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  1. whats up witht hat "dark bloom" at my feet and the pedestrians feet? and that fresno? Being online just one minute and thinsg seem to be differently and worse everytime.
  2. in all districts? wow I need to check this I am in Financial right now (and yes the real Financial) and they are not working.
  3. tracers, q.q traffic lights that work q.q customised ciscos and jericos in use, out of counds roof jumping (i really miss that)
  4. since car spawner aren't forced spawns this isn't even true, except against people who anyways are too bad to understand this, but against those you do't need such tactics anyways. The biggest issue is still the regular spawn system itself. because it usually only offers spawns from 1 or 2 directions and not around the location, this causes you to technically only having 1 or 2 true respawns since all others are the same direction but just further away meaning wasting more time for walking.
  5. Thats the point it should motivate you to play harder and die less :D the only thing the game should be able to do is max the volume and cut off those trolly thees with high pithces and pure noise at max volume.
  6. not only this, it makes most other cars just plain out inferior choices. which is the exact opposite of what APB was emant to be: a game abyout style. Thats why we do not have attributes on clothings, to prevent everyone looking the same. But the 4x4, car surfer and mobile spawn as well as being able to resupply anywhere completely shifted car gameplay to like 3 cars since durability is key. Carsurfer made 4 seats unnecessary. deployable ammo box and remmo on even car deployers made resupply in cars obsolete. And mobile spawn definately went to the top priority of blue mods in cars. And this killed car variety. Volcano on top just made things worse. Not like the lower HP cars already instant popped already.
  7. LilyV3

    Remove PIG

    Stabba is nerfed so much more than any other weapon system. just take the N-tec and if you cannot beat LTl you are just worse than your opponent and should be thankful that they don't use lethal wepaons because they would dominate you even more. LTL is just the worst playstyle by inheriet performance you can use atm.
  8. Little Orbit wants to offer the service to germany, so those symbols are forbidden by law in germany https://www.ida-nrw.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Texte_zum_Download/Rechtsextremismus/Rheims_Symbole_Rechte_Szene.pdf and therefore LO needs to keep the game clean of them. Otherwise legal consequences could follow. Not sure what else changed since the blogpost of "drawing the line" which made genitals and body fluids invalid symbols too.
  9. yes thats the right thread that should be,, it should be pinned on top, because between all the pinned stuff it just slipped off the first page already. It's anyway sin a questionable location, because weekly maintenance would not belong into the game update section. It should be pinned in the server status category.
  10. this is great good for everyone who palys the game for years Guess we do not consider the game has new players or gets them right?
  11. also, lets not forget the small text ingame saying check forum need "more details"
  12. but aren't we just gettign regular maintenance? that shouldn't be out of some extraordinary things and then giving a leats a minimu downtime prevents people from having to try it every hour when it's like 3 hours
  13. At least a post with the link to that G1 page would be good.
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