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  1. Yes, that's why it needs funding. And APB does have a dedicated fanbase.
  2. Dude you think LO are scammers or something. Where do you think all that money would? Not to me though. I really stand with what I said. Yeah, I know still standing with what I said.
  3. Yes, never change it.
  4. Believe it or not that actually would be better. It'll prevent freeloaders from joining. Attract people with zero knowledge of the game. And provide financial support to LO.
  5. I just lacked the knowledge of this softwares and thought APB already has it's own editors. Put copyright on my work that doesn't seem correct.
  6. Would be useful graphic designers and maybe music designers as the game already have a well developed customisation options thus freeing up some space on my Pc.
  7. @WitchQueen and the in-game designer I'd guess I the same for it's software correct?
  8. Can we save our in-game creations from the music studio and the designer to our PCs?
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