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  1. Yes, that's why it needs funding. And APB does have a dedicated fanbase.
  2. Dude you think LO are scammers or something. Where do you think all that money would? Not to me though. I really stand with what I said. Yeah, I know still standing with what I said.
  3. Yes, never change it.
  4. Believe it or not that actually would be better. It'll prevent freeloaders from joining. Attract people with zero knowledge of the game. And provide financial support to LO.
  5. I just lacked the knowledge of this softwares and thought APB already has it's own editors. Put copyright on my work that doesn't seem correct.
  6. Would be useful graphic designers and maybe music designers as the game already have a well developed customisation options thus freeing up some space on my Pc.
  7. @WitchQueen and the in-game designer I'd guess I the same for it's software correct?
  8. Can we save our in-game creations from the music studio and the designer to our PCs?
  9. In Buddhism, the swastika is considered to symbolize the auspicious footprints of the Buddha. It is an aniconic symbol for the Buddha in many parts of Asia and homologous with the dharma wheel. The shape symbolizes eternal cycling, a theme found in samsara doctrine of Buddhism. As for the flag. It's actually the Muslim shahada which is the key to convert to Islam, and what we muslims say at the end of our prayer. Isis just used it to say: Hey we Muslims kill and burn people for no reason. Bro don't be quick to judge people.
  10. Yeah, don't worry about what they say. I remember players who are really good play as green to just mock everyone, just play the game.
  11. As in easy kills easy rewards situation???
  12. This problem I had to deal with many times and the fact that they brag about there skills in a bronze district is really disgusting The whole strike is a great idea yes but that takes a lot of time that could cause some serious damage to the population of the game So our safest bet is locking players outside the district and as I said dethreating becoming so hard to near impossible would be a nice added feature I 100% agree with you on that one can't tell you how long it took me to actually get convinced that the game is not full of hackers but just a great bunch of dethreaters I used to log off the game and search for some hack tool because of this Luckily I met a lot of nice players who helped me get better at the game But that's me can't say that all new players would find someone to help them sadly
  13. I was thinking about something bigger how about combining both districts as one big map this way it won't feel as empty and would make it a lot more interesting for players to see how fast they can adapt to the changing surrounding environment
  14. In my opinion it'll be even more just if that was to apply to ALL threat levels Once you hit a new threat it'll be nice to see the game kick you out of your current server and locking them up for you to not enter them again But as everyone knows you are as strong as your most difficult challenge so it allows you to go to any higher threat level district you want This way newbies don't complain as they chose to be where ever they are and more experienced player don't hate on newbies because they won't be teaming with any But there would be two problems with this 1-purposefully dethreating In my opinion on that I'd like it to be as hard as sprinting with an Osmaw and bannable (giving your team mates and opposition the option to report you for purposefully dethreating as no one likes purposefully dethreating) 2-the new threats people who just got their new threat level might not be as good as the rest of their team So also my take on this just like the last make dethreating is as hard as sprinting with an Osamaw or at least a N-HVR this way they get to experience the new threat level to the fullest
  15. I like the whole idea of the thread and it does make sense Ex. I mean I remember getting hit with the HVR for the first time after the screen tint got clear I thought I was good to go turns out am still not around 100% health and it was annoying to say the least and I had to learn that the hard way obviously Even for an experienced player I remember using the HVR on someone I tagged him once and waited because he was in cover after the screen tint diminished he poped up again only to get shot and killed instantly Note we were threat level silver by that time This part here is actually a great idea my only objection would be the radar experienced players especially gold would find it more entertaining to use their hearing instead of the radar And yes I know about the car mod that allows you to follow enemies yet it'll be more fun The bounty system I'd like it to stay but the prestige/notoriety meter would be still variable this way players won't know /notice when they are about to get a bounty I don't think it's annoying maybe needs work a bit like maybe won't be as easy as killing lots of enemies
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