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  1. the only way to play with this "community" is to turn off chat permanently and pretend it doesn't exist.
  2. here we go again... another hill billy event.
  3. this stupid game keeps crashing after every upgrade and downgrade it receives, it just crashes randomly allot lately.
  4. events are all discriminatory goldtrashfest.
  5. lying c...s! The only extra jt is in ur lala land.
  6. There are options to hide the chat individually or completely, it should help to halve down the frustration levels, after all its a game not a social platform. I've been using complete hide of chat window after i realized there is nothing good about it, and my stressful experience went down to half. If you want to play with friends, there is always skype, discord etc...
  7. Soon this game will be gold exclusive! Maintained and played only by its best, proud united community of righteous elite. APG Rebooted
  8. The game is bleeding population as we speak, and some of you still can't see beyond your ignorance. Lo is obviously not helping, every update they make it only makes this game die faster, and some of you even support them for it. At this point we are beyond reasoning with what's left about this game, most golds not to mention cheaters are brain segregated anyway, and the the most consistent reason for newbies to quit the game. I don't think we are here only for your entertainment, we are here to have fun as well, and having one win every 10 rounds is not fun at all. You keep bragging how much you love the game, yet the only thing you do about it its exploit every chance you get to psychically stomp and abuse everyone your path, forums included. This small community of toxic players is beyond salvation, most of you are stuck in your endless bubble of righteousness, and its 2nd to the main reason of the near future end of this game.
  9. Sounds like a good feature, you ppl need to insult on your own more often.
  10. wow this is the longest downtime i seen in this game... i can only imagine the downtime if the new engine ever comes.
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