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  1. depends on what you mean with dizzy, they have no complex nervous System. But they can get vertigo, due to having an organ of equillibrium. of course thats just a simple opinion based on basic knowledge and not some scientific whatever.
  2. The issue started to become present with the new mods. carsurfer removed the need for more than 2 Door cars. mobile Spawn made cars requiring durability. This made people switch to the Vegas and the Pioneer/Espacio because they have high health and in case of vegas also high speed and extreme acceleration in the 4x$ variant of the vegas. maybe the t25 could somewhat compete in there, but it still has those big ugly unpaintable plastic parts. I would think a rework is needed give more health to all cars in the lower health section. Remove some ramming power from the Vegas, it is ridiculous high. it will make people have to lern steering it and not running straight through things. Change mods. Steel plating needs a change, it is a % based mode, which means high health cars benefit much more of it than low health cars. Also, it does not affect grenades, the car spawners most present enemy. So when vehicle health is more balanced let these mods add a plain number of health, like SP 1 +100 health top speed -1 SP2 + 150 helath top speed -1,5 SP3 + 200 health top speed -2 that way we get better protection vs grenades AND bullets + it will affect all cars more fair. Same with ramming plate, high ramming power cars get a HUGE buff while low ramming power cars get nearly nothing but sadly most low ramming power cars have low health and therefore suffer the full negative consequences from being rammed. This is not good at all. And Chassis Strengthening has the same issue. Flat added values would also help much more for a fair gain for all cars than just % numbers. A real cool feature for probably some post Engine upgrade would be car tuning. which allows the player to upgrade low tier cars to be faster and more durable outside of Car mods, which then comes with higher spawn costs. So that these cars do close the gab to the top tier cars and car choice turns more into a choice of a style than performance reasons. in the end clothing never had an impact as protection as well, and if it had everyone would wear the most protective ones. So lets transfer a part of this "Style first" ideology of the game onto cars as well.
  3. and even form an EU point of view it feels dead to "back then"
  4. is that you before waxing?
  5. it didn't ever needed a "new level" it would be sufficient to stay healthy and working, which is what didn't happen. CS never went on a new level as well. A good game needs to just stay good and probably get some graphic improvements from time to time. And ontop of that 7 years now comes LO not having changed anything. So not letting the game degrade is for now more than enough that we need.
  6. I am honestly not sure which of the 2 versions is the players view. Objectively spoken we have not seen anything "new" from LO. We have, unbanning of cheaters, which G! did as well several times. We have a new anticheat that is effective like a plant type Pokemon vs Fire. That's what G1 did too. We have a new game mode that no one really plays, that's what g1 did as well. LO works on the new Engine, like G1 did for a long time as well. We have a JMB release, which G1 did as well. so yes objectively LO atm is just like G1 2.0 But nothing that LO does will help changing anything if the games performance and the server ones doesn't improve. Not even the most innovate awesome and cooles game mode will work when people lag around. So the Engine upgrade to be finished is that ONE and ONLY thing APB needs right now, given it's results improve those 2 Aspects. Then antic cheat measures and proper matchmaking are the second need the game has. and when this works somewhat properly then we can get new features because only then will new features be enjoyable. Might be that LO does things different from G1 but right now at the Customers end, nothing really changed.
  7. if you like to waste your time, you could come to me, clean my room, vacuum the living room and do dishes.
  8. And I wanted to quite him not you xD things went wrong you were never ever actually quoted
  9. easy fix: everyone spawns with a worn out haz mat granting more time.
  10. Let me be one of them people telling you you are crazy. TzickyT you are Crazy D : you don't know TzickyT?
  11. Hello Matt, I really wonder how you will utilize the new anticheat. What will it's role be? help you investigate? if so, which crew will you have to monitor all the people reported? The thing with APB is we have 2 kinds of cheaters, the endless instant rerollers, and the ones keeping way too long in the game. Manually investigating, if you have the manpower, would prevent the secondo ne, which definitely is a good thing, but it will not really much prevent the first one. A proper configured FF would be the only way to detect the rage rerolling hackers going on full mad settings. No one because according to high elitists golds there aren't any cheaters, just bad silvers of course not, but let us not ignore the fact that Fortnite and it's success is responsible for all the other games now starting to copy it. Hardly many game gave any F about such a mode until it went superpopular again. So it is in the end the attemp to copy fortnites way of success. I woudl love a lot more of a territory control gamestyle, but not even TF2 kept evolving on that mode.
  12. It is a matter of game design and fairness. The game was designed to not provide a crosshair in specific situations. And no matter how much people claim to know the center of their screen, I am sure no one knows pixel exactly where this is. Now we have said screens able to project crosshairs and other easy methods to get one permanently which would never be able to be controlled by LO. This circumvents the intended mechanic and therefore we should for fairness reasons just get an permanent optional center dot for APB by LO. In the end what does APB lose? The crosshair which isn't there in specific situations? Has that ever really added a very relevant "feature" to the game? I don't think so.
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