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  1. this game has had threat segregation removed before. It was an absolute mistake. Thats why they changed it back. This isnt going to help Jericho at all, but be the final nail in the coffin.
  2. I wouldnt count on the engine upgrade. Not sure why people are still holding on hope for it...
  3. his january update said that the current team could not get the upgrade in a working state and that they would have to outsource the work and hire some engineers to work on it. Literally dont hold your breath or count on the engine upgrade ever coming into fruition.
  4. There are never 2 populated servers on jericho. At max its barely 1 half full district.
  5. You're bored? Mr. JoinedFebuary2021. Imagine waiting for the engine update since it was promised in 2012. Next.
  6. no. lack of population is killing this game. You already have barely enough in a district to even GET a mission. Take out premades and youll just be playing missions with no op.
  7. ive been maxed out on multiple characters for years. The game has the FUN factor right, and you dont need progression to want to play. I do agree lack of NEW maps or content is making it a tad stagnant but having literally noone to play against makes it just not worth it. Also ive been logging in throughout the day and never had issues getting op on EU but NA is just dead. I havent had any latency issues thus far. Been working fine for me. Are you referring to the mythical engine upgrade? I wouldnt hold my breath, theyve been promising it to us "next quarter" since 2012. The new engine isnt going to magically save the game either im not sure why people are under the impression its going to do some sort of voodoo and bring this game back to life. With the pandemic, and all the issues the current team is having with the engine upgrade (they cant even do it and they have to outsource it to find someone that CAN make it work) im not too optimistic that it will ever see the light of day. They could have built an entire new APB game in the amount of time theyve worked at trying to make that engine work with APB. So Matt said he was only going to market the game AFTER the engine upgrade, and hes already stated his team cant handle it...so....in the meantime something needs to be done or this game will quite literally die. There arent enough players currently and im not sure how theyre even staying afloat. Im sure theyre bleeding money on this.
  8. Lets face it. We all know its coming. Jericho on a good night has MAYBE 20 people on total in mission districts. That's it. Its a literal graveyard, with most nights no active districts at all. The pop on Jericho has been dwindling for months and its finally just crashed. Ive been playing some on Citadel which has a much more active player base, but all my stuff isn't over there When can we expect a merge? because it really needs to happen.
  9. I remember the days when GM's would hang out in districts and ban hammer people on the spot, put people in time out for making barricades, or mute people for being overly vulgar. I miss those days
  10. Razer user here. Ive used all razer mice and keyboards and synapse since it was released with this game. Ive played for years and never been kicked for having razer peripherals or for having synapse running ever.
  11. I distinctly remember a blog post by G1 prior to the LO acquisition that detailed the issues they (G1) were running into with the Engine upgrade. There were pictures of faces melting off of npcs, elongated limbs, etc because of some issue they had copying existing models over to the new engine. I cannot find it, because all blog posts prior to the acquisition have been deleted. They were working on it and showed progress sometimes but that was the first time they literally showed images of the issues they were facing.
  12. Right now prime time on a weekend, there are 34 people on a bronze, 18 on a silver. we cant even fill ONE district to max if you combine the players from both. segregation is making people dethreat to get into the bigger bronze district just so they have a chance at playing someone different than the same team over and over. Our population is literally dead. You cant segregate an already limited playerbase and expect it to suddenly thrive. It IS currently segregated and obviously its doing little and making things worse.
  13. remember when saturdays used to be the best days to play because everyone was home and playing?? I just logged in and theres only one mission district with a population for people to actually get a mission....7 cops and 4 crims. Bronze district. So sad. only 64 total people online and most are in social district.
  14. im aware of how it was. I totally agree threat needs to be removed.
  15. You do realize that if youre on even ground with the enemy you can shoot their feet under the car right? its pretty easy to kill someone using a car for cover. Its essentially the same thing as shooting them through a window.
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