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  1. Have you ever realised? The only veterans who still alive are ones with good hardware that can handle the game. Btw, I'd like to see your opinion about this game. Have a nice day!
  2. Trying to play with constant fps drops.. Yeah awesome gameplay. Look, I don't give a crap about my fps. If it's 35 or more I'm completely fine. But having my fps dropping to 15-25 is annoying asf.
  3. I already got bored of the game and uninstalled it. Good concept, good story type thing, trash gameplay.
  4. I uninstalled the game. Forum can be closed for further replies.
  5. I uninstalled the game. Forum can be closed to further replies.
  6. Hey! Today I tried to launch APB. It took more time than usual to load up. It was usually 4-5 minutes and now it's like 20 minutes. The things I've done recently: 1. Remove fog. 2. Changed some settings on Advanced Launcher. Is this happening to everyone? If not, can you help me please?
  7. So, I saw 4 options in Advanced Launcher. Don't know what can I do with them to get maximum performance. https://prnt.sc/ruyxxr Here they are. Can you help me please?
  8. Yeah, I'm already aware of that. I manually choose. For people who are saying these are not problem etc. etc. They are actually the main problem to newbie playerbase. Until they get 1k, 2k, 4k or more hours, they'll already be gone and uninstall the game. With this problems APB getting even more boring to play.
  9. Thanks for your support about the review. And yes I agree with the JT store. If there wouldn't be events, I would probably still be stuck at 2,5K JTs. Sadly, I don't play on Jericho. Btw, I thought I would get a lot of hates for this forum. It went better than I thought. Thanks everyone. <33
  10. Finally.. thanks for making me learn new things. You're one of people that didn't send hate on me even if I say I still love the game.
  11. Sadly, it becomes a big problem when you don't have a weapon can encounter it. Btw, I don't want to get hates. As I said, I still love the game. I just listed the problems are driving me crazy sometimes.
  12. So, played like 100 hours this game now. And now it's time to give my review about this game. The concept of this game is awesome I agree with that, but gameplay.. I don't I even need to say that. Here is a list of bad things in this game: 1. Explosive launchers can be used whenever people want. Yes, this thing is driving me crazy. The explosive launchers must be able to used only when there is an object that you have to deliver a car to somewhere. 2. T o x i c people. And this. This is the worst thing about the game since now probably. If you can do something about this in close future, please do it. 3. The optimization. Even if you play on worst graphics (For example: CS Source) it will still run on 30-40 fps with so much drops. It's the same fps on medium too. (Btw, I know that there will be an engine upgrade soon. I just want it to be a little bit fast. It's so annoying to play with this drops.) 4. The civilians. Please, fix this civilians. They run around and blocking your bullets. And drivers are not even noticing you coming and driving to you DIRECTLY. 5. Bugs and glitches. I just encountered with a bug recently. I was stuck on front of car. Then just flew of right into my enemies. And somehow, someone managed to drop the objective into things that made out fences and has little entrance. 6. Matchmaking system. I just tried to play with my Rank 1 friend recently. Got only 200-255 ranks. Which I can't even fight against by being a Rank ~124. 7. Some Armas weapons. Yes, I know they are able to purchase on Joker Ticket shops. But until gathering up that much of Joker Tickets already making you leave the game. Conclusion: The game is good and I love the game. But these things are making me uninstall the game. I just want you Staff members to know that, fix these problems before it's too late. Because it's already late. P.S: English is not my native language so it might not be good.
  13. The new event started boring me. I just wonder how long will the event be? So I can play in the last 2 days or so to reach rank 15.
  14. I have one little question. Is APB 2.1 will improve performance on low-end computers?
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