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  1. @Sakebee Can you tell us if the Thumper is getting buffed?
  2. If you really cared this much about being griefed, record them griefing you/the mission/others and send it directly Little Orbit support. They WILL handle it; just make sure your video evidence shows exactly what they are doing.
  3. current districts struggle to remain full at times, so adding another district will either not make any difference, or make things even worse.
  4. I second this, the game is on its last legs so this would actually make the game a little bit more enjoyable.
  5. Cobr-a with RS3/Bando3/Tagger I maxed demolitions role with the kickback + frog and I've gotten to rank 5 demolitions with deep impact + 45 on another character. So much fun.
  6. The kickback and the deep impact are both pretty good in their own ways. Deep impact is probably 'better' overall than the kickback, but if you actually want to progress your demolitions role, then the kickback is the best. Being able to 2 shot (and 3 shot) with the kickback nades makes getting kills with the gun itself quite easy, whereas with the deep impact, you usually 85 your target with it and then finish them off with a pistol. As for the hammer.... it's garbage and should probably replace the flak jacket unlock.
  7. owzzy

    Packet Loss

    get better internet noob /s
  8. Throwback to when this game wasn't filled with cheaters :^)
  9. Have you tried reinstalling APB? or Windows? Maybe look into the registry to try and manually delete all traces of autoIT. It sounds to me like the mouse you're using isn't the issue at all.
  10. Welp, there you have it. Ban everyone LO.
  11. Got a couple of rage whispers from the enemy after this.
  12. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the old 2015 Christmas and 2013 Epidemic achievements that you can't get anymore, I'm talking about ones that you can get today but still don't show up on steam achievements when you complete them in-game.
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