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  1. OP: I can't kill in cqc with the Thunder so it must be bad. FTFY
  2. Average response is quite long. Expect around 30 days
  3. +1. I think almost everyone can agree on this.
  4. It should be easier to level up because of the Russians. More oppo = more missions = more exp
  5. Update hasn't fixed the role. We still have 100/100 pumpkins but the role isn't completed.
  6. Shooting the "Red pumpkin exterminator" pumpkins in an event district will clear them from the map but won't progress your role. It won't appear in normal mission districts for you to shoot. As a result the role cannot be completed. Role SS Chat SS
  7. R-2 Harbinger needs some serious attention. Literally the worst gun in the game.
  8. True. It fires some kind of low-yield-perc-hybrid of which there is only 2 of. Such a useless gun. It's a shame as it is the best looking model out of the 3.
  9. The EOL hammer is literally bugged as it fires low-yields instead of percs.
  10. I second this. It needs to be increased.
  11. I feel like the title should be given just for logging in on the 4th of July and the other rewards given to the players who kill the GMs/Staff. Not all of us can be around at 4pm to due to work.
  12. owzzy


    I think he means you can't buy any more clothing once you've reached the limit (like 82/82 or something). I for one only have 6 outfit slots full out of 7 because I can't make another outfit as I am also at 82/82 clothing items.
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