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  1. FFBans was better content then APB right now.
  2. 220~ish players at peak according to steamcharts (probably on Citadel). No release date for the Engine Update (im assuming its not gonna be released this year either). Reading the thread for the EU gives me the idea that they still need months if not years to finish it.
  3. Remember when gamersfirst said the Engine Upgrade was almost completed waaaaaaay back in 2013 / 2014? 2022 is coming up fast and we still don't have a release date.
  4. Lets go full thinfoil hat here. What if the original G1 lied about the progress that was made on the EU and how close it was to releasing when LO bought APB. Half a year after the purchase LO finds out it needs years of development for release. The only option left for LO is to finish the EU and release it or write APB off as a financial loss. And they choose the former, so here we are, no release date in sight and possibly another year(s) of development. :^)
  5. Do people actually celebrate the birthday of something that died a while back? I don't think its healthy. :^)
  6. The Q1 2014 meme will be 8 years old next year. :^)
  7. Anyone else remember the old G1 saying that the engine update was really close to completion?
  8. I can see the Q1 2014 meme become a decade old. :^)
  9. Has Q1 2014 happened yet? Last update from Matt was over 2 weeks ago.
  10. Confirmed 2021 EU? But looking like Q3 / Q4 because of the amount of work still needed?
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