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  1. Oh i just missed it, how is it coming along?
  2. Some new NPC cars would be nice and maybe some new NPC's for the heck of it.
  3. Why does Matt Scott keep disappearing? What is going on?!
  4. It runs somewhat more stable now but still exited to see if they can improve on it more.. maybe have Chatgpt write the code
  5. Some extra daily rewards would be fun while we are waiting for more content, this 64-bit upgrade is pretty cool.
  6. Hope things will pick up speed from this point, 1.30 dropping was certainly unexpected!
  7. 1.30 is live now and the game runs SO MUCH more stable, looking forward to what's coming next
  8. It was so much fun to block a random street way back in the day, it's not the same as griefing.
  9. Looking forward to this interview. Although people are rightfully skeptical about what they are being told at this point, i believe Matt Scott has honest intentions to sort out APB's messy code and deliver the upgrade.
  10. What exactly is the timeframe for the 64-bit update? 1 or 2 years? i hope they can make the game more stable and bring out cool new stuff.
  11. Guys we have arrived in the future, all kinds of stuff is happening but those rainy days in Asylum are still the same although they have become a little less frequent.
  12. Yeah it's been like 7 years since the IO growl came out? That's the last update i really remember aside from rebalancing and stuff. Do you think there is someone in the world who can make sense of the code behind APB? Maybe AI can do they job, GPT-3 can write entire articles nowadays although i don't know how it does on writing code. Anyway let's see if more will become clear in the upcoming big accouncement. (that was never officially referred to as a big announcement btw) Merged. Another 65 days have passed and still no word from Matt Scott, oh wait too soon.
  13. Oh Matt Scott has confirmed to us his aliveness and he has a big announcement without explicitly saying he has a big announcement. Very interesting, maybe he had found someone who can fix APB or an alien robot AI GF who can fix APB or maybe a ship that can fight underground, I'm hoping for at least one of those things. It may be a red herring but when the alien AI's do come, i'll be sure to point them towards this game.
  14. ''APOLOGIES TO THE COMMUNITY. IT'S NOW BEEN 45 DAYS SINCE MY LAST UPDATE.'' Matt posted that in his second to last post, indeed over half a year ago. At this point i'm expecting an official statement from Little Orbit on Matt's status.. He's not posted anything on anything on public platforms and that's never a good sign. Maybe he has some personal stuff going on and i could very well understand that, but now it feels like we are being ghosted and that is very unprofessional for a company. Again Little Orbit should make a statement if Matt is ok and how the future of APB will look like. I am not a hater and i hope he is doing well and we will hear something good about the state of things.
  15. Incredibly bussy Frustrating Big breakthrough Rabbithole Nightmare TLDR: This is what being ghosted sounds like.
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