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  1. LilyV3

    IR3 Preset Refund

    which is and was just another reason to be cautions to buy them, o consider if you REALLY need to have it.
  2. LilyV3

    IR3 Preset Refund

    and this kids is why you never buy rpeset crap, yo pay as much as for open slotted ones and are stuck with it and any stupid balance idea the devs do to mods. NOPE, no value of money in those.
  3. nah in a team of 4 you just drive a trashtruck in the frotn and two on the sides of the cisco XD
  4. LilyV3

    EU vs US

    nah, Obeya best, joker second best. but then G1 renamed obeya and moved joker people to crapland. @socks, at leats we can play togethr now on EU, come over here, you spent so much money on this agme you probably have all armas account wide anyways.
  5. But it's a step in the right direction. It's a slow process... seems like instead of going from class to class, they are trying to go by what's used least and finding ways for those weapons to be more relevant, which has worked very well in other games. Like you said, shotguns seem so strong because they are a distance niche weapon.. the same way a sniper or obeys would seem op if you're both in the open with some distance between you How si that a step into the right direction? you have made oen weaon relevant and other sirrelevant that is just an exchange and no step into any right direction of balance. A right step is if they now get used more while not killing the existence of another wepaon. And this seems to have not happened. The changs creating a binary meta are never good changes if there isn't another change coming to tone down the shotguns again so they reach a competetive level they now substituded completely.
  6. balance wise every gun is broken that creates an exclusive meta for it's niche. The change made people use shotguns in cqc now instead oca/PMGSo all they did is breaking the old CQC meta for a new one. but thats not a fix from the point of balance.
  7. dunno, atm we have soooo many guns but only a hand full of them are usd due to bad balance. we really need a better balance, otherwise the only point of these wepaons coming alive would be reskins of existing ones.
  8. LilyV3

    i just had a scary thought

    nah, nature doesn't waste, some tiny being surely nourish from it and its gone quickly, so oceans just contain a lot of peoples juice's poop.
  9. fun = winning - Common APB player. I really really miss when everoyne in our group had its own wepaon choices and car choices, now everyone uses the same all day
  10. and how long will it take untl those lesser good aiming people now gonna use shotties with triggerbots because they get mad being 2 shotted all day?
  11. we need the old idea implemented about district crossign MM, sure won't stop dethreathing but will make no one ale to hide in bronze, they killa few bbronzes go up to silver and need to face silvers again. That will finally make the effort of dethreating way to big to be worth it.
  12. the previous IR3 had a downside too, but both, the new and old just ipacted specific weapons where the downside even came to work. so all it did now is shifted the affected wepaons, but it did sadly shift in a way making stronger weapons stronger and not so strong ones weaker. Becuase devs seem to have focussed way to muvh on IOR3 and its effect on shotguns. its called improved rifling to imporfe well rfiles doing the rifle job (longer range engagements) but they do now screw up more rifles than anythign else. the % affection for example hurts a 0,7s ttk weapons much less than a 1,2second weapon. So for balance, LO either needs to make mos restricted for specific wepaon categories and add new ones for those typoes, or better not fiddle around to much with the mods. Mod changes will always impact different wapons a lot more different. Thats the same non workign approach they do in MWO, when they wanna nerf meta build peole use on their emchs and just scerw the inferiormechs more because the are impacted much worse than those th change was supposed to affect.
  13. LilyV3

    What did you eat for lunch today?

    champignons filled with a mix of grinded emat and cheese + rice.
  14. yes please, finally debundle these cloth.
  15. yep you are equally bad at knowing whats going on in proper gameplay as in the community, so better stop trusting these vibes, N-HVR's were always meta and at no point "not" meta. the usual proper skilled meta using gold runs around with n-tec or N-HVR like 95% of its time. The IR change now just made snipers even better and hurts most other long range rifle,s the N-tec is only affected in CQC because thats the only time you might fully spray in a facehugging moment. And on any long range engagement, N-tec never used the RoF, so all the IR does now is ranging 2m further without reducing the performance since at those ranges N-tects shot slower anyways. And this means the gap for the N-HVR just widened, especially since now guns like OBIR and Obeya using IR got nerfed since their used RoF at these ranges was efficiently reduced. Mybe you should join WASP, pretty sure that even they can still teach you a lot basics you seem not to know., What's your problem? that's a good thing. In terms of balance making a meta gun even better is the biggest fail an attemp could make. Do you even know what balance means, or the point of it?