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  1. No problem Matt, we can wait. Another year doesn't really mean much to us. And it's not Q1 2014 yet. :^) /sarcasm It's better to wait longer and get things done proper then to release it broken.
  2. It's the stutter yeah, but its a hell of a lot more than occasional. Timed that stutter down and its happening once every minute or 2 here. And no, im not using the 780 as a dedicated physx card. xD Triple 1080p monitor setup. Got 1 monitor running of the 780 and the other 2 on the 1070ti. Stutter occurs on both cards tho. Doesn't change in frequency either. So my guess it's related to APB using only 1 cpu core. Can't clock it higher either, stablest i could get it 4.6ghz. Even went as far to test if i could get it higher by disable cores / threads but alas.
  3. It's the game. i7 4930k @ 4.6ghz OC / 32gb RAM / GTX 1070ti / GTX 780 OC here and APB can't maintain a stable fps. Meanwhile i can play the Division 2 on Ultra++ 1080p@60fps having no issues. EU 3.5 coming soon tho. So maybe improvements?
  4. Life is significantly cheaper there aswell. I mean if i want to get my hair done in Russia i pay what? €2 maybe €3. In the Netherlands i pay €20 to get my hair done and another €15 if i want to get my neckbeard done with my salary being roughly 5 times that of 300$ = €265 (5*265=€1325). But alas, off-topic. Anyway, it sucks that it appearantly has to go this way. I still hope for you guys that Innova responds with those payment records.
  5. What Matt is offering seems to be a decent lifeline. Atleast you get to play on those characters with some of the stuff transferred instead of just shutting down the server and be done with it like Innova did. And if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to log in on your account after the transfer.
  6. About 1500 euro from 2011 to 2015 or so. Talk about regrets :^) It became pretty clear former G1 was never gonna deliver that engine upgrade and new content so i stopped spending. Voting with ur wallet is the only right you have these days.
  7. Lets not do that shall we? Tho i do admit this game needs someone with active control to ban the uber blatant but that doesn't have te be Tiggs necessarily right?
  8. Great idea. But probably like many great ideas people had for this game its not gonna happen.
  9. Not that i wanna be that guy, but can we get an auto translate into the game?
  10. Pls perma ban this guy. And give the GM a medal.
  11. Vote with your wallet. Its the only right you have these days.
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