a lot of laps needed to be taken around the same course could incentivize it going through gas stations, not all of us have a co-pilot with a blow torch. Lastly try being creative, two people can race the same car and therefore you can add exchange zones. The pilot swaps seats with the co-pilot before leaving the exchange zone. Perhaps joker laps, have a little area racers need to race around at some point during a long race, and they would themselves have to decide when's the right moment. Current health of Racing 2.1 What to expect when racing This game is far from perfect, and I believe many would agree the quirks and imperfections make the game what it is. Therefore 'shit happens', honestly these fucking cars suddenly turning when I drive by, some random curb is like a spring loaded launch device causing barrel rolls, etcetera. These things are so rage inducing but equally hilarious when it doesn't happen to you. This is something that needs to remain in the equation, the environment and randomness that APB manages to throw at you makes it so exciting similarly to other open-world games. 2.2 Certain bugs There are a handful of areas around the maps of APB that just ruins races and general gameplay, car randomly explodes, corners that make you crash even if you didn't hit the corner seen, objects getting stuck inside the car and sometimes make you explode. I wouldn't say no to a little less buggy experience when racing. What I would like implemented 3.1 Structure This part will be divided up sections of most important Yellow, moderately important Orange, not so important Red. This is mainly to push forward the ideas I would like to see implemented first. 3.2 Custom Tracks A feature with personal markers you can set to path a way which is saved as you go. With these markers you can create a path from start to finish. Once the Racing track has been made by the player, they can store it to a personal library of Racing tracks. In this library they can view all their saved Race tracks, with an option of setting up the race. When setting up the race the player can choose between "Start race", "Place wager", "Invite players", "Laps" and "Disband race". Display current race on the map and with blue and purple waypoints on the minimap. Blue for current waypoint, and purple for next. 3.3 Custom Tracks public library A library of public race tracks created by different players. Players can try these tracks and vote on them if they liked it and add one of try three difficulties: Easy, Moderate and Hard. When searching for race tracks in the public library you'll have options such as Search by name, Search by Creator, Popularity, Upvotes and Difficulty. The players can then try the race for themselves and invite others to it. As an addition they can also save the race track to their favourites. 3.4 Rated Race Tracks The 50 most upvoted race tracks yields rewards for the racers, assuming racing will have its own standing separated from the two factions Criminal and Enforcer, the players earn standing with racing contacts with rewards such as customizable and non customizable cars, symbols, clothes, etcetera. Race rewards will be determined on a few factors. Track duration (how long the race is in distance, not how much time to take to finish it) Track difficulty Number of Opponents you're racing against Time (Less time is more) Credits Thank you, Intake - For providing stories of Races you experienced and also for giving suggestions along with testing races. /profile/926-intake/ Thank you, Voljiin and Focxzeh for helping me get the photos!
  4. Could the driving system please get some love . The driving system is weird and just doesn't feel right . I love the customization in this game but I cant enjoy it to the fullest because of the weird driving system . Thanks and keep up the good work.
  5. Okay, so this is the last one before the the grande finale. Allthough there will be a issue with the final poll, is that it's going to be pretty unfair. Having a bishada next to a calabria, in the same poll... But i prefered doind one last poll, and even for the sake of knowing wich is the best starter car. I've also added some NPC cars, just for the fun of it. oh and please don't be rude about cars in a video games, it's just sad to see people get mad beacause of that.
  6. So I had a thought. I know they're usually trash but, I thought that the option to remove parts on cars while customizing could be a nice addition. They have (for the most part) very detailed internals and when the hood breaks/bends it exposes the engine and whatnot. So why not be able to remove the hood? Or take out the head/tail lights. Maybe even bumpers? The new "mad max"ish customization could be endless. And it'd be pretty cool to just have exposed engines anyways. Oh, and while doing this I faintly remember someone saying something in an old thread about "it'd defeat the purpose of having armored engines" and whatnot in the game lore. BUT I do agree if someone were to remove quarter panels or doors that it wouldn't be a bare skeleton, Most likely with some sort of metal plating, probably the heavier looking based on the vehicles weight (Nulander "class" having thick 10mm plating or something) But as far as the engine goes, It'd def show the armored engine bay, there's no way it wouldn't. But as for the top side. (nades being thrown in and whatnot) If that's an issue just add a clear bullet resistant plastic hood. Or have the option of a top armor plate. Kinda like the Waragi plate but it'd be thinner and go between the heatsheilding in the hood. Just some thoughts, curious to hear what you guys think.
  7. Hi. I didn't knew where to post this so im posting it here now. I was looking for some nice Anime themed cars in social district but i couldn't find any. Back in the days there were many Anime themed cars sold by a guy named "Machette" but it seems like he quit the game long time ago. So if there is anyone that could make a nice anime themed 4slot han veo with kits (no nudity pls) please contact me ingame.
  8. Hello everyone!! Today, I would like to invite everyone apart of the APB Reloaded community to bring their cars to waterfront 1 WEST at 7:00pm PST. Me and other people apart of the APB Racing community will be hosting a car show in waterfront to showcase everyone's cars to each other, and maybe even a little bit of drifting. events usually last about 3 or more hours and will go on as long as there are still people there!! I would like to state that any people who wish to grief people apart of this meeting are NOT welcome. furthermore if any GMs such as @ComFeyer wish to pop in, me, along with other members of the APB Racing community would be thrilled!! ###ALL CARS ARE WELCOME### Respectfully, Asiana
  9. Preme

    Bishada kissaki sport

    Is it possible to make the beautiful kissaki kit available for crims to purchase of armas? Ofcourse this along with the removal of the enforcer parts that are included. So we can have a crim version of this bundle. It would be a sweet add and i would be very thankful to able to customize more bishada's with the clean looking kissaki kit.
  10. So I was in my vehicle editor on an alt character on Citadel and noticed something strange, the Coywolf and Firebomb cost 10k in game cash instead of Joker tickets, I bought them to see if it was just an error but lo and behold they're in my garage now. I went to my main on Jericho to see if it was like that on all characters but it wasn't. this is strange.
  11. The first one worked pretty well, were i listed the most popular cars (sorry pioneer) So i'm making a V2 of this one, where i will be listing the other cars that weren't in the first one For the case of the Han Veo, i've only put the Coywolf just beacause it's a better version of the stock Han Veo, wich i did a mistake on the first one with the stock vegas and the 4x4 I also didn't had engouth space to put the bad ones (i love the calabria too no worries) Thanks everyone for voting! And if you haven't already voted in the first one, you can do it here :
  12. I just wanted to know what kind of In real life car brands/makes people like
  13. Hi fellas! Back in the days there was a time when Jericho asked us to submit screenshots to use in the official APB Facebook page which was great as it allowed us to have some of our best screenshots of San Paro featured in their page for a week. Later when Tiggs announced they'd be working on a new media campaign she stepped this to the next level and requested us to submit screenshots too but as some sort of contest where the selected screenies would be rewarded with certain amount of G1c, besides having a picture featured in any official site of the game is already a greater reward than anything I could personally expect. This is why I have like, literally thousands of screenshots to share so I'm bringing here a small selection of these. Also lot of people submitted screenshots for both of these events and I'd like to invite everyone else to share these and any other screenshots of the game you have for everyone else to enjoy. However, we could apply similar rules: I ask you please to post only screenshots without the HUD (you press F12 to turn off the HUD) and trying to be the most representative images of San Paro and its actors, such as scenes of action, gun fights, car stunts, characters, social events, etc. Clan pictures and symbols are also ok although there's a specific thread for symbol showcasing. Let's get into it and hope you guys enjoy the eye-candy! (Warning, massive images on spoilers!) The people of San Paro:
  14. As the title suggests this thread will contain all Vehicle related suggestions so keep the ideas flowing in. I will start off that since LO's CEO mattscott has decided to add new content into the game, with one of them being a new release of a vehicle, I would suggest a slight modification to that new car if possible. SCISSOR DOORS. It's about damn time we got a vehicle that opens up with a scissor door (meaning upwards like a Lamborghini). Anyhow, that was just a suggestion to get this going, but feel free to mention more suggestions related to vehicle please post them in here, have fun and thanks! :D - Kush Patel 7/24/18 (Fluidify/LDnB) Twitch.tv/FluidifyAPB
  15. Suggestion to improve the game with few resources quickly and get new players. "APB Fast and Dangerous". "Run over all" concept are very funny, fast and fragile cars on crashes and explosions. Why not increase speed of cars to more fun gameplay? More fast much more fun. I think its a good improvement to get new players. Honestly i think a good cars with fast engines are "sexy" to new players, New players love fast cars!!!, big jumps and stupid crashes are funny its perfect for all. Little orbit is working on repairs the game source-code to update the graphic engine while developing RIOT, but I'm sure that fast cars and sexy characters will attract a lot more audience. New clothes or more clothes for new players are good idea to get new players. Fast cars and good looking characters get new players sure 100% Thanks for read, Regards Español (lengua nativa) (native languaje) Una manera sencilla de ganar jugadores es hacer los coches más rápidos y que sufran daños fuerte al estrellarse para hacerlo mas divertido, añadir algo de ropa y hacer anuncios de coches con chicas/os guapos siempre funciona, seamos sinceros el clásico "Coche rápido y chica guapa" funciona podriamos granar jugadores sin tener que trabajar mucho en ello. Algunos videos en youtube y Twitch bastarán. APB tiene un personalización excelente hay que explotar eso. Me comprometo a formar parte de esto, si actualizan los coches para ir mas rápido, haré videos estilo "Fast and Furious" es algo que no falla. Los personajes femeninos de apb bien editados son especialmente llamativos suma eso a unos coches bien rápidos, bonitos, y potentes es una apuesta segura desde el punto de vista del mercado, mejorar los personajes masculinos también estaría muy bien, al público femenino no parece agradarles mucho y esto tambíen es muy importante. ((ejemplo: Overwatch tiene exito por sus "chicas" y Need For Speed simpre pone una chica guapa casualidad?)) es completamente cierto que las chicas bonitas y los coches rápidos dan ventas, apb ahora necesita agarrar lo fácil, habrá tiempo para mejorar más tarde. Hay mucho que mejorar, este es un recurso fácil y rápido porfavor piense en ello! Espero que esto llegue a Little Orbit deseo ayudar apb y tengo muchas ideas, pero necesito un mejor contacto con el juego para comprender cómo funciona internamente y ayudar. Muchas gracias por leer esto, Saludos
  16. Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add: Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals 2017 Dodge Charger: Ford Interceptor SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe: Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals Ford Taurus SHO: BearCat (Different from the Pioneer): Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck: Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: More police lights on vehicle body New spotlight that actually work New siren sounds Detailed interior design Actual police horn sound Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: Ability to deploy spike strips Speed radar in police vehicle In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle) Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)
  17. Found some old unfinished concept artwork I tried doing from a while back of a "2014 Balkan Varzuga", and thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if LO added/replaced old cars with later models? I know some models in game currently still have only the old siren lights and such (like the varzuga, machinima, etc.), and haven't been given much love compared to other cars. Maybe they can replace them with updated models and add all those goodies that most of the more-used cars have, or just add them in somewhere down the line, with better specs? It'd be nice to see some diversity around San Paro, instead of just seeing Vegas' and Pioneers/Espacios all the time.
  18. The 'skyline' ARMAS pack was going cheap, so I thought I'd have a bit of a play around with the decal that is included. So I put it on a few cars. Thoughts? Inspired by the Detroit PD. Morai. Broadwing Pioneer
  19. WELCOME TO SMS CUSTOMS! Your High Quality Designs for the game APB: Reloaded owned by Gamersfirst (Little Orbit, LLC.) Feel free to contact us via Gamersfirst forum or at our new Discord group. SMS Customs Discord News SMS Customs is back with our lead Designer SailorMoons! We Design for you! Design Reqests: Disabled ATM Events and Raffles In Progress: SailorMoons Revival Celebration (Raffle) PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING UNTIL THE SHOP HAS BEEN FULLY SET UP (Outfits-, Symbols-, Cars-, Themes and Songs Sections have to be set up first) Outfits The Price you'll see is for the complete Outfit! Our lead Designer sells only part one (PT1) and two (PT2) at the market Place, remaining parts will be sent to the customer after purchase. (As always) Products with the Golden SMS(R) at their price tag have access to the "Classic" status (See "We Design for you!")! In progress. More Products available. Pictures are being made. Symbols Cars Themes and Songs In progress. Recording and broadcast to audio stream provider. SMS Customs does not own any copyright/s that contains to the game itself nor any specific third party product/s. All pictures shown at this forum post are edited by SailorMoons and/or staff members, they may contain Viewer Discretion censoring.
  20. I recently watched patch notes to find one with "buff" of regular Vegas G20 and found this post: MIKRO & VAQUERO BUFF I mean, this is cool, that moderators are checking forum and listen community, but the problem is that i wrote about those things like 3 years ago in this thread: And in my spreadsheet: (Last Change was in October 10, 2021) So, i wondering: is "Community Corner>Fan Sites & Communities & Promotions" don't checking by Moderators or it's just that theme isn't popular? Anyway, i feel nice that cars were changed in better side, so i'd like to test them, but on a special server for testing without NPCs(like i posted in my "Car Comparison" thread), maybe there is an option to make it? Because NPCs are really ruining tests I'am not asking for something special, because i know, that i'am yet another player of which there are many in APB, but why not try and find out? Especially that i don't ask something extraordinary, and i made/making this videos for a community(and also balancers of game for sure) and this thing will be really helpful and allow me to make videos faster and maybe more better, like making more Sprint runs instead of only 3, or 15 instead of 10 laps on circuit because, like i said before, NPCs are main ruining factor in my tests
  21. I'm pretty sure some of you are tired of theses polls, but i had to make 4 beacause there's a limit in polls. Allright, this is the last and final poll, to see wich is the best car in APB. Now, i've took the best cars from the 3 polls, even if there's a calabria and a pioneer in the same poll. I know it's unfair, but not putting them would be stupid. I would like to say thanks to everyone who voted and participated in theses polls, and i'm sorry for the few mistakes i've made trough theses many polls. Please read - I've put the IO Growl, Bishada Rapier and Patriot Jericho beacause they were realy close to eachother. - The Patriot Vegas is obviously the 4x4, wich i didn't precise in the old poll. I'm sorry for that. - I've also put the Benz Mhuller M1 beacause alot of people seemed to like it alot, and from 2 votes away with the Kolva, why not. same deal for the Balkan Varzuga - You can vote for more than one, i'm trying to balance the "unfairness" - If your favorite car isn't here, it's beacause it didn't won in the last polls. I took the results from the 29/06/2018. It's possible that it changes with time. - If you still want to vote in the last polls, you can do it here : And i would like to finish this by saying thank you to everyone that voted and commented. Even the ones who got mad for no reasons, i realy apreciate it. except for the ones who get realy mad for this lmao I won't be bothering you anymore with all of theses votes anymore ^^
  22. Why not even rating them (without being toxic please) and helping you about it !
  23. I had some ideas for new kits or revamps for the current kits. Some of the kits are horribly dated and haven't aged well, like most of the bishada kits. I was thinking more stuff based off of irl tuner parts and cars, maybe like a trd-esque kit for the rapier or maybe more porsche oriented kits for it. Or maybe for the growl there could be some stuff based off of callaways like the aerowagen with sc757 package which has the supercharger sticking through the bonnet or the callaway gt3-r. Most of you are probably gonna disagree with me or are gonna say that they're not gonna do it, but I really hope they do cause this game's customization needs an overhaul. And they don't even have to be anything close to what i suggested but just more modern stuff and stuff that fits the cars.
  24. I'm making this little pool to see wich car people like the most, and i guess if you guys want me to do a second one for the others cars ( i couldn't add more ) if this works, i'll probably make a grande finale to see what is the best car in APB.
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