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  1. No ban, just constantly getting kicked, so it's impossible to play anyway. Read the post by Sayori below. When another company takes over a project which is on the verge of dying - people expect them to take actions. I literally tried to contact LO in every single way possible, ticket, forum, steam, but guess what? NOTHING AT ALL - no reply, apart from others having the same problem Is this showing the community that the game is about to be reborn? To me this looks like just another company that wants to make money with as low effort as possible. Sayori spitting faxx right there If you were to be affected by this bug, then it doesn't matter if you go to social disctrict, missions or financial, you get booted off the server. "I'm not affected by this bug" is not a "secret"
  2. Are you people kidding me? BattleEye prevents legitimate players from playing the game and now you added the ability to permaban people automatically?... This is just getting ridiculous now, issues section should be the first places for devs to go to, yet it's completely disregarded...
  3. So all the rewards are now gone, and none of us having this problem can get them anymore, great. To make it even funnier, this crap implementation of the anticheat is now able to ... PERMABAN PEOPLE AUTOMATICALLY! I guess this game is just destined to die, no answer on steam, no answer via support ticket, nothing on forums. Seemingly this game was getting better, but this just proves that current owners of APB have literally 0 regard for it's community, which makes me sad. I will check those threads and tickets until the end of this month, if the game remains in this unplayable state, I guess I'll just delete the bookmarks and the game completely. It's not something I want to do, but the current situation leaves me with no other options.
  4. I don't use any "haxed triggerbots", lmao. As a matter of fact I do not have any cheats/hacks on my computer whatsoever, as I mostly play multiplayer games and use mods for singleplayer ones anyway. I haven't played this game in several years and why would I cheat on an account with over 1k G1C? I have also tried to restart, then turn off Razer Synapse, but still cannot get ingame. I really like your logic tho @TheSxW
  5. Yeah I really like your solutions guys, but "reinstall Windows" is not a "solution" but a workaround for a lingering bug with the game. as for above post by TheSxW - I really enjoy your guide, I'll show you where it fails for me though. trying to start game without autoit/ahk installed - FAILED I'm using Corsair K70 MK2 and Razer Mamba (the model before Mamba Wireless, but still wireless) I have tried disabling both applications meant to help control it, but I still cannot play the game. Reinstalling windows to get around this is like buying a new car and going with your current one to scrapyard, just because you hit a curb and one of the tires is wobbly.
  6. Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous I have made a post on steam community page of APB https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/2516897767697313538/ I have filed a ticket on 24th of June, no reply whatsoever Ticket # 118484 I have just noticed this post by following the pastebin link sent in the steam thread. Cmon "gamersfirst", fix this gamebreaking bug, I can see so much good work being done in changelogs, but cannot play the game because of messed up anticheat configuration. This actually IS an easy fix, that can be resolved even by game devs contacting the anticheat developers and letting the BattleEye devs handle this situation. BattleEye is also used in Rainbow Six Siege, but I can play Siege just fine, but not APB, is this deliberate, to undermine APB succes, once again or what is it, really?
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