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  1. like a lot of things :^) but ye, its very hard to report them i know exactly 0 Cyrillic characters so...
  2. Have you tried verifying it on steam? Reinstalling it? Rebooted your pc?
  3. We are almost below 400 players avg daily, according to steamcharts. More then i expected at this point. If we follow the trend of 100 less players every half year, this game still has 2 years of life left. :^) Depending on your definition of "life".
  4. Forums provide a more enjoying, less buggy and laggy gameplay experience at the moment compared to APB. its totally not PayToWin and completely hackerman free. :^)
  5. Gotta keep the Engine Upgrade bait going or no one will buy the "new" ARMAS stuff. :^)
  6. I'm pretty sure APBs "Q1 2014" meme rivals it tho. :^)
  7. That moment when you realise, Star Citizen will probably release earlier then the EU.
  8. I started up APB on my 7 year old laptop like a year ago. It had funny artifacts and lines drawn over the screen. And no that was not because the IGPU died, lol. Ran about 10 fps.
  9. Rumors has it, that GTA VI is gonna release on next gen consoles. Should be somewhere end 2021 or early 2022. Anyone wanna place bets which gets released earlier? APB Engine Upgrade or GTA VI? :^)
  10. Stable performance and loads of new content (new maps, contacts, game modes, weapons, vehicles) in rapid succession after the EU. Something that gets me to actually log in again would be nice :^)
  11. I recommend professional help from a psychologist. Getting depressed over a game isn't good. :^)
  12. No Engine Upgrade =/= No progress =/= No new "content" (except ARMAS) I want to be on LO's side but i just cant for obvious reasons. Maybe this year it will happen, but i doubt it since there is still no release date or even a hint at Q1, 2, 3 or 4.
  13. Thnx captain obvious... Also i suggest some anger management counceling.
  14. Talking about stuff after the EU while we STILL don't even have a release date yet. :^)
  15. Ah, the old "making a phonecall". Dont fix this, please. For nostalgia reasons.
  16. Citadel population is low aswell. When a game dips below 1000 concurrent daily players its in a really bad position. Especially when those less then 1000 players are from multiple continents. :^) This game needs the engine upgrade so it can finally run decent and 5 years worth of content that has been late since waybackwhen.
  17. I dont see anything wrong here. Just normal server performance :^)
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