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  1. homie just turn off shadows for the rtx thing, i never crash im using rtx Merged. also I wanna point out that half the pople in this post dont even have the game installed
  2. neck gaiter mask just cut the top off the tactical ski mask thing
  3. https://strawpoll.com/wujjsc7h4/voted
  4. Things members of the community have told me since I made the post -The editor isn't as good as it could be (Waiting for elaboration) -Moveable minimap and customizable HUD (Being able to enable and disable certain aspects of the HUD would be nice, It would remove clutter at higher resolutions and it would also help streamers to hide their group so to avoid stream snipers.) -Colorable crosshair (the dynamic vanilla recolorable) -Remove the tax off the market (Its pointless) -Lower the price of in game guns (Its a drain on the little money we get from missions, I know some players who don't get to play often so their guns keep running out and they cant afford to buy another.) -remove the 3 mods a day limit -remove the "useable in 2 minutes" thing -remove the 3 mail limit
  5. I've played a lot of APB and I am friends with a lot of people who have played a lot of APB. Many of whom have quit the game. some of their reasons are big and hard to fix but some are smaller and not at all too much to ask for. -It takes too long to level. (I don't think this would be too hard to change. Just increase how much XP we get as mission rewards. The game has drastically less players than back in the day, so missions are farther inbetween and leveling takes longer. when I hit max rank in like 2015 I was at about 800 hours on 1 character. Which is entirely too much and most people don't ever put that much time into ANY game. let alone a single character.) not even max -Not having a contact in a specific district (Though I am aware this one will be disputed because it would make it so 1 map is obsolete most the time, I do feel there is people out there who may have quit because they got tired of that endless wait for financial east to populate. This change would help with my first point as well. That 800 hours of leveling was when i had option of playing waterfront or financial at like all times of the day.) -Buffing bad guns, leaving "good" guns alone (An issue I and others I have spoken to are having is that we have played this game for so long that we have played the same guns over and over. This is largely due to the fact there is some guns that are just not viable and its not due to the fact that NTEC is just drastically better, because it isn't. Its due to the fact that a handful of guns have been nerfed and buff so many time while the others remain the same and left in the dust. I feel that buffing these less used guns would add some spice to the lives of the remaining playerbase.) NO point in even taking them out -Arma/ingame rewards for forum activity and testing activity (Over the years we've seen many changes to the game and most of those changes were not at all what the community/game wanted or needed. I've thought about it for a long time and even spoken to others and we feel it is due to the fact that only a very small fraction of the community actually comes on the forums and responds to suggestions and questions (some of the people who respond DONT EVEN PLAY the game anymore and just enjoy posting on the forum because they have friends and such.) In OSRS they have polls, which is an ingame way of voting on changes the devs are going to make. Another idea would be maybe giving clothing/currency/cars/guns/JT/titles for those who vote.) -Slotted secondary weapons (Another one that people might not agree with, BUT I do feel it would add some spice to the gameplay.) -Reward and promote content creators/streamers (The APB community has some very creative and cool people in it (also some horrible ones) and they all stream and create videos. They upload these videos and those videos get more views than the game has active players. This is FREE ADVERTISING. Utilize them, embrace this and do what rust did. Rust and other games literally have stuff in their games named/designed around their content creators. I recently played a game and they literally promote their streamers ingame on the menu screen(I'm aware something like that would need engine upgrade) but its still an idea.) -The tutorial still sucks (The tutorial teaches people the basics(kinda) but it just throws them in and doesn't help them with things like what mods are best for a gun/character/car. I've seen people with high-mag scope on an OCA and think its their fault they're not killing their enemy who "has the same gun" as them. Also give more rewards from the tutorial, these people need like 100k by the time they're done with the tutorial. The tutorial give like 1k which gets you like 1 shirt and a haircut.) -Reducing civilians and civilian vehicles (The game and server don't run very well sometimes, The reducing of how many civ cars and civilians on the map will allow the server to put those resources else where.) -Parked civ cars ( Making it so some of the civ cars are parked and not moving would also help with server performance.) -Quality of Life shaders/config features (Currently a big debate is configs and if or if not they're unfair, I am personally in the mindset they are not. But, many do not agree, which puts them and new players at a disadvantage, either because they do not know how to put it in, fear being banned (because of the next person ->) or they have these principles where they refuse to do anything that isn't clearly allowed. I feel like adding some of these things into the game itself would help.) -Embracing and rewarding player made guides (There is some good AND in depth guides made by players. Put them ingame) These are just some things that could help. Anyone who has any ideas they would like me to to add to this post, please comment them or dm me on something and I'll add them @MattScott The game is dying but not dead, people come back all the time. Make it easier for us to progress and play.
  6. lvrq


    the people that are quitting are the dethreaters, they can no longer bully the new players / less skilled players and have to actually face a challenge so they are quitting to go play bot matches on league
  7. lvrq

    leveling on apb

    195 mods can greatly affect a mission, someone runs and you dont have a car surfer? you probably wont get them, especially now that they nerfed dog ear (for literally no reason). sure they could move the mods around, maybe remove the level requirement for them. a new player/ low rank player can go and get the joker mods sure, but every time i see a newer player join FC they leave after a round.
  8. lvrq

    leveling on apb

    it takes like 700 hours to get 195 in current pop on NA, no one is gonna bother. it doesnt matter if a typical MMO has long progression, this game is dead, and we are losing players by the day. Simple things like speeding it up from 700 hours to 200 hours will still retain players and not drastically affect anything. world of warcraft takes like a week to get max... not 700 hours
  9. lvrq

    leveling on apb

    I have played APB for a very long time now and I have leveled many characters to max or close to max. In the prime time of APB, leveling to max took around 600-700 hours played, this is more than most people ever put into a single game. Currently in APB, there is far fewer players, therefore you get far fewer missions. Leveling now takes substantially longer than before. On top of this absurd amount of time it takes to level, half the mods in the game arent even unlocked until 195, which takes like 300-400 hours played, which is still more time than some are willing/able to put into a game. I feel that increasing the experience gain by 2x or 3x would speed up leveling and make end game seem more reachable to players, especially those who dont feel the game is worth their time because they dont have the time to dedicate.
  10. NA has 200 players, Those 200 players are literally segregated by threat districts and east/west districts. My east friends would rather play EU than play west (some just dont play at all)and my west friends wont play east. It is friday night and there is NO action district for golds to play in. Why do we still have the segregation, it makes no sense. It is literally killing the game. EDIT I forgot to add this but, we are also segregated by the fact some people dont need waterfront so they JUST DONT PLAY until its fin and so on Merged. turn off threat and give us back central servers for god sakes
  11. lvrq

    auto-ready sytem timer

    Adding the ability to edit the auto ready timer would be pretty cool and useful.
  12. or how about, we stop nerfing guns and buff the trash one so they stand a chance
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