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  1. Ah yes the "exciting times at LO" post. Was wondering when we'd get one.
  2. Getting close to the 10 year anniversary of Q1 2014. And we still don't have anything new.
  3. Had a good laugh at this, thanks op. Why do i keep coming here?
  4. You didn't miss much. It was a lot of "would like to do", "should do", "we need to straighten out our plan for this", "we need to sort this out first" etc. Something for SPCT to test by April next year.
  5. All well and good, but as long as there is nothing tangible coming out of LO nothing will change. We still don't even have a release date for anything they are working on. Atleast give us a rough estimate as to what 2023 will bring to APB and deliver on something.
  6. Its been what 4 years since LO took over? We don't even have a release date for whatever they are working on. The progres speaks for itself. Also i can foresee GTA 6 release supposedly 2025 before APB getting an update.
  7. Do you really need Kevlar 3? The shine on that patootie is like a flashbang, nobody will be able to hit u anyway
  8. I can already foresee these updates being posted for a month or 2 following a 6 month silence with a post somewhere saying this plan was aswel.
  9. This. I still have a bet on making it to Q1 2024 without any new content (armas doesnt count).
  10. No release dates for anything? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  11. NFT's in APB are what we need boys we are going to the moon
  12. what if the sale of APBs IP to someone in China was a front for doing some money laundering
  13. Just like no news is good news right?
  14. It's plausible he is undercover there to learn how the russians keep cheating in apb.
  15. $first was a meme back in the day aswell
  16. Remember when they said we'd get better communication? Pepperidge farms remembers.
  17. It's quite the authentic G1 experience.
  18. Highly doubt they are pulling a NMS. Especially since the Engine Upgrade got cancelled before they went silent. Could Matt be working on some form of content update, sure. But i wouldn't hold my breath on that new content saving APB.
  19. Im just waiting for the inevitable post that APB has been sold off to Gamigo. :^)
  20. I can still remember a post from i believe it was Tiggs saying in 2013 / 2014 that the Engine Upgrade was "very close to completion". Also feels like LO bit of more then they could chew, 4 years of LO developing and we still dont have the EU. Its almost as if they kept dangling the EU like a carrot on a stick to keep the community spending $$. :^)
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