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  1. well peanut, when I say that, I mean Ive blown through all the content on not one, but 4 different characters and its the same every time. Its the same shit we already have. literally do something new. Its not that hard.
  2. well I speak from someone who's been here from day one. Its the same shit different skin every "update". If you're happy with the same thing over and over in a different package, thats on you.
  3. Dear Matt, No one cares about new contacts. We want a NEW DISTRICT. Finish Asylum and make it the mission district it was intended to be! JFC give us something actually NEW. If you're going to give us new contacts, put them in a new district! This is more same old same old.
  4. I mean its not like you tested this at all.... #sarcasm
  5. So Ive noticed when I die, I drop my weapon. When I kill someone I can pick up whatever gun they were using. Is this intentional? I seriously hope not....
  6. Shimmer

    Discord Overlay Error

    Just wanted to let yall know if you are CRASHING or getting a APB reloaded is out of disc space error after launching after the latest patch and you are running discord and have overlays on, disable the discord overlays. EAC must think they are a hack *shrug*
  7. Make sure you are running APB as administrator. I apparently wasn't and this fixed my issue.
  8. This...and their first "new content" is a fortnite ripoff game mode...... *eyeroll* How about finishing Asylum for a mission district like it was intended to be....or some actual "new content"
  9. you can disagree all you want....but facts are facts. This was implemented when the server pop was much healthier and didn't work. It didn't work because people complained because servers didn't get full and they had no opp. It. Didnt. Work. Again, disagree all you want, it just tried and tested and failed. Also, you're an idiot if you think threat is an ACTUAL indicator of player skill. Ive carried my friend who literally cant kill anyone up to gold. Hes gold, but doesnt mean hes good. He goes silver when he plays by himself, and im 100% sure if we didn't play with him he'd be bronze. Ive seen someone gold one day and green the next. Its absolutely 0 indication of player skill.
  10. This was done way back in the day, and threat locked districts did not work. Our server population would not support this then, and it absolutely doesn't now. We barely fill one district on a good night. I know it sounds ideal to you, but you'd be even more upset if they were removed. As you can see from the screenshots you submitted, that judging someone based on their threat, is unreliable as threat is easily manipulated as these players are in those screenshots. Just because you *think* you're grouped with silvers, doesn't mean they are actually silvers, and are probably just golds that dethreated just so they could join the district to have someone to play against. Rank is also never a good indication of someones skill, as people who have been banned or just wanted a new character re roll. I've been face rolled by a R9 plenty. Simply put, if they removed gold threat players from the bronze district, you would literally have no opposition or be waiting 30 min to an hour before you got a match against anyone. Also removing them does nothing because they can just dethreat and come right back. Until our server population is more healthy, and at least quadruple what it is now (which it hasn't been for the past few years and has been steadily declining), this simply is not a feasible solution. what needs to happen is threat being removed entirely as it literally means nothing as players can be whatever threat they want.
  11. Title. Cant load into any mission district or social. Not just me, my husband is unable to as well.
  12. So I was playing and must have hit a button and now there are no overhead indicators for mission objectives, or group or team members. It will only show if i open the map, but I have to keep opening the map to find objectives.... i checked the controls and dont see anything listed there for keybinding and logged out and back in.
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