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  1. DPI isn't actually "standardized".. Nor towards Software, nor towards Hardware.. So it is actually about likes.
  2. Talking about Bans and stuff.. What about handling Two Step Authentication System by Phone Number only?
  3. Never ever used the Advanced Launcher, but thanks for the tip anyways. After reinstalling, the game is running fine again (Fixed in my particular case).
  4. Back in the day, this was a common issue when you got timed out from the server, having to wait up to 15 minutes for it to let you join again. But not for 5 hours..
  5. Having something similar since yesterday.. I can reach character selection screen. When i try and join any Action District APB will just stop responding, having to kill the process. Weird thing is i can perfectly join Social District. Tried the Fix Option, but i am still having the same issue. I am now reinstalling the game and see what happens..
  6. Restrictions to this should be applied depending on which country/IP you are.. It does not mean you can not spend money on these, but being restricted to certain amounts.
  7. Once the big meat (Core) is done, they just remain on minimums.. Happens a lot among NOT AAA companies.
  8. Yet again and again and again.. People claiming APB is Pay To Win just shows how no f*cking idea they have about the game. /Drops the Mic and leaves, again..
  9. Letting alone other matters: If there were no Threat Segregation no one could call out on anyone for being where he does not belong.. And Matchmaking would have a wider Threat Pool to match players and/or groups up.
  10. Did you try launching the game directly from the Binaries folder?
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