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  1. Looks cool, still no reason for me to download APB again tho. When was 3.5 EU again?
  2. Also needs a chatfunction so we can post stuff like, called it, cheater down and other toxic reactions to make it complete. Its all part of the APB experience. :^)
  3. Puck was best support. Whenever i had a problem id send in a ticket and got a copy pasted reply back not even related to my problem. Its kindoff a nostalgic thing you know?
  4. Oh yes, it was trollishly meant but also a stab at the fact that the current matchmaking system is still inadequate, broken, not working or however you want to put it. Obviously dethreathing is still a problem but you should be able to play with friends.
  5. But what if a gold wants to play with his green buddy? Or does playing APB means one cant play with friends? :^)
  6. Even if there where no cheats for APB, i bet you there'd still be hackusations flying left and right :^)
  7. Better lower those expectations, if its getting released this year its probably gonna run like shit. :^) Seeing as how Riot was a complete success.
  8. Honestly, was this a surprise? Most of us are waiting for the EU for which we'll start playing again only to find out the game still runs like dogshit and we'll just quit again. Vicious cycle of a Dedgaem :^)
  9. Sounds like a case of spaghetti coding. You change one thing somewhere and it changes 69 other things somewhere else :^)
  10. Its ok Matt, maybe next year! Dont know why but i have a feeling that even if it gets released next week, its going to buggy and laggy. :^)
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