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  1. Keep having the same problem...anyways...i'll not leave the game i guess Hope it's for the super upload that's having the internet around the world, so, it could be amazing if after the quarantine it fixes..
  2. Same here lmao Do u know that...i was thinking about that? But i'm in the feeling that's a problem from the game. To be honest i've a friend here, from my town, that i invited him to the game and he doesn't have that problem. We both have the same internet company and he never got kicked. In my case, i get kicked after 60 minutes playing, i confirmated it and then...the next kickis in about...70-80 minutes. Sometimes after the first kick i don't get kicked again, sometimes i get kicked every 60 minutes, it's getting me sick af
  3. So...? No solutions? I just...don't want to leave the game.. Honestly, this just happen me in this game, I tried unistalling the game and installing again. I was playing like for 4 hours and then it started to happen every 40 minutes. Not problem for me, but the real problem is, sometimes i'm in a mission or in fight club and i lose all my progress in the actual mission
  4. It started happening to me this time. I play since 2016 and never happened (And i keep having the same hardware than before)
  5. But it just happen to me in APB, i mean, it's only in this one, i can play for hours other games and there's no problem.
  6. 1. Hello everyone, i'm getting that error every...30 minutes i guess, no matters what if i'm in a mission or fight club, it happens. I also tried turning anti-virus off, adding APBprogram to the firewall and restarting my internet and nothing happens, it keeps disconnecting me. *A common problem is that your character has been locked in a district server - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked* About that...well, i don't have problems to reconnect to the server i was, i mean, i don't have to wait that 15 minutes, the problem's just i get disconnected from server randomly every 30 minutes for no reason. IMPORTANT: My internet is going good and i've to say the server don't go down. I get disconnected and when i go to the server list i see all people keep playing in that server. Thanks for the help!
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