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  1. Unplayable. I miss playing APB. It was bad before LO removed threath districts but now its terrible as it gets too boring too fast every login...
  2. It dindt worked on my computer but it is low end, its natural it dindt worked. Theres a lot of games I cant play on it and APB is turning into one of them. Is natural, its evolution and hopefuly a good sign.
  3. Lol now I can join but cant have a break just geting instakilled and lose over and over while with APB 2.1 I wouldnt even be able to join as it failed to launch during Beta test so it will keep me out for good. Now the 1k player base wet dreams: Imagine new players with top line computers eventualy installing APB 2.1 and then -> option 1: geting matched asap but geting stomped by vets. -> option 2: having to wait forever before other low shows up and gets matched. One of these can lead to: new players with top line computers can just try some of other 2590 shooting games and end up forgeting this wonderfull game they cant understand or accomplish any of the proposed objectives. Is not my job to understand why I get good and bad match on other games but on APB I only get bad match. Is just my opinion or suggestions. If it calculates by rank = newbies geting stomped by low rank veterans, calculating by rating = it gets pretty much the same... Note: you dont see me teling they should match on ping or fps, I just dont say why not. What i meant is, if there is some new matchmaking system for APB 2.1 maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea to try it out on Live version before release of 2.1 version. Merged. Or dont... Wichever is just greatits fine Cross districts doesnt seems possible with current engine and they look too confident about it but.. puting all players on the same pool where we know there will ALWAYS be veterans downthreating hard and wild no matter it calculates ping fps and what not so...
  4. You have a new matchmaking system planned for APB 2.1 (that my computer wouldnt run...) and its more needed RN more than after it turns a top line computers only game. You are thinking for top line pc newbies than for people who already knows the game but just cant find a match for 5FPS computers... (BTW, we dont know how its going to workout for them on APB 2.1 as they probably will have to wait long before some highend newbie gets matched). And no, going to empty green districts is not solution for that as they are... EMPTY
  5. Is it on? It installed ok but fails to launch on my PC (E2200 cpu with 2gb) so it means ill be definitely out of the game
  6. That would be lovely and long time expected. In fact, it was disapointing not having that option from the start... I've been out of the game due to lack of computer good enough for APB but if this option gets into x86 version im sure i will play few missions with sound and not having to fill up the ignore list with all opposition or at least the most annoying/fastest killers. Death themes could be fine as it is if there was a working and fair matchmaking as geting instakilled in less than 5 seconds every respawn is annoying by itself so any Death themes can only make it worse. The ability to chose your own Death themes or disabling them all would be great.
  7. Nice! (error code 9) How can i get destroyed by goldies now? And more important, how can goldies keep destroying me? (I just saw some goldies destroying other goldies leaving them no chance at all, not a single kill in whole mission) These ones must be platinum and furious. For me the Error Code 9 is the best! The most funny Ive seen tonight on APB.
  8. Its not too hard to lose some matches to turn Silver and them move to any Bronze District to be Super-Heroes on everyone below their skill levels... wich some of them do all day everyday. Some of them I could see on FC top chart or in Silver Districts as Goldie as they can be playing with other Goldies. it seems G1 turned green vs these goldies and LO took over the same match and its geting exploited the same way. Gold Districts are empty because they only play on Silver pushing Silver Players to Bronze District making real Bronze and Green leaving or even rage quiting to never return instead of improving… we want more population in the game? or is it too much and we want to kick people off?
  9. Ok thanks for your reply, its good to know you are aware of the issue and are working on it. Once again and in the name of APB community, thanks for your work done so far. Thanks to other members replies aswell, as more information we can give, then more we can help developers to generate a bugfix. Someone told me before it was due to returning after dislog but now we know it isn't directly related, maybe it just has higher chances of triggering it (near 100%), but I saw it happened to me last night and I am almost 100% sure I didnt dislogged but did switched district a few times.
  10. When we get kicked for inactivity or the client gets disconnected due to any network issues, its only natural we return to same district we were before and this will cause the game to stop displaying HUD markers like objectives, teammates, mission items and sometimes even the enemies on Deathmatch events. IMO, we could just be moved to a Social District or even the character selection screen instead of disloging entirely. Maybe this would help until you can fix the HUD bug and if players could be moved to a Social District wouldnt lose any group and/or messages and some session settings like Contact Pledge and Daily Activities, etc. Unless the event is triggered by geting removed from and return. Then the only way is to make a diferent district type just for this, an empty district would load fast and maybe you can put a Joker Vending Machine but not much else, and this would be good as first district to load and for players to be moved to when inactive. (ofc this could force the bug to occur in case the client get disconnected before the player chose any district so having 2 of these would be required to prevent it by making clients to alternate between them) Thanks for your work on improving APB, it actualy seems a little better and I'm just hoping the engine update will bring fix on a lot of bugs and problems the game does still have. Hoping it will take it to a new era of APB playing. (in any case, sorry for my english but i have it set to portuguese so i see it all underlined)
  11. Yep, thats where it is… my other toons are too low and too far or I would try to get another one there just for checking... After a little exploring I could realise the server is failing. They load fast but the health is not the only bug, some mutations are gone from the Hotkey bar and sometimes they got weapon load, items and situation from previous character (i guess it was all the same except from the name) and only when I went back to character screen and back to world to have the right weapon load, items and situation.
  12. RIP is it just with my account? why? what is happening? what happened?! One of my characters doesnt load for hours, all other characters load fast like no issue happening but they always have less energy and they recovering like 100/132. After all this months i had a 46 level character and a lot of Researches done and now i have 3 low levels and one ghost level 46 idk if i will have to delete it to create another one?!
  13. I can enter the wasteland thru all other characters except for my main character i have a lot of crafts to do its so exasperating... When i select my main character its stops at "Your area is currently loading. Please wait..."
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