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  1. Because work location is shitty and payment is as well. But it doesn't require much logic to understand that adding features to a laggy near empty game that people avoid for this reasons won't help the game.
  2. this is absolutely wrong. have you ever been to a big car meeting, like we had regulary back then? Or when the devs held the contest? many highly customzied people in the same area have a constant bad impact on the server, and a REAL serve one. And it was not the clients affeceted it was the server fps that got dumped (back then when we even had server fps shown, not hidden in the reverse MS each frame took. So a proper test must involve this or the test is pretty useless.
  3. great, how to afk troll kiida 101: take car spawner drive to one edge of city, take civillian car and drive to the other profit But I wonder if we could do some kind of Ping system to find afk people, like the horseman event has. yet most missions are so short if they actively drive away you never gonna find them.
  4. you know standards hit a new bottom level when having a second financial is not trouble XD soo sad. So HAN
  5. Spring is late this year and climate change a lie.
  6. So will this be the kind of "anarchy" we wanted where we have objectives and just everyone on the map can work on them? well, we needed a suitable terrain and only had those assets left. 101 of Copy and paste development. 3rd faction will be the pissed off civilians that enforcers ran over on the sidewalks for years and got mugged by the crims. Ok, jokes aside, but dunno red hill institute sounds like maybe some private Organisation will jump into that as well. Yet we do have that on the crim side and the enfo side already.
  7. Oh yeah, laggle royal sounds awesome. Seriously LO, the lack of proper maintenance the game had over years caused APB to have BIG issues and it really doesn't needs any focus or work on new game modes. Population is anyways way too small to spread them out even more. Fix the server performance, which hopefully will be mostly related to the new engine. Take care of cheaters much better. and then your 2 most problems are solved. Then a better new player experience would be great as well, because dethreating to stomp newbies is pretty bad for the game as well. And THEN you can care about new features.
  8. Will there be any chance that such an account or character can be merged with an already existing g1 account?
  9. But how many animals might die by the cut down tree because their Life depends on it?
  10. where is the, Yes, make the premium times the default value. Answer? because Nitro frequency is a lot more fun with the premium times, 2min are ages in San Paro.
  11. LilyV3

    Valentines LMG

    the Name SWARM just goes ebtter with the birds and bees, but honetsly it's horizontal recoils is pretty meh.
  12. It doesn't matter how many cheaters there are what matters is how oftn they affect your game, and on obeya being gold gives you easily a chance to have your match affected by a cheater at around 40%. Also the low pop lets us not switch to another district anymore as we could in th past. So you have only the option to continue playing against cheaters or quitting the game for that time, And looking at the player numbrs we know what most decided to do. Of all the people I have played with the majority doesn't play APB anymore because of cheaters, the second most reason si the games (servers) performance. It's not the lack of new content.
  13. LilyV3

    Valentines LMG

    love bombing confirmed.
  14. LilyV3

    Valentines LMG

    How is this valentines related? Also, how is "chopper" and "Big chopper" valentines related. I guess as a non english native I just don't get these ones, but even googling doesn't properly give me a hint. Maybe "max chopper" as an upgrade from the tommy to an LMG would work too.
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