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  1. Simpleton

    Log in failed.

    Same problem today...
  2. As per title. I cannot login to the game due to error 8.
  3. Hey guys, so everyone that lurks the APB forums are active players or ex- active players. I saw, that LO is looking for a director for game programming. What game you ask? Well for APB. http://www.littleorbit.com the job post is in the “Jobs” section of their homepage. I don’t want to get my feminine features too jacked, but not gonna lie, they feel pretty damn jacked!
  4. As per title, can anyone from LO say something about the current state you are in, in regards of apb? Please? Pretty please? @MattScott
  5. As per title, Matt, are you killing the project or we can expect something?
  6. Hi, so We’ve all seen the new year blog post regarding the roadmap of 2022. Any progress made in that area?
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