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  1. Has Q1 2014 happened yet? Last update from Matt was over 2 weeks ago.
  2. Confirmed 2021 EU? But looking like Q3 / Q4 because of the amount of work still needed?
  3. My face when i see the Engine Update thread's last post was over 3 weeks ago
  4. That is awesome, thanks for sharing this!
  5. This also means the 6 year Anniversary of the Q1 2014 meme. :^) Congratulations
  6. Hype, can't wait to see how it runs. Will these benchmarks be done on different (lower end - mid range) PCs? Not just on those core I9s and RTX Titans that make you reach 420fps on 4k.
  7. "new content" :^) Also, strong move on putting the new gun behind a gambling wall. Glad LO took that long hard look at JMBs.
  8. I haven't seen any cheaters. I haven't played for the past couple of years either.
  9. The link is giving me a "403 forbidden" error. Also, im sure this patch will get more people to play! :^)
  10. I think you did a typo in "#JerichoDEAD". You probably meant #GameDEAD.
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