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  1. UnwelcomeD

    Remove PIG

    well yes PIG + percs is really my problem
  2. UnwelcomeD

    Remove PIG

    not really, i didn't start playing apb yesterday so itsn't my reason for sure, it's unfair that enforcer have that many stun guns while crims have nothing like that, and i don't think it's a big deal if they nerfed it, u don't know how annoying when someone shot u with any gun just 1 shot and then switching to PIG and u done or u already DMGed and he give u only 1 hit with PIG, it's annoying gun and not fun, and idk if im only who feel this way, but if nobody feel the same as me then i wont talk about it anymore.
  3. UnwelcomeD

    Remove PIG

    Do u planning anytime soon to nerf PIG or removing it cuz this pistol is just annoying and it's unfair that enforcer only have something like it, just 1 shot if im DMGed or QS with it, sorry for my english.
  4. which one is crosshair? i need free can u tell me how to use it?
  5. if no ban please someone give me a link to download crosshair
  6. i saw alot of new players in this game and i am so happy about it the sad part is the bronze server are getting ruined by gold dethreaters which making the new player hard to play the game and leave it i remember when i entered the game it was really hard on me but i was like just keep going the good part is comming untill it comes i want to put bots to the new players untill they get good rank and go to normal districts also this will prevent hackers too i hope LO see it thanks
  7. Low yields are extremely op i used them and i was getting kills from long ranges and easily from even short ranges it explode fast, it go to long ranges , its 3 grenades i hope LO see it and nerf it thanks
  8. doesn't work for everyone, i'm trying from 4 years and still can't login, so we have to wait til it fixed.
  9. i'm watching what could go wrong all day i'm died already
  10. it's the first time this happend with them, and u guys can't wait a little ? so what 12-10-24 hours ? just wait to get better servers!!
  11. u have nothing to do about it now, just wait they are trying to fix it ofc not playing..
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