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  1. "providing fun content" JMB = "fun content"? Lmao :^)
  2. "new content" :^) Also, strong move on putting the new gun behind a gambling wall. Glad LO took that long hard look at JMBs.
  3. I haven't seen any cheaters. I haven't played for the past couple of years either.
  4. The link is giving me a "403 forbidden" error. Also, im sure this patch will get more people to play! :^)
  5. I think you did a typo in "#JerichoDEAD". You probably meant #GameDEAD.
  6. like a lot of things :^) but ye, its very hard to report them i know exactly 0 Cyrillic characters so...
  7. Have you tried verifying it on steam? Reinstalling it? Rebooted your pc?
  8. We are almost below 400 players avg daily, according to steamcharts. More then i expected at this point. If we follow the trend of 100 less players every half year, this game still has 2 years of life left. :^) Depending on your definition of "life".
  9. Forums provide a more enjoying, less buggy and laggy gameplay experience at the moment compared to APB. its totally not PayToWin and completely hackerman free. :^)
  10. Gotta keep the Engine Upgrade bait going or no one will buy the "new" ARMAS stuff. :^)
  11. I'm pretty sure APBs "Q1 2014" meme rivals it tho. :^)
  12. That moment when you realise, Star Citizen will probably release earlier then the EU.
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