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  1. I had this aswel, even trying on different navigators, had to click the link quite a few times until the download started. Thanks @Mayii So the Test is NA only, thought the error was on my end.. xD Thanks @CookiePuss EDIT: There seems to be an update, but my launcher absolutelly stoped working =/ Yet again, this might be my pedals-reaction PC.
  2. You should consider broadcasting this on the live servers..
  3. JungleFlaco


    YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD me.. Bring your noise..
  4. Congrats and thank you all for all this time.. ♥
  5. I am just guessing that should not be there yet.. lol
  6. JungleFlaco


    Play your own rhythms out..
  7. JungleFlaco

    APB2's THEME

    I was actually refering to some sort of contest, like back in 2015.. ..but having this piece or some new version of it back in for the matter, sounds actually kind'a hot_.
  8. JungleFlaco

    APB2's THEME

    HiHo! What would you introduce if you were given the chance to set the official "APB2's Main Theme"? Stuff like.. You know.. ..it still belongs to you.
  9. Ay there! Some of us have been saying this for years and years.. Everything looks more organic when there is not a Bronze, Silver or Gold District to join to. You just get into whatever District you like and MatchMaking will try and "couple you" with or against players on nearly your same skill gap. Just look at the numbers..
  10. JungleFlaco

    Error code 10023

    I'd be quite thankful If you were so kind to clarify this for me.
  11. Gently incentivize the player for playing on Prototype.. ..next time postman needs to deliver on his door he will get lost because it clearly states "San Paro" on the address.
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