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  1. LilyV3

    IR3 Preset Refund

    might be that they don't come with open slots, but that doesn't makes the choice to buy them better because you are still stuck with the problem of mods being changed and ending with a crap weapon. Hands off these things at all.
  2. going and having to byu ammo form the vendor machiens was once supposed to be a feature of the living immersive City San Paro was suppsoed to be. In GTA I also have t go to the stupid Ammunation. It's not taking that much time to be a reason to cry about. if new players would play the Tutorial they would know this, because thats covered in the Tutorial.
  3. hello bait, this is dad, nice to meet you.
  4. *le sigh* what game are you even playing?
  5. LilyV3

    So this is a thing now

    where are you from? Ameri, oops my wooden hosue is gone in the wind country?
  6. makes one wonder what the CM requirements were, many of them seem not to be able to even know the guidelines/rules.
  7. No they quit because the game runs bad on client and serverside, cheaters are still an issues (at leats on Citadell). And yes noob protection and matchmaking has its issues especially with dethreathing. @Op we had no Threat districts and no one was there anymore playing on them. If you make this the default mode you just lose even more people.
  8. and lootboxes, Why risk money when you can buy something for sure?
  9. text 2 speech for your lazy butt.
  10. hey matt, you cna still slap the 4 Slot Moirai into those contacts, thats at leats a car not available yet with 4 slots. (only via Armas). + any chances we get the han cellante back as a customizeable car?
  11. LilyV3

    Light machine guns in apb.

    their role is so niche and tin that hardly anyone uses them. an Alig at best at times, but thats it, becaue it has a role due to the AV ability. Also, what about the swarm's? have they been chaged lately? their weird horizontal recoil was always pretty bad.
  12. Dunno, google search is highly affected by a persons searching and internet habits I for example do not get that kind of screen, so we might question where you hang around. (but we don't hae to because thats your past chasing you there i guess :P) at least googling apb screenshot gives me this
  13. because only weird people understand other weird people :D
  14. pretty sure 31m isn't much, just loo at those people with laods of legendaries in the aucton, they pretty surely haea lot more.
  15. do you think a squirrel thats trained to be capable to travel and live under the water is managing to stay mentally unharmed when livign with those derps? it just was a matter of time to make this happen. @OP, now deisgn a boat mobile car. and also a frenso with a highe spongebob on it.