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Found 3 results

  1. Hey! Today I tried to launch APB. It took more time than usual to load up. It was usually 4-5 minutes and now it's like 20 minutes. The things I've done recently: 1. Remove fog. 2. Changed some settings on Advanced Launcher. Is this happening to everyone? If not, can you help me please?
  2. When we get kicked for inactivity or the client gets disconnected due to any network issues, its only natural we return to same district we were before and this will cause the game to stop displaying HUD markers like objectives, teammates, mission items and sometimes even the enemies on Deathmatch events. IMO, we could just be moved to a Social District or even the character selection screen instead of disloging entirely. Maybe this would help until you can fix the HUD bug and if players could be moved to a Social District wouldnt lose any group and/or messages and some session settings like Contact Pledge and Daily Activities, etc. Unless the event is triggered by geting removed from and return. Then the only way is to make a diferent district type just for this, an empty district would load fast and maybe you can put a Joker Vending Machine but not much else, and this would be good as first district to load and for players to be moved to when inactive. (ofc this could force the bug to occur in case the client get disconnected before the player chose any district so having 2 of these would be required to prevent it by making clients to alternate between them) Thanks for your work on improving APB, it actualy seems a little better and I'm just hoping the engine update will bring fix on a lot of bugs and problems the game does still have. Hoping it will take it to a new era of APB playing. (in any case, sorry for my english but i have it set to portuguese so i see it all underlined)
  3. This appears to be a somewhat common issue for many people (myself not included); during an attempt to connect to district the person will be kicked to main menu receiving the message 'you were kicked by Battleye for the following reason: "Client not responding"' the only thing I can say about this issue since it didn't happen to me is that it seems to happen on lower end PCs, a possible reason is that since, for them, the district takes a longer than average time to load, while loading BattlEye is not receiving any info, so it kicks the player, but that is only my own speculation It shouldn't really be up to the individual players to fix an issue like this; it needs to be fixed by LO or you end up losing potential players (image from a friend) BIG EDIT (Oct 24th) This issue has gone away for one of my friends, no way to tell if it was something they did, stealth BE update or luck, but I'd be curious to see if others still have this issue or if it has actually been resolved
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