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  1. Ar97 , u don’t even need to tap fire with that thing or scoped ntec like nag said and pistol just use fbw/ .45ap
  2. Out of boundary, sometimes the warning doesn’t pop up
  3. try obeya cr762/ obir instead accurate and high damage
  4. Yeah, its annoying as f**k for me
  5. Thanks for your effort, but yeah I am not risking my account for a non-official download method. Let’s put it this way, how hard could it be to add your link in their post... to make it official
  6. Download with kb/s? no thanks They should put the beta client on mega or Google drive lol I know there are some nice players did that and shared the link, but we need a link from little orbit so we can make sure it’s a clean client.
  7. OCrazyGuyO

    Run out of memory.

    Never heard of the second one, will definitely try it out, thanks for sharing
  8. As I remember, ursus is also classified into scoped ntec, so it will have 55m range, rip Obeya CR762
  9. Do I have to download the new beta client if I have the last beta client installed already?
  10. We definitely need some changes on the threat system before we loss more players due to broken match making. At this rate, I don’t believe this game can hold on until the engine update arrive. Now 1 gold player = 2 silver players, maybe change that number to 3 or 4 would help
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