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  1. Ive played since RTW, and never EVER had this happen. We removed someone from our team who was trolling and stunning and killing us. So I removed him and called for backup hoping we would get some ACTUAL backup, and we got him again as backup and couldnt remove him as he no longer had a demerit as a new team member..... like I have said this has never happened to me before, did they change something to allow this now?
  2. Except thats not what they really are. The volunteer GM do this: Assist players in the game, be it to fix technical issues or share game knowledge. Monitor the chat, making sure that all players are following our rules. Reporting cheaters to our support. Reporting players who are not following our Terms of Service or Code of Conduct. Help the community grow, while maintaining order. they need to have the REAL gms come back in game like they used to before LO decided to make these wanna be gms
  3. THREAT is your color (ie bronze green silver gold) rank is your level in game IE 255 is a RANK. it is impossible to "de rank" or lose rank unless you delete the character and start over. Dethreating is losing the threat color...going from gold to silver to bronze etc
  4. Because thats not a REAL gm. they have these volunteer "gms" that are basically glorified forum mods. They only come in and look tough but they dont have any actual powers. we need to have some REAL gms in game to actually do something about some of these people. The volunteers arent actually GM's so lets stop calling them that.
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