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  1. I keep getting kicked, I'm not banned. Did you get banned?
  2. I thought my issue was gone, thought it was the VPN, but it is not. Back to having issues again.
  3. So, I thought my problem was resolved, but it isn't. After a few weeks of gameplay, with the VPN on and off, I'm getting kicked for "AutoHotKey", again. I don't have AutoHotKey. I've also tried again with the VPN off. BattlEye isn't interested in giving technical support. I've put money into this. How can I get this debugged? I had a ticket open through the Gamersfirst system, and the response was: "Unfortunately, if BattleEye does detect something on your PC that it deems severe enough to effect APB: Reloaded, we are unable to offer assistance. We are not able to change BattleEye's detection rules and parmeters." So BattleEye won't help, and Gamersfirst won't really help. Aren't there logs to look at? Seriously, how can I get kicked for a program I don't have?
  4. For me, it turned out not to be autohotkey, but my VPN. I have to turn off my VPN to play.
  5. In addition: Demolitions: 1000 kills Pistols: 1712 kills Grenadier: 212 kills I'm for changing how the unlocks are rewarded, or reducing the unlock cost. Even changing the costs to 90% would have a big impact, cutting the total kills by about 5300. High-skill players are getting up there, anyway, and getting those unlocks. How can we get newer people to stay, possibly even the playing field? I acknowledge, though, that LO has to make money, and ARMAS is one way.
  6. Thanks Sakebee. Problem: BattlEye kicking me for AutoHotKey Solution: Disable VPN In diagnosing my issue (BattlEye kicking me for AutoHotKey, when I don't have AutoHotKey), I tried all the common solutions, and read the FAQ. The FAQ does not cover VPNs, but it does mention making sure the BattleEye executable is not blocked. It's not blocked on my machine, but that got me thinking that my VPN might be the issue. And it appears that it was. I have a sustained 30 minute connection to the server. Looking for solutions to keep my VPN up, for privacy reasons, while allowing BattleEye to work.
  7. So...I turned off my VPN, and that message went away. Or, at least, I haven't been kicked, yet. The BattlEye FAQ doesn't say anything about VPNs. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. If anyone has advice on how to keep a VPN up, for other reasons than the game, while running BattlEye, please let me know.
  8. Does anyone know what specific SW might cause problems? I'm getting kicked for AutoHotKey...but I don't have AutoHotKey. What other software that can cause this problem? Any lists anywhere? I tried killing my Logitech SW, but that didn't seem to have an effect.
  9. I didn't realize I was carrying trauma with me all these years, but BattlEye kicking me for AutoHotKey triggered me. I don't have it running or installed. I cleaned my registry, made sure there weren't any .ahk files, and whatever else I could think of, and no luck. Did anyone find a solution to this back in 2018? Edit: May have solved this on my own, by disabling a VPN.
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