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  1. Turned out Ketog actually is a great guy, we just had a misunderstanding at first, moreover the WaveLounge community consists of really great and smart people, I recommend and might apply to join in the future. TL;DR: Ketog just really does not like Razer
  2. Battleye support failed Gamersfirst support failed Multiple posts on this forums failed Various things others suggested me to do failed Even as far as reaching out using twitter failed Staff PMs on the forums also failed What or should I say WHO did not fail though, was @Ketog I was completely blind in regard to that application as I've used it for years, not a single issue anywhere, so I just assumed it's properly coded as it could actually remember steam guard tokens which other applications for that purpose failed to, at the time I did my research. Now I have went with open-source proper alternative https://github.com/TcNobo/TcNo-Acc-Switcher Ketog has proved the previous app I used for it was actually rubbish, which has saved me from a lot of frustration and has finally allowed me to play the game, after almost 2 years of struggle! My respect to you mate. Also Wave Lounge community is a great place to talk about a lot of different stuff and Ketog being the pillar of the community, reaching out to others even outside of the community, this really is something special and rare to see these days.
  3. For over a year I have described the issue in great detail with multiple troubleshooting attempts done in order to play the game without reformatting the PC. I can use Valorant's ring0 anticheat, I can use faceit ring0 anticheat, I've never had this problem for 10+ years of gaming, most of which I played online. I'm willing to do a lot to finally be able to play this game again as you can see by the efforts I've been through described in the thread above. It seems like those 2 new threads I've made on the forums and 2 tweets I've sent to APB and LittleOrbit twitter are truly exhausting every possible means of getting this bug resolved or at least identifying what could be getting detected by your game, because I'm literally clueless. I have stopped writing this thread for one more attempt to play the game, this time I manually closed every possible application that has any services/connections with mouse/keyboard including RTSS, Afterburner and a few more, but this doesn't change anything, each Corsair iCue process killed, not just the main iCUE.exe, Aurora RGB also completely killed, but still this:
  4. Seems like you cannot protect it from the plague, as you seem to be the plague thyself.
  5. Learn to read the thread before you post like a dumbass. I have no razer devices whatsoever at this point, I don't use any macros as I have literally no use for them. I've now bought Corsair Mouse to go with Corsair Keyboard, same problem and iCUE doesn't provide any way to disable macros, well, I'm getting kicked regardless if iCUE is running or not. I don't use any RGB/FAN software. The only thing close to it that I do use is MSI Afterburner with RTSS to get info about my hardware and FPS in an overlay, but there's not a single game that wouldn't start because of it and to make it funnier it has nothing even related to Macros. So yeah, the company seems to only be interested in making money, not fixing bugs that make the game literally unplayable @Nagletz If you would have the ability to use brain and read the thread before posting to it, you'd know I literally cannot play the game for over a year now. Without any progress, help from devs, tickets told me to read FAQ or message batteleye, I did both. FAQ gives me nothing useful Battleye replied with Read FAQ also assuming it resolved my issue and promptly closing my ticket, I was waiting for reply over a month, but they couldn't wait a week. Why do I keep coming back here? Sentiment aaaand the fact that since last attempt I still had the game installed (clean fresh game install) and on my desktop and no I'm not reinstalling 5+ programming IDE's, setting up again 3+ VMs, reinstalling around 200+ applications just to format the drive to play APB. Darkorbit seems to be interested in the store, joker tickets, but doesn't care about this problem... I've now made a new threads regarding this issue and also a post in the beta section, as the bug also did happen in beta version that I tried somwhere between the 1st post of this thread and now. I think I couldn't post before in those sections as I didn't have enough posts on the forums yet, so I did it now, if this doesn't change anything then I really see no way for me to play the game anymore, APB 2.1 or not.
  6. No idea about the rest of the clan, but the OP doesn't shine bright with intelligence, obviously. This makes it clear that anybody using Razer Gear isn't welcome in the clan, nice approach, never seen before, probably because this is counter productive.
  7. //Offtopic starts here I will ignore smart people writing stuff "deserved for using razer", clearly a level of braindeadness where one does not read the thread, but puts the blame for using a brand, which is not even being used anymore, which was clearly stated few posts before. "Wave Lounge - Enjoy the brightest side of APB's community !" - @Ketog you're clearly not the bright side of APB's community, but still have it in your signature, how ironic. I bet you've never heard that it's better to say nothing, then speak gibberish just to speak. //Offtopic ends here At the last attempt I did I was in a state where there was no trace of APB, so yes I did install APB from nothing this time aswell. Gamersfirst support tells me to contact battleye support. Removed Customer Support Ticket ~@mayii Battleye just sent me the usual troubleshooting steps for casuals, as the first response, completely disregarding my offer to debug and troubleshoot this. Fine, I guess they'd send me another email to resolve this? https://prnt.sc/10q5fwe No way, they just assume that FAQ is going to solve this, nice logic, zero effort put into resolving this. I also tried the paid Revo Uninstaller Pro, as one might expect, there was no autoit or macro installed, so it's search doesn't show up anything if I look for "auto" or "macro", I did cleanup my files and registry using ccleaner. I am not going to reinstall the entire OS just to play one game, I've got hundreds of others with various anticheats and none of them has any issues, except for APB's Battleye... From now on I'll ignore those peanut for brains hackusations towards me as there's no point arguing with stupid people, as they will first bring you down to their level and then beat with experience. Is anybody really thinking I'd spend so much time on this over the course of couple of years if the problem would be me using some cheat or useless macro?... Cheaters usually just dl a game, some trash cheat, play around for some time and then forget about the game when they get banned. I know that because there's so many cheaters in CSGO. I know I've said this before, but the stupidity levels with some are way too high here. I'm just trying to play the bloody game, but I cannot. Is this really a reason to attack me in various ways? If you have nothing to add to the topic of this issue, just don't write anything, this topic is already littered with useless and pointless remarks. I wonder what comes first, me being able to play this game, or this game dying off?... Because it seems g1st support doesn't care, battleye doesn't care and I still cannot play the game. Instead I'm fighting idiots accustating me of cheating, with small percentage actually willing to help and overcome this problem, at least there's this spark of hope for this community.
  8. I can play Valorant with it's anticheat without any issues, no problem in beta, no problem last week aswell. Even faceit anticheat which is in Ring 0 access level isn't having any issues. But here I am, without the ability to play the game.
  9. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. At this point I'm not using ANY razer devices and there's no trace of Razer Synapse on my PC. I use Corsair K70 MK.2 with Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Se (long name lol), both of which are managed by the iCUE software. Despite not having any macros made for current profile, I'm still getting kicked for AutoIT - USING COMPLETELY DIFFRENT MOUSE - NO RAZER! The only 2 macros I have on 1 of ~8 profiles is that they replace back and forwards mouse keys with left windows key and right windows key (to prevent accidentally going back a page in chrome in some situations), but why am I ever writing this, I'm a cheater trying to use macro and I should just uninstall my computer from my house... Moreover APB's anticheat BattleEye shortly after kicking me from the game automatically force closes iCUE completely, without any information. Here I am, took your advice guys and changed my mouse, not because of APB but because of other reasons, but the issue remains exactly the same. I thought, hey - maybe after it closed the iCUE I'll just go ahead and try to play it without iCUE or any of it's part running, that makes sense, right? Well, guess what? With iCUE and it's modules turned off completely by APB's Battleye anticheat I'm still getting kicked for AutoIT, despite not having anything close to it running. I wanted to give APB another chance, as I changed the mouse as a lot of you people suggested, but this makes no difference. I guess this game just cannot be played anymore if you buy any of the better "gaming" mouses that has those features, just because they have all the features. PROPER MOUSE vs. APB Choose one I'll stay with proper mouse, if anybody from the APB Staff is interested in looking into this problem, I'd be glad to help because of the sentiment I have for this game, as the game remains unplayable for me for over a year now.
  10. Mamba 2015 cannot use Synapse 3.0. You cannot change DPI or DPI profiles without Razer Synapse 2.0 as Mamba 2015 has no onboard memory. It's not possible to turn off macros in Razer Synapse 2.0 https://prnt.sc/u699u7 Screenshot above as a proof, no macro exists and I'm just being told to BUY A NEW MOUSE in order to play this game or THAT I AM TRYING TO USE MACRO OR CHEAT IN THE GAME XDDD Everybody is being a smartass without having basic knowledge about the topic from the programming standpoint. Buying a new mouse to play a game when I have a perfectly working mouse isn't a solution to the underlying issue, but a workaround for an existing issue. @Flawscheck yourself before you wreck yourself, find me one that can be both wireless and wired, whenever I unplug or plug the mouse cable in it. No wait, don't - I don't care about your opinion whatsoever. I'm done with everybody hackusating me all over the place or telling me to buy a new mouse in order to play the game. Adios amigos, instead of getting constructive discussion, things to try out or some input from the tech team it's just randoms telling me to buy a new mouse or that I'm hiding something. Farewell, I'm done with this game.
  11. For over a month now I've exhausted all available support/contact options with gamersfirst. First I went on steam support https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/2516897767697313538/ Then I have posted in a thread where another player has reported the very same issue Then I have realised that Battleye is going to Permanban people automatically, so I did post about the issue, once again Only to get remarks that I am using some weird software and/or cheats. So I even went as far as creating a support ticket https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/requests/118484 But apparently, me waiting for over a month to get an answer is fine, but I have to reply within 7 days. Sure, I get it, Little Orbit is understaffed and it takes longer to get a reply. In that case, how hard is it really to also change automatic closing of tickets from 7 days to 30 days, so that customers get the same timeframe to reply as the company? I really loved APB back in the days, I did pay for some in game stuff. I did and still have sentiment for APB as I've played this game a lot and have had a lot of good times with it. I bought a new PC, wanted to see the new updates, maybe the new engine update and I was only left with unplayable game. Never have I ever had any issue with any Anticheat out there, including Riot's Valorant anticheat, ESEA anticheat (hypervisor based anticheat for competetive CSGO premium matchmaking) and I could just keep listing all the anticheats on and on... but it seems like there's no point. I was also reached out personally by @Sakebee via PM to help me resolve the issue, which I appreciate, but since the first PM was sent to me, no reply was in sight. With that said my patience has run out. Frustration and sadness has grown bigger over my sentiment to APB, I got to realise nobody really cares here about the community and it's users. It's very sad as since the first issues that APB has had I had always crossed my fingers that the APB situation will be better. Sadly, that is not the case, even thought I have done my utmost best to resolve this gamebreaking bug, nothing has been done regarding this matter. Removed Support Ticket + Forum DM's ~@mayii Telling users to uninstall a crucial part of the Razer Mamba mouse, which is next to useless without Razer Synapse, just because their agressive anticheat is unable to differentiate between actual cheats and legitimate - worldwide known software is just ridiculous. Sadly I have to give up completely on APB, not because I want to, but because I am left with no other option.
  12. I got a reply from support that Razer Synapse 2.0 has it in it's files, cool, but even if I exit it then I cannot play the game. Additionally Razer Mamba 2015 has no on-board memory and it's not possible to even change DPI without Razer Synapse. My ticket was closed because I didn't reply within 7 days. Great, I can wait for support reply over 30 days, but I have to answer within 7 days or else case closed. I know it's an automatic system which does close those reports, it's just that it should be adjusted according to support reply timeframe aswell. I just lost all interest in this.
  13. No ban, just constantly getting kicked, so it's impossible to play anyway. Read the post by Sayori below. When another company takes over a project which is on the verge of dying - people expect them to take actions. I literally tried to contact LO in every single way possible, ticket, forum, steam, but guess what? NOTHING AT ALL - no reply, apart from others having the same problem Is this showing the community that the game is about to be reborn? To me this looks like just another company that wants to make money with as low effort as possible. Sayori spitting faxx right there If you were to be affected by this bug, then it doesn't matter if you go to social disctrict, missions or financial, you get booted off the server. "I'm not affected by this bug" is not a "secret"
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