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  1. Whitehat is someone that finds holes/flaws in systems and informs the company or organization about said holes/flaws so they can be patched. Usually they are also called Pentester or Penetration Tester. The term Forensic IT Specialist falls under it aswell as they investigate how someone got in and abused an allready compromised system. Blackhat is someone who wants to use said system for malicious or other purposes for which the system wasnt designed or intended. A Blackhat usually doesnt destroy as the goal is manipulation or information gathering for monetary gain or political purpose. The term hacker is used for both these days. A DDoS can be a form of blackhat "hacking" as you are disrupting a working service for ones own evil purposes. But if Matt decided to DDoS APB himself for testing purposes it would be a form of Whitehat. :^) 40Gbps DDoS attack. Thats some serious dedication on nuking a ded game. :^)
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