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  1. LO have taken on bigger challenges (Like performing an engine upgrade for APB)
  2. LO just needs to invent/discover a brand new colour and use that instead.
  3. I image they'll be adding a few 4 slot cars when the new contacts come around with APB 2.1. Although I'm also not sure how that would work as the new contacts are only tier 1 (or 2) contacts.
  4. Just join/rejoin another district and the location will move.
  5. Well the last changes to the FFA/Obir (addition of a bolt timer) didn't get added to the bullshark.
  6. Also, are the obir/ffa changes applying to the ffa bullshark too?
  7. hvr should have a 99m insta-kill aura whenever you have it equipped.
  8. I'm sorry your smooth brain couldn't put 2 and 2 together and realise when I say 'bricks' and not brick and then talk about throwing a brick that I'm actually talking about half bricks. They still both need to travel a certain distance before they can 1 shot and neither are close range which means landing the projectile isn't easy. I'm done arguing with you. You're not trying to argue anything but more interested in twisting my words.
  9. You clearly seem to think bricks are OP. Bricks have to travel a long distance in order to 1 shot someone and it's something that can be easily dodged - especially if you see the person throwing it. Even if they are a gimmick, they're not an annoying and overpowered gimmick. I just don't see why you're so upset. The problem was the PIG + Perc combo which required barely any skill and an incredibly easy setup, and that even though that can still be done, it has been made more difficult to pull off.
  10. Allow me to scroll up the page a little bit and quote exactly what I said, just for you. Almost 1 shot, last time I checked, isn't the same as an actual 1 shot. You're starting to embarrass yourself.
  11. Don't change what I'm saying. I was referring to how you could just drop a perc (or a large range of other weapons) and then 1 shot someone with the PIG. If you're all so butthurt about not being able to get easy stuns then start using stun grenades. They stun in 1 hit. I'm already starting to regret getting involved with this thread.
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