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  1. OP: I can't kill in cqc with the Thunder so it must be bad. FTFY
  2. Average response is quite long. Expect around 30 days
  3. +1. I think almost everyone can agree on this.
  4. It should be easier to level up because of the Russians. More oppo = more missions = more exp
  5. Update hasn't fixed the role. We still have 100/100 pumpkins but the role isn't completed.
  6. Shooting the "Red pumpkin exterminator" pumpkins in an event district will clear them from the map but won't progress your role. It won't appear in normal mission districts for you to shoot. As a result the role cannot be completed. Role SS Chat SS
  7. R-2 Harbinger needs some serious attention. Literally the worst gun in the game.
  8. True. It fires some kind of low-yield-perc-hybrid of which there is only 2 of. Such a useless gun. It's a shame as it is the best looking model out of the 3.
  9. The EOL hammer is literally bugged as it fires low-yields instead of percs.
  10. I second this. It needs to be increased.
  11. I feel like the title should be given just for logging in on the 4th of July and the other rewards given to the players who kill the GMs/Staff. Not all of us can be around at 4pm to due to work.
  12. owzzy


    I think he means you can't buy any more clothing once you've reached the limit (like 82/82 or something). I for one only have 6 outfit slots full out of 7 because I can't make another outfit as I am also at 82/82 clothing items.
  13. Ideally the Vegas 4x4 needs to have its HP lowered so it is destroyed by a single osmaw/conc. This makes the normal Vegas a slightly more viable option as it could still tank a rocket/conc at the cost of poorer handling. The pioneer/nomad needs it's speed reduced; it's supposed to be a tank so it should move much slower. As for the Espacio, I feel like it's not too bad where it is right now. Perhaps a slight nerf to speed to so it doesn't completely outshine the nomad/pioneer.
  14. The main issue I see with taking RIOT down is that people who have been grinding to reach rank 5 on the RIOT contact and obtain the Yakuza skin would have been well and truly shafted.
  15. correct. I instantly assumed the post was about the fang. Fairly sure the RFP received a buff since a few years ago. I think maybe it's hipfire accuracy was improved or something?
  16. Quite possibly. What makes it so much worse is that it can only be purchased through the Armas Marketplace making it genuinely P2W. Edit for clarification: I'm talking about the RFP 'Fang'
  17. An unpopular opinion: I quite like the gamemode. I feel like there are still quite a few things that need to be improved however I often find myself having fun when playing the gamemode. As for things that I think need to be looked at: - The spawns - When you respawn in RIOT, you're usually spawned into the 'gas' and your hazmat is instantly equipped and quite often the hazmat wont last you long enough to make it back to the safe area. Perhaps the hazmat isn't instantly consumed on respawn allowing you to get a little bit further by activating it later. - There are also times where I have respawned right next to and enemy (This usually happens near the start of a match). - Getting around the map - I personally think that [[[some]]] vehicles should be added to the map such as the calibria and han veo. These cars mainly as their not extremely fast or tanky but still allow you to travel faster than running. - The barriers seem quite inconsistent. Some can be jumped on top of by first jumping on the side whereas others just slide off the side. - The weapons - There are certain spots which can very difficult to attack without the help of explosive weapon or grenades. This is why I think grenades need to be added into the game, perhaps in the form of a pick-up item like normal weapons (however I don't know how easy/hard that would be to implement). - I'm still having mixed feelings about being able to use your own weapons. At first I thought it was going to be a broken mechanic which allowed everyone to bring in their own "OP" loadouts, but after playing for quite some time now, the cost for bringing in your weapon seems to balance it out fairly well.
  18. Supposedly they joined late and therefore had access to nades everytime they respawned. Sorry I can't give any more information.
  19. The new glory definitely doesn't 'excel' in cqc. The hipfire is only viable when crouching and not moving. Strafing with the new glory is almost pointless and you won't land any bullets on your target.
  20. So far I can't seem to figure out how to actually win. Sometimes it'll come down to the last few teams remaining and all of a sudden the game will end and the scoreboard will pop-up saying "Team Position: -3" (or any other random number). The normal scoreboard doesn't seem to help either. It shows how much money you get but it doesn't say whether or not you've earned any standing for the RIOT contact. Maybe my IQ just isn't high enough but am I missing something maybe?
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