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  1. Although it may not be a new faction, yet; a new faction could allowed LO to expand to story behind the game a bit and make it easier to introduce new contacts for future updates.
  2. Mr Bravo sent a link in his email which contains lots of interesting information. I think ya'll should check it out right away.
  3. I managed to buy this on armas a while ago so if this is one of the first rare activities I get after 7+ years, I will not be happy.
  4. Just be patient. Don't think about it so much and if something does come up, it will be a nice surprise
  5. Can someone confirm that the 'Dog Ear' is the same as the 'Wisp'
  6. Wasn't the limitation something to do with the game being 32 bit?
  7. The game is being developed significantly right now so most of the LO resources are focused on the engine upgrade. You could maybe expect something after the engine update.
  8. Best bet would be to reinstall the game. Copy your advanced launcher exe from where it is first though.
  9. My guess is they're holding off the weapon balancing until after the engine update now. Supposedly big things are going to be happening with the engine update in February, but who knows.
  10. Sounds like you got thrashed by a silver with an nfas and now you're letting your salt flow on the forum. Nfas is perfectly fine. IR3 on shotguns is standard but it's not overpowered. Spotter could have a slight cooldown nerf.
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