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  1. Here, i'll leak my IP so you don't feel so bad:
  2. I thought you couldn't get the joker variant from JMB12 Wasn't it only through Techmech's powerbox?
  3. Do you know if the ocsp 'joker' is a part of this program?
  4. You fool! He said NOT to move this to the game suggestions section. /s
  5. yeah everyone sell your FFA and OCSP 'Joker' for $250k to me thanks
  6. owzzy


    Whilst you're at it, please give me an option to buy an account-wide CBMP "Arrow"
  7. OP: I can't kill in cqc with the Thunder so it must be bad. FTFY
  8. Average response is quite long. Expect around 30 days
  9. +1. I think almost everyone can agree on this.
  10. It should be easier to level up because of the Russians. More oppo = more missions = more exp
  11. Update hasn't fixed the role. We still have 100/100 pumpkins but the role isn't completed.
  12. Shooting the "Red pumpkin exterminator" pumpkins in an event district will clear them from the map but won't progress your role. It won't appear in normal mission districts for you to shoot. As a result the role cannot be completed. Role SS Chat SS
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