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  1. I thought it was somewhat satire, i guess i ticked you off
  2. spcts are washed players that hold no weight or mean anything at all. Golds make up the only population lmaooooo. Like a new player will touch this game that is gonna shut down soon. spcts shouldn't even be a thing tbh
  3. Yes kill the game more, Great idea also remove clotting 3 and remove ntec from game HAR HAR
  4. What's this, a person with a brain???? Rare thing to find in the Apb community.
  5. This is why the game died, New players never get to thrive because they get people who don't wanna lose, So they stomp new players and feel good about themselves. When the game had more players all they had to do was threat lock a district. A player in bronze goes silver, He is put into the silver district and if he can't handle it he simply loses silver. But no they allowed trash can veterans of the game to stomp a poor trainee with an ogre to death until they moved on to better games.
  6. 2021 road map "We hate to say this but APB will be shutting down soon..." etc
  7. you should be a spct instead of frosti looool
  8. I dont know why people keep holding on to this game tbh
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