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  1. I'll take ZombieBiscuits's word on TKO having the most. This topic has gotten out of hand. If a mod could lock this thread that'd be great. @Sakebee
  2. I bought the kits specifically for this 4 slot fresno that I unlocked years ago. There's no way they're just gonna expire now.
  3. Would love to see some more resolutions for these images. Perhaps 4K and/or 3440x1440
  4. Here, i'll leak my IP so you don't feel so bad:
  5. I thought you couldn't get the joker variant from JMB12 Wasn't it only through Techmech's powerbox?
  6. Do you know if the ocsp 'joker' is a part of this program?
  7. You fool! He said NOT to move this to the game suggestions section. /s
  8. yeah everyone sell your FFA and OCSP 'Joker' for $250k to me thanks
  9. owzzy


    Whilst you're at it, please give me an option to buy an account-wide CBMP "Arrow"
  10. OP: I can't kill in cqc with the Thunder so it must be bad. FTFY
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