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  1. Okay, cheating is a problem in every game, even APB has its little underground forum where cheaters come together and discuss their stuff (its funny And yes i do believe NA has more problems than EU due to the fact that NA servers in other games also have higher cheating populations. But guys, in reality the cheating community in apb is tiny, and are always the same people. And if u wanna complain about battle eye, well than give APB a million dollar/euro and let them buy a better anticheat lol. I find APB support very good, they provide reasonable fast response and are clear in their actions. U cant blame them for not banning every single person u report, because i am 100 percent sure that for every 100 people u report, there might be 1-5 cheaters
  2. I'd rather see legendaries be unlegendaried, Just like the hazardous. Id rather see deep impact become a regular weapon and OPGL become legendary and dont even mention the other grenade launcher lol. there are too many .. useless legendaries, i rather have less legendaries who are worth alot, and thus .. legendary guns, rarely seen or worth alot. Than alot of legendaries, on the market for cheap money. I also think REAL legendary guns should ONLY be rewardable ones, Like the FFA R&D, The only REAL legendary at this point all the rest are sublegendaries
  3. I dont really need new cars. more like new kits for unused cars, like the cisco. Or a new system where tuning your cars increases performance or decreases, the problem there is ofcourse you dont want cars to become p2w so there has to be a balance. or make kits rentable? and also purchasable by joker points. idk, just ideas lol
  4. It isnt basicly not sold haha
  5. Hi As i am a person who switches weapons alot i am very frustrated by the fact that u cant put a weapon or weapons as favorite and thus put them at the top of ur inventory, making it easyer to switch during combat. I will go even further and ask that it might be discussed that u might add premade setups linked the the outfits, that it remembers the weapons etc, so when in combat u can easely change from rifleman to shotgunner or demolition man. that your mods, weapons and even outfit change just by the click of a button. Than i would like to ask that if there is time for it (no priority what so ever) u add a search option in the mail section, i currently have 499 unopened mails, this mainly being unopened weapons and vehicles, if i were able to search between them to find the weapon i need, just by typing it, that would be great, thank you
  6. Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 cpu's) Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti 32 768 MB ram Windows 10 resolution 2560 - 1440 in game: (was running the game maxed out, everything as high as possible and very far view if possible) Vsync, bloom, anti alliasing and smooth frame rate were turned off, was running the game on full screen I experencied a stabile FPS arround 100 , when doing alot of things it dropped to 90 i was experiencing lagg but this was because the server is located in NA and i live in Belgium. performance wise i experienced no issues. My personal opinion: just .. wauw: i really like what u have done with the graphics, ofcourse it requires some tweeking but i am very pleased. My character looked good, the outfit looked ALOT better than in base game, The enviroment really good, in social i have a full feeling, due to the plants and trees the area feels more dense. the gameplay (in fight club) felt smooth no issues there i drove the car arround and felt really good, i am also very impressed with how the cars look now. i had a few issues though. The cars in the showroom seem to have the modern technology of hoovercrafts when i entered character costumization to take a more detailed look i found that all in all the character looked good, only the facial hair was a bit dissapointing. Added to that when i left character costumization my character turned into a person with the stature of mr bean. .. i fixed this by relogging Social district looks awesome, but fight club looks a bit outdated now, i hope that u either rebuild this map or just remove it and replace it. Same comment goes for start up screen, where u log in, it looks outdated, due to the fact that the rest of the game looks so good. Conclusion: Succesfull beta test, i am impressed with what you have done and look forward to the next beta test, and release, i am actually bummed out i have to go back to regular APB haha. Keep up the good work, It might be slow progress that u are making, but in my opinion it is paying of its fruits I have put a few pictures in, so u can see how the game looked for me, + 2 of the issues i had (the floating cars, and the outdated view of abbington)
  7. dieltdaan


    i brought up a dethreat in a ticket, the person had 2 kills and 27 deaths or something, and had a picture of him saying i am deranking. i havent seen the person involved online since the support awnsered to say the account was under investigation.. also please dont use the forum as rage relief,, because you just been told, that no changes will be made untill engine is out, And that the only way to fix current ranking system is to have more people... Trust me EVERYONE want the ranking system different, but EVERYONE wants alot of things - new engine (modern game) - clan system reworked - new districts - new stuff - new alot off stuff - ranking system changed - ..... This game was a mess when LO got it, just starting with it was not playable, uptill now they have added stuff, balanced out the armas, removed the lagg, balanced out weapons, and gave us a working support and admins. right now they have everything focussed on the engine. and i believe everyone in this community understands your frustrations, and LO appreciates ideas and they try to listen to the community, but dont expect magic things to happen. Reworking a ranked system is not that easy, its basicly changing the core of the game.. sry if i seemed a bit harsh in this response, (not intended)
  8. dieltdaan


    I understand your frustration, However dont think it is any different on a silver district. The problem is there is a steep learning curve and there are not enough players right now to split up the community to newbie - regular - good - pro.. So the split up right now is done in 2 Bronze district : Newbie ; regular ; good Silver district : Regular ; good ; pro The difference between a good player and a pro player is immense it is as if the good player has no idea how to game works. so imagine the difference for a newbie who meets a good player or even a regular one. Add to it, that this game is not for the weak hearted, i basicly NEVER rage on other games, but i tend to rage 3 - 4 times a day on APB, the game is frustrating from time to time, because at 1 point u are owning people or having a good game, and somethimes u just struggle to even get 1 kill. Players look like cheaters etc. and i can assure you Little orbit does alot against derankers. it might not feel like it but it is Also, it is not because people are gold in bronze district that they are derankers . a person can be a terrible player in silver district , but a too good player for bronze... I call them the in betweeners, they suck but are too good, so they become gold, go to silver district , get destroyed and than turn to bronze district where they will stay because ... they win.. This is a problem that will only be solved by having more people and being able to split the community up.
  9. i took a quick look, it is pacific time, my mistake #Overlyexited XD
  10. Hi, i just downloaded the open beta, I cannot seem to log into my gamerfirst account, also doesnt work when trying by steam, Are we suposed to make a new one for the beta? because i understood (i could be wrong) out character would be coppied to the beta version
  11. I reccomend u take a look at the new updates coming this wednesday. The entire mission system has been touched a little bit including VIP Consumables have been editted and some guns have been nerfed., i do have to say , i dissagree with your ntec, it is still a good gun, used by most, no reason to buff it again
  12. dieltdaan

    Clan system overhaul

    to come back on the kill eachother in district, i kno its sounds a bit messy, but it is but an idea, doubt it will ever happen due to the fact its to much chaos haha. And to come back on the social district, in my eyes the current social district has to dissapear. its needs to be simpler, a meeting ground for all players, than a corner for clothes, a corner for cars and a corner for whatever else haha. also a shooting range wouldnt be too bad, where u can trial guns without having to buy them. on the clan district i mentioned, i wouldnt make it so u could edit alot their, only clan stuff, if u want to edit a car or something else u go to the social. it is not suposed to become the new hangout area haha.
  13. The FFA R&D III is not purchasable in joker store though .., i also never said the ursus was the best gun, i personally hate the ursus cant play with it. But, it is, at this moment the most expensive gun on the credits market, soooo only gun worth spending ur JT on in the hopes of getting a permanent weapon is the ursus purely due to the fact that it is worth 4.5 - 5 million , sell it and u can get 2 - 3 less expensive legendaries that u want to play, like the vbr or the cap40 . lets look purely at primary and secondary guns why should a secondary gun cost evenly amount of JT than primary gun?
  14. The gun u use most in the game, get that permanently. Premium account and a 4 slot car ..
  15. Right now the only weapon worth buying in the joker store is the ursus due to the fact that it is the most expensive gun... you alrdy see a doubling of the amount of ursusses in the mission districts . almost every mission someone has one (and no not the same ppl). if this goes on ursus will loose value, it has already dropped with 400k, if this continues not only ursus but all legendaries will loose what make legendaries so special (the fact that they are hard to get). and yes i am aware that not all of them are tradable, and probably most are rented, but u dont see alot of other legendaries popping up... @AlishaHutt to say ooh but in armas they were also 99 g1c all of them, first of all, this is gambling and becoming illigal in most countries in EU, trust me when corona settles down , this will become a subject again. opening loot boxes has already become illigal in belgium, netherlands is soon to follow, after that it is a matter of time before, france and germany follow ... so comparing it to that is just . silly also it was completely different, because u had the chanse to get alot of different stuff aswell, not just the legendary, so u werent paying just for the legendary but for all the rest aswell. @NotZombieBiscuit u do want the game owner to meddle with player economy 0.o, because players cant be trusted ... ofcourse players have a small say in what should cost what but in reality it is the game who decides what it rare and what is not. players just give numbers to it...
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