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  1. Can you ban on site? Do you have the full GM abilities to teleport around the district, fly wherever you want, appear wherever you want? All you can do is report what you see. The reason you see the game "almost exactly as another player" is because all you are is another player, just with a few extra commands. You are virtual police and you arent even getting paid.
  2. working on it but still happens. Guess they are working on fixing it the same time the engine upgrade "comes"
  3. why anyone would volunteer to do this unpaid is beyond me. You arent even a full gm, have limited gm abilities, and are basically a glorified forum mod. Thats it. Heres a thought, hire some ACTUAL GM's to police the districts. I miss the days when they would show up and ban hammer the griefers etc.
  4. that persons threat wont change if they are negative points. Without context its hard to prove that person was dethreating. He may have accidentally osmawed his teams car IDK but with negative points it has no effect on threat, same with the teammate with 0 points. You cant effect your threat with 0 points. Maybe osmaw was mad other player wasnt playing and took out his anger on him. Dethreating isnt "back", it never went away. Why? Because of the very reason you mentioned. Our server population does not support threat segregated districts. its been literally YEARS since we have had an healthy enough population to segregate districts. People want to play so they DT to get into the full district. They need to remove threat completely. It is completely meaningless as it is so easily manipulated.
  5. Its not like they dont know how to lower their threat. Im not yelling at anyone Im just saying the gold vs lower threat isnt going to go away. They need to remove threat entirely. Theres not enough players to support the segregated districts.
  6. sometimes I accidentally ready because of habit before I invite my teammates to group. Abandonmission allows us to group up before we have opposition. Or if we have a friend come on late we can leave mission and add them to get a new mission. In the grand scheme of things, there are much more pressing things to have them work on then removing the /abandonmission feature.... Well the reality is there will be golds vs lower threats because of server population. There isn't a healthy population in any threat group to sustain a district of that color with decent district population.
  7. I dont see the problem. If you dont want to be cussed out, use /ignore. This is all on you.
  8. Hi you must be new here. Theyve been saying "its coming this year" since 2012. Dont hold your breath because its unlikely the upgrade will ever see the light of day.
  9. well peanut, when I say that, I mean Ive blown through all the content on not one, but 4 different characters and its the same every time. Its the same shit we already have. literally do something new. Its not that hard.
  10. well I speak from someone who's been here from day one. Its the same shit different skin every "update". If you're happy with the same thing over and over in a different package, thats on you.
  11. Dear Matt, No one cares about new contacts. We want a NEW DISTRICT. Finish Asylum and make it the mission district it was intended to be! JFC give us something actually NEW. If you're going to give us new contacts, put them in a new district! This is more same old same old.
  12. So Ive noticed when I die, I drop my weapon. When I kill someone I can pick up whatever gun they were using. Is this intentional? I seriously hope not....
  13. Shimmer

    Discord Overlay Error

    Just wanted to let yall know if you are CRASHING or getting a APB reloaded is out of disc space error after launching after the latest patch and you are running discord and have overlays on, disable the discord overlays. EAC must think they are a hack *shrug*
  14. Make sure you are running APB as administrator. I apparently wasn't and this fixed my issue.
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