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  1. add me on discord and i can give you some helpful advice shneedlewoodz#9818
  2. Current Game? Since I know the Game, there was a few new problems when one thing got fixed
  3. one of de besd vidios in long tieme APB, zenk ju vor so mucho inpressiones Seniore
  4. ich suche auch noch Leute mit denen ich wieder zsm spielen kann
  5. Kakalaki

    LF clan

    i added you in dc
  6. Moin ich wäre dabei. Habe mehrere Chars auf Max Level. Bin aber sicher nicht mehr so gut. Habe fast nen Jahr nicht gespielt und bin glaube save silber. Kannst mich ja gern mal im Discord adden. Hardlander#9818
  7. Kakalaki

    Kicked by BattleEye

    ye i have the same problem and didnt got any help since 3 Months now. Nice that my Premium time is running out and i cant even play 2 minutes without being kicked. And you guys always blaming the mouse and keyboard software lol. Even when anything is disabled im getiing kicked - im not even using logitech software no more when starting apb, what means that my mouse, keyboard and headset are not working properly no more, which is pretty bad when i member that i paid more than 300 Euros for this ...
  8. I also dont know what's the problem. I dont have anything on that could cause the kick. Also i never had that problem with BE before. I was away for a month and suddenly i got that problem and don't know why. I sent a ticket to BE to see if they can help, i guess that's the best thing to do
  9. I have the same problem. No Autoit on my pc but always getting the message "You were kicked by BattlEye for the following reason: Disallowed Program [AutoIt]" The mose i'm using is a Logitech G600, but even when the mousesoftware isnt running i'm getting kicked. It's frustrating
  10. the servers are under maintenance every wednesday, starting 11am utc
  12. ye i know about the backupcodes, but unfortunately i can't find the sheet where i noted them no more aswell ... i think the next time i will put it somewhere into my cars papers
  13. Hmm ok. I'll try that out. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hi. I have a huge problem. My mobile broke and now i cant access to my G1 Account and tho game no more because it wants me to use 2 Factor Authentication. I had google authenticator on my phone. That means i cant open ticket and i cant contact support Please Help me
  15. sounds good, but to me there is one problem - skilllevel how do you think it will improve the matchmaking for bronze or silver player when he is being opposed to a goldie and gets his arse whipped? it will not make him learn anything, but that he cant keep up with a goldie, so what's the matter of that? The System needs to separate players into skilllevels and oppose them with ppl with similar skill. The thing we have right now with districts without threatrestriction is the right way, but you shouldnt get matched by joining specific server, The system should calculate and put you to a district with ppl matching your skill - something like a lobby - and if you are a bronze or silver, you shouldnt play vs golds every 2nd mission bc there is 40 players on the opposite only. I hope you know what i mean.
  16. BUMP --- STILL NOT FIXED! Always after changing characters, the mission objects arent shown no more. When are you going to fix that? Its a hazzle because most of the players have more than one char and when swapping weapons over to another char, you always have to keep in mind to close the game, in order to not have that shitty annoying bug...
  17. agreed ... left the game two months ago and and it became even worse. i just came to check the new EU Servers never seen more rubbish ... gg !!!
  18. always discussing the same shit over and over again, can't understand you're not even sick about it
  19. no it's not, it's just that you clearly don't understand the sense between a question that has to be answered and a thread about a totally different Thing i don't even care about because it's already been discussed to death for sereral times and you just heating up cold coffee again ... please answer my question or Keep calm and stop flooding that thread with useless Information not hitting the Point. @Amayiiplease Close the the thread, Looks like i don't get an answer to my question and ppl going crazy again ...
  20. that's why i wrote it's important to fix bug and glitches before doing an upgrade of the engine and importing all the stuff again or maybe even worse
  21. lol you dont seem to understand me. I don't know if don't want to or if i just should translate into german. Also you are only reading the stuff you want to read and you want to understand. I will type in german for you so maybe you can understand what i mean. "We just dont Need a new engine" sollte heißen, wie brauchen nicht nur eine neue engine ... Was hilft uns ein neues Update wenn es immer noch so viele Bugs gibt? Wir brauchen auch neue Kontakte und mehr Inhalte um das Spiel für die alten Spieler interessanter zu machen, da diese sonst über kurz oder lang das Spiel verlassen werden.
  22. "normal conversation" that doesnt have anything to do with the thread .... make an own threat if you want to moan about nfas and thumper but dont spam that thread full of useless Information not telling me when the ntec changes are going live !
  23. dude i never said we Need no update xD what i meant is that an update only doesnt help us. we Need to get bugs fixed, and Content updates, new contacts, weapons, more permanent guns for ingame currency and also new map. otherwhise the old Players will not stay in the game.
  24. that's what you get of skipping School! NOTHING. GO BACK TO SCHOOL, LEARN AND GET A JOB!
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