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Found 12 results

  1. Summary: Decal customization is suddenly more limited then it used to be Description: Today I have decided to play APB once more, so I decided to make a car themed on one of my favorite games. well after I worked hard on all the decals that I was going to add on the vehicle of my choice, I noticed something off. as I placed the 5th decal, it said that my design was too complex and a couldn't place no more. strange enough, the counter said 6/50 was filled as it should be. is the counter starting to count the amount of shapes used in one decals into the max the car can have? in the past I was able to make much more complex decals than this and have more on my vehicles. P.S. I do have premium on my account still, so that isn't the issue. Steps taken: 1. Making sure game recognizes premium account 2. Restarting game 3. trying different symbols and vehicles to see if the limit is the same (it isn't) Results: The editor likes to say the designs are too complex but is inconsistent with how it judges it (ex. it will allow 5-6 moderately complex on one side of the car like the hood but it doesn't like it if it has decals on multiple sides like the driver and passengers door) Expected Results: It should allow the designs to save, especially on accounts where premium is present and the decal limit should be greatly increased
  2. kagm

    I can't buy D:

    I need someone to look at this post and can help me, my problem is that I can not buy anything in the social district I can not buy weapons, clothes, themes or cars (if I can buy with the Jtikes) I mean the green store I have the money necessary to buy the gun and it does not leave me I can not buy anything nor a simple shirt that is worth $ 1 does not let me buy it does not enable the button to auction it or buy it now could you help me solve it please
  3. What is main difference between premium and non premium account in apb reloaded? I noticed my account is showing premium account
  4. Hello, I am new here and just have a question? When and how long will it take for Breakwater Marina server to be back up and running. Others are lying saying its up in the text chat in game and its not. There are others that cannot get in like myself. I would just like to know how long this will take to get back up or can someone lead me to where its metion of how long this will take.
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to show you my character customization I did 4-5 years ago on Star Wars' Theme, Darth Maul. I know there are a lot of flaws but I remember having a hard time to do it and I don't really want to change it now. Tell me what you think about it, Hope you'll enjoy it.
  6. Hello, I am very happy with the adding of the legendary weapons in the joker store, however a big issue remains,... Every legendary in the joker store is 2500JT but when they are traded the prices are different, for example: De ursus market value is about 5 000 000 credits The Hazardous market vallue is about 450 000 this is a difference of 4 550 000 crezdits BUT in the joker store they are both 2500 JT in all reality there is no reason for people to buy anything else than the ursus in the joker store, because if u manage to get the tradable ursus and sell it , u own 5 mil, with that 5 mil u can buy 3 - 4 or even more of the less valuable legendaries, Not only is it more logical to give every legendary a different price in Joker tokens because of the difference in credit vallue, The owner of the game (being u) has a say in the market value, by changing the joker store price of a legendary u will also change the value of the weapons in credits. when u nerf or buff, or even add a weapon in the future u will be able to guess the price in credits it will be by determining the joker store price. for example i believe the ursus in joker store should be more expensive somewhere arround 3000 JT , or even more, and for example the hazardous should be 800 JT (or something) this way u will make sure that some legendaries will remain rare, and will continue to have vallue, right now, i own 5 ursus weapons, if i sell them i will have 25 million extra credits . and i can basicly do what i want. Regards Dieltdaan
  7. Hi fellas! Back in the days there was a time when Jericho asked us to submit screenshots to use in the official APB Facebook page which was great as it allowed us to have some of our best screenshots of San Paro featured in their page for a week. Later when Tiggs announced they'd be working on a new media campaign she stepped this to the next level and requested us to submit screenshots too but as some sort of contest where the selected screenies would be rewarded with certain amount of G1c, besides having a picture featured in any official site of the game is already a greater reward than anything I could personally expect. This is why I have like, literally thousands of screenshots to share so I'm bringing here a small selection of these. Also lot of people submitted screenshots for both of these events and I'd like to invite everyone else to share these and any other screenshots of the game you have for everyone else to enjoy. However, we could apply similar rules: I ask you please to post only screenshots without the HUD (you press F12 to turn off the HUD) and trying to be the most representative images of San Paro and its actors, such as scenes of action, gun fights, car stunts, characters, social events, etc. Clan pictures and symbols are also ok although there's a specific thread for symbol showcasing. Let's get into it and hope you guys enjoy the eye-candy! (Warning, massive images on spoilers!) The people of San Paro:
  8. Please check this image https://drive.google.com/file/d/10yIZ74DLrzUVstDnXlZRS82vZ6n3muEe/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post my character customization ! Tell me what you think about it please ! Made it few years ago. Bonus : White Maul + Gay Maul (yes it's useless)
  10. Does criminal and enforcer have Same Social district ya different I mean in social district they connect together ya they have their own social district??
  11. You can see even from the High Roller bundle image where the female character has the high waist shorts appears on top of the blouse she's wearing. Even some players managed to have whatever top they wear to be underneath the shorts. But when I try it myself my t-shirt/ buttoned blouse is just covering the top part of the high waist shorts, so how can I make it so that the tops are not covering the shorts?
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