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  1. owzzy

    Gun Balancing, What Happened To It?

    My guess is they're holding off the weapon balancing until after the engine update now. Supposedly big things are going to be happening with the engine update in February, but who knows.
  2. Sounds like you got thrashed by a silver with an nfas and now you're letting your salt flow on the forum. Nfas is perfectly fine. IR3 on shotguns is standard but it's not overpowered. Spotter could have a slight cooldown nerf.
  3. it only gets worse on the xbox version too
  4. owzzy

    We have melee weps?

    Technically vehicles are melee weapons cause you are holding them with your hands.
  5. owzzy

    Car Physics

    I imagine LO will somehow re-introduce wheelies in the 'new' engine update.
  6. The problem with that is you can have two different people with the same character name on different servers.
  7. APB in ultrawide is great, I'm using a 29" ultrawide atm and I'm planning on getting some monitors to flank each side. Maybe I'll try triple screen with 2 16:9 monitors and a 21:9 in the middle.
  8. Sad thing is I already have. But I'd much rather have the silenced version instead
  9. I'm still waiting for the CBMP 'Arrow' to be debundled so I can finally get an account bound version of it.
  10. owzzy

    Autumn Assault skin

    Wasn't it supposed to be account bound?? Cause it's not.
  11. owzzy

    [PC] Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1069)

    Wonder if we'll be granted the rewards and the achievements if we've already completed them before?
  12. restarting game sometimes fixes this problem.
  13. "Gun-Runner" and "Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2018" achievements don't track any progress. Won the Baylan event twice and didn't complete the achievement or recieve any rewards for it. Tested Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2018 with 2 friends by placing the box down and letting the other two kill each other in a 1v1 mission; Neither of them made any progress to the achievement.
  14. owzzy

    Sugestion for a skin on NTEC URSUS. It has none.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Ursus receive a nice little skin of its own.