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  1. Araun

    Bring back Nekrova

    Or you can start using discord for voice chatting your teammate by joining a clan like a normal person does.
  2. Araun

    Pop shooting

    If single explosion doesnt solve problem, multiple will. This game has OPGL for the exact reason, destroy people who are using area for their advantage. If someone blindly goes over and over and over and over again, its kinda...well..person own mistake. Same goes to people who just could not comprehend idea of changing weapons to suit situation on hand.
  3. Araun

    Pop shooting

    Grenade a day, keeps camper away.
  4. Im gonna reveal a huge secret, shh... As enf main i can confirm that people use Non-Leather weapons with only one reason...a way to detheat and avoid bans for it. THATS IT. Try to play with stabba, 7 of 10 of the times you will get immediate DM about " Stop trolling, take a real weapon ".
  5. I like how this seemingly innocent fun game is slowly dwelling into existential crisis. Such pleasure of being part of it.
  6. I guess its gonna go on until the end of reality. The day sun will extinguish our civilization.
  7. Person who gonna post before me hates kittens and wants them to die.
  8. Person who gonna post after me hates kittens and wants them to die.
  9. Araun

    leveling on apb

    I cant stress enough telling people to keep track what LO says on streams, after the engine update they gonna rework threat-district stuff and planning to remove rank requirements for mods. But until engine update is out everything is on HOLD.
  10. Sounds like someone played too much Division lately and wants everyone to carry explosive thingy on their back...I would vote a NO. Other then that, a standalone ( item wise ) akimbo pistol would be kinda interesting.
  11. Araun

    Item on base

    As much as I hate people who run with an item ( when you need to deliver it and hold it on the base, not just hold it anywhere ), I didn`t have too much of a problem with them, just an annoyance. But let me guess...buying and switching to Alig/osmow and car surfer mod is too hard? Dunno...
  12. The only way I see something like this to work is a separate tool client for creating models, textures and etc. I mean doing something new in it to submit on a community vote or directly to devs to decide, Basically something like Valve with CS:GO or Warframe devs were choosing fan made skins in their workshop to add later into the game. We could have something like that, would be a win - win, since it gives LO free labor XD
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