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  1. This would ne a nice one. But - i think you should add some more stuff to the other cars like custom parts and fix their handling aswell. Most of the cars, if not all, are crashing and Spinning around when hitting the sidewalk
  2. ye fk riot just fix the rest of the fkn game! THANKS ALOT!
  3. yeah, that's a quite good idea. i have a star556 "old glory" on my ex nekrova char, ist pretty nice
  4. also the game is not made for highend Computers, or at least for highend Videocards like RTX Cards. It's shit when you have very good videocard but have to Play on the lowest graphical Settings of a 2009 Game to not make it Crash xD
  5. changes in matchmaking will not do anything as Long as Players are dethreating to silver and playing in bronze Servers. when i am playing in silver Servers while being silver, i mostly get matched against Players i cant kill because they are way to good for me. Most of the silvers are not playing in silver Server because of that issue and that's why i think matchmaking changes will not help since you will not get matched against someone with similar skilllevel
  6. Please change something about the ntec. It's way too overpowered bc of its fast ttk and jumpshotting accuracy. Decrease Range of the Ntec (dropoff to 50m), or put the weapon healthdamage on a level of the star (175) But maybe its better to buff all the other Assaultrifles a little to not destroy the only good free AR in the game, even tho i know this will be a lots of work.
  7. please nerf ntec damage ... it's way too op and 75% of players using it bc its extremely good - ursus and new glory are totally useless bc normal ntec is way better in any way!
  8. OSCAR N-Tec Obir Obeya and Obeya FBW Colby .45 Showstopper Thunder
  9. Kakalaki

    Kevlar 3 NVHR Bug

    It don't Need a fix, it's always been like that.
  10. Same here. I'm bored of Clans always making promises like (67+ active members, using discord / ts, teamplay, tactical playing) and wehn i'm in there it's just a handful on discord, mostly i'm playing alone because they are "playing with their friends" that are not in the Clan, and just maybe 10 Players active of 67+ I got several Chars here as you can see in my signature, but i would like to join in an enforcerclan DollyDee is Max Rank Enfo, Hardlander R215 or sth. Enfo Hardlander R225 or sth. Crim The other Chars like legenderi KackiKakalaki are low ranks, because i mostly use them for roleplaying or to annoy People Add me on Discord Hardlander#9818 or send a pm here so we can have a Chat.
  11. i never wrote that you can exceed max rate of fire on a weapon. i explained that you can slow it down to get better accuracy and a constant slower "tapfire lookalike" only Software can detect who is using macro or not
  12. 1) Buy Stabba Pig 2) Buy JG or any Primary Stabba 3) Equip Percussion Grenades 4) When using JG, first onehit Opponent with JG, and Switch to PIG for Stun. When using Stabba Primary, hit opponent one time with primary. 1 round of NL9 or CCG will do When using Persc, hit Opponent with one perc and use PIG for instant stun, or nay other Stabba for fast stun 5) (*here Comes the most important part!) when unlocked the /fart put chars arse to opponents face and do /fart, another nice one is /chicken Thanks for your Guide
  13. good to hear you are working on it, it's real pain in the arse always reboot the game.
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