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  1. by stating that proves that you are another new or just crash with them "clown" boys for a momento, too bad the clown party has lost all of its credibility long ago, but has the most members dumped around in here... meanwhile try to use your own brain and quit teasing me about nonsense, i'm not new here and your bullshoot insisting statement is absolute garbage i speak from actual experience, not fantasy remade moral standards. The only impression of any kind of apology, is that you need to leave and never let anyone know you exist anymore. But yeah... we only live once, i won't bite your bullshoot!!! So you can pretend that you existed before you will die u cheap literally and absolute "human being". whatever you like to exploit will come against you, its a matter of time.
  2. you don't need to be Lo corrupted individual to be exactly what they promote, so correct yourself and move on, its your choice, and that's that. They planted your seed long before you spawned!!! Merged. So... let's c;lear this up... we never learn from appearances, but when its about cheaters its always an exception somehow :))) So excuse me for not joining the fun train, you ppl are absolute temporary solutions... for permanent problems, NO?! Then why you support them cheaters, even with proof... absolute arrogance!!! haha i don't even need to give more details about it ,cuz its official, you support cheatters, and that's proven beyond doubt, but hey relax, and keep telling yourselves im wrong. only problem being that previous generatiojns gave up their LIVES FOR THIS bullshoot... so go firgur!!! But you actually promote death over freedom... i can't undersatand such l;ogic,but whatever... not really... After you made fun of our ancestor graves, you dare telling me what's right and wrong? Youy are insane fuzzy bunnies. at best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merged. got away w9th your life..? that's the new standard you should consider lmao!!! Merged. i shit myself, and you all went insane, imagine one idiot slipping theirs and talking about game over... lmao bsically nobody cares.
  3. Of course not, this thread has gained way too much of you cheaters approval on it already, they have nothing to censure about it, they are doing it for you so why censure something nobody stands against lol. Merged. What you just said translates to... being in THAT community experience that we are all aware of :))) Cheaters are humans too, they will take a break sometimes in social district talking nice to anyone, and showing off indirectly their confidence after a hard day at making other ppl lives miserable. Cheating gives allot of confidence i guess, and makes ppl positive, which would explain why so many adore them in here lol :)))
  4. really?!?!?!?! are you on this planet? I mean this game has been fucking around for longer than most of your half life spawn, and according to experience this is what you come with??!?!?!?! Dude if you are triyng to make sense, join the fun part of it... what can i say, you are absolutelly out of apb absolute experience. Have fun waching ists demise. Merged. tyring so hard to normalize insanity will never work in other words., but have fun trying, im way over it. Merged. there is nothing right into promoting a dead game with cheating,, bout everything wrong. Check real time expeirence and you will understand. APB Always had acheatting problem, but nothing compared to today cheatting problem, its absolutely insane what's going on, and only cheatters can reply to it.
  5. relax, soon i will be removed, i'm just taking on the moment mr dead beat. If i get away with this post it will be amazing, so you get one point. it takes time for the mods to check forums. So relax and give it till morning, i will be gone before you can say poof lol. No corrupted company loves the truth.... EVER
  6. So far its only cheaters vs cheaters, which is the most obvious, no matter how much you try to honeycomb it. Its ridiculous at best. But they will censure/remove me 100%. What's important is that cheaters can enjoy their experience in apb. Oh man... i'm speechless... they are insane!!!
  7. the only way to play with this "community" is to turn off chat permanently and pretend it doesn't exist.
  8. here we go again... another hill billy event.
  9. this stupid game keeps crashing after every upgrade and downgrade it receives, it just crashes randomly allot lately.
  10. events are all discriminatory goldtrashfest.
  11. lying c...s! The only extra jt is in ur lala land.
  12. There are options to hide the chat individually or completely, it should help to halve down the frustration levels, after all its a game not a social platform. I've been using complete hide of chat window after i realized there is nothing good about it, and my stressful experience went down to half. If you want to play with friends, there is always skype, discord etc...
  13. Soon this game will be gold exclusive! Maintained and played only by its best, proud united community of righteous elite. APG Rebooted
  14. The game is bleeding population as we speak, and some of you still can't see beyond your ignorance. Lo is obviously not helping, every update they make it only makes this game die faster, and some of you even support them for it. At this point we are beyond reasoning with what's left about this game, most golds not to mention cheaters are brain segregated anyway, and the the most consistent reason for newbies to quit the game. I don't think we are here only for your entertainment, we are here to have fun as well, and having one win every 10 rounds is not fun at all. You keep bragging how much you love the game, yet the only thing you do about it its exploit every chance you get to psychically stomp and abuse everyone your path, forums included. This small community of toxic players is beyond salvation, most of you are stuck in your endless bubble of righteousness, and its 2nd to the main reason of the near future end of this game.
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