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  1. Little Orbit wants to offer the service to germany, so those symbols are forbidden by law in germany https://www.ida-nrw.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Texte_zum_Download/Rechtsextremismus/Rheims_Symbole_Rechte_Szene.pdf and therefore LO needs to keep the game clean of them. Otherwise legal consequences could follow. Not sure what else changed since the blogpost of "drawing the line" which made genitals and body fluids invalid symbols too.
  2. yes thats the right thread that should be,, it should be pinned on top, because between all the pinned stuff it just slipped off the first page already. It's anyway sin a questionable location, because weekly maintenance would not belong into the game update section. It should be pinned in the server status category.
  3. this is great good for everyone who palys the game for years Guess we do not consider the game has new players or gets them right?
  4. also, lets not forget the small text ingame saying check forum need "more details"
  5. but aren't we just gettign regular maintenance? that shouldn't be out of some extraordinary things and then giving a leats a minimu downtime prevents people from having to try it every hour when it's like 3 hours
  6. At least a post with the link to that G1 page would be good.
  7. thx, interesting we have to go to the g1 site now and don't get that info from the forum anymore. Just a bit sad that they don't give us estimated downtimes anymore.
  8. so how long is it usually? Wasn't thee a thread in the past telling us when weekly maintenance is? or am I just too blind to find that Thread?
  9. just deliver a few inbetween missions when you wait to get the mission started. being enfo and having to find stolen ones first can be much more annoying, so grinding it is probably the worst way to do it.
  10. CA3 is fine, it is the other ones that lack a purpose which is caused by the way how APB plays. No CA is WAY too long before hp regenration starts it keeps you out of play for so long that soe opponents can spawn faster which is an own issues by itself, but not caused by CA3. Assassin 3 ? 15% more damage? you know how much thse kind of thinsg absolutely BREAK weapons and it's balance? just calculate this into how it alters ttk's on specific guns. Character mods shall never affect damage taken or damage done. CA is not OP, it's just the only one not being crap.
  11. No seriously, citadell is a hell hole compared to jericho. I play on both and its REALLY BAD lately (since the halloween event ended) on citadel. And the difference between soeone botting and someone playing good is very visual over there. Mostly because hardly anyone hides it anymore. LO really needs to do something.
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