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  1. Thnx captain obvious... Also i suggest some anger management counceling.
  2. Talking about stuff after the EU while we STILL don't even have a release date yet. :^)
  3. Ah, the old "making a phonecall". Dont fix this, please. For nostalgia reasons.
  4. Citadel population is low aswell. When a game dips below 1000 concurrent daily players its in a really bad position. Especially when those less then 1000 players are from multiple continents. :^) This game needs the engine upgrade so it can finally run decent and 5 years worth of content that has been late since waybackwhen.
  5. I dont see anything wrong here. Just normal server performance :^)
  6. 4 weeks last time i checked Might wanna consider playing something different in the meantime :^)
  7. Calm your feminine features OP :^) Lmao that censor
  8. This game is standing with both legs and an arm in a grave and u wanna throw money at it? That is some serious dedication my man. :^)
  9. You need atleast 18-core Core i9 10980XE with 64gb RAM and 2 x Titan RTX in SLI to get 30fps for APB. It still wont be a stable FPS tho. Cmon everybody knows this. :^) In all seriousness tho, we all know its the game. Its garbage. Only hope we have is that the EU will improve it. And indeed not everyone is hacking. Some just are good players. If you suspect someone send ur evidence to support and move on. But dont forget it probably takes longer for you to collect the evidence and to send it to support then for him to make a new account. So personally i wouldnt even bother, but hey thats me. :^)
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