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  1. Its been what 4 years since LO took over? We don't even have a release date for whatever they are working on. The progres speaks for itself. Also i can foresee GTA 6 release supposedly 2025 before APB getting an update.
  2. Do you really need Kevlar 3? The shine on that patootie is like a flashbang, nobody will be able to hit u anyway
  3. I can already foresee these updates being posted for a month or 2 following a 6 month silence with a post somewhere saying this plan was aswel.
  4. I remember drawing something similar to this back in elementary school.
  5. This. I still have a bet on making it to Q1 2024 without any new content (armas doesnt count).
  6. No release dates for anything? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  7. NFT's in APB are what we need boys we are going to the moon
  8. what if the sale of APBs IP to someone in China was a front for doing some money laundering
  9. Just like no news is good news right?
  10. It's plausible he is undercover there to learn how the russians keep cheating in apb.
  11. Remember when they said we'd get better communication? Pepperidge farms remembers.
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