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  1. How'd you know from the silent majority that they don't visit the forums if they are, like, silent? Also, isn't your circle of friends and acquintances an echo chamber itself? Gold covers a wide spectrum of players that is too wide, in my opinion, as Gold is the highest you can get. Even with billions of hours, Gold is all you can get, thus creating unfair matchups despite everyone involved being Gold threat. Besides, I have faced enough "Gold" matchups that I was the one who was on the brink to quit. But for once, my matches aren't one-sided anymore. You shouldn't label everyone who voted in favor of the current system as a toxic Gold. That's unjust and unfair.
  2. It was fun for me with the old system when this happened to be in literally every single match. I am not exeggerating. Now, it is not every single match, it is every 4th to 5th. Just because I happen to be Gold, doesn't mean I am that much Gold and therefore eligible to be matched up against the top Gold players (consider them to be Platinum or Diamond or what not) just because these guys are starving for opposition of their league and I am the next best option. "Oh yeah, these three R255 Goldies with thousands of hours on their back will be matched against these R160s. To compensate for the skill and rank gap, we're gonna give the R160s team a fourth man, that'll fix it. Ah, and yes. We're gonna match these guys over and over again because these buddies are the only ones of their 'league' in this district."
  3. Oh would you look at that. A crime that is supposed to be risky is a risky thing again. Do you think that it was ever supposed to be a safe money making method to be done on dead districts with like 3 people at 4am in the morning on weekdays?
  4. Why stop here? Dual PMGs, dual N-TECs (imagine the recoil in each hand), dual NFAS, dual ALIGs, dual VULCANOs!!
  5. Hi! As already discussed on this thread... ... I wanted to make it more official and include a poll. For those who have missed it, it's about the current matchmaking and district system, which has no threat segregation and which is meant to be a temporary solution until the work on the servers is finished and until we are getting our old system back. I have given my opinion on that in the thread, but want to dig abit deeper with this post now. Note that this is just my opinion and that you are free to argue below. I, for my part, do like this non-threat district system. For the first time in my entire APB "career", I went out of sessions with a balanced ~50% win ratio. The matches were alot more enjoyable. Of course, there were matches where I stomped the enemy, and matches where I was stomped on, but for most of the time, they were balanced out - they were competitive and overall just fun. There were times where I could carry, my punk yellow a** could lead my team to victory! I don't feel utterly useless or left out anymore. I can finally achieve a decent amount of kills while dying an acceptable amount to that. I don't have to tryhard anymore to get my first kill after 8 deaths, 100 bursted veins and the loss of my will to live, just to be eligible for some APB$ and standing at the end of the match. There aren't these pure stomping matchups anymore; these matchups feel more inclusive and rewarding. Even when a match was lost, I feel like I could atleast contribute something to the team so that it did not end up in a complete disaster. A loss hence doesn't cause as much frustration as before anymore, no. A loss feels deserved for once - "deserved" because it feels like I could have changed something about it, that it was within my capabilities, that it was not god-given by the matchmaking system and that I was not destined to get clapped by these R255 I am facing for the 10th time this evening without the ability to get even one assist on them. A loss finally feels like a lesson learnt instead of a numb b*ttr*ping session. Yes, as mentioned, it is not perfect, not at all! But if I had to choose the lesser evil, I'd personally pick this matchmaking system for further improvement instead of the threat-based one we had before. I have included a poll with just 2 options. I am well aware that both need improvements, but if you had to choose between these 2 systems right now, which one would you choose? Would you welcome them reverting back to the old system or not?
  6. Uhh, no. That is not a fair comparison. You are comparing casual game modes, where players of any skill level are being mashed up, to APB's missions, which is APB's competitive game mode. Casual game modes are the casual games in CSGO, the non-ranked matches in OW or the Fightclub in APB. These modes feature players of any skill level, but also a higher player count. Competitive or ranked modes, however, include a matchmaking system because they are competitive. Being carried or stomping on players just worse than you has nothing competitive about it, nor do you learn anything from it. There is a reason why in any competitive sport (e-sports included), there is some kind of "matchmaking" system, be it football leagues, racing leagues, or in our case, threat levels. HOWEVER, in this particular and odd case, the matches got more enjoyable for me. I have played several hours now since the temporary change was made and went out victorious in about 40% to 50% of the time, which is a fair ratio. I have to admit here, it was either stomping or getting stomped. That is not how it should be, but the previous matchmaking system was worse. There, it was getting smashed only. Either way, a fix is really necessary, but reverting back to the old system is not an option imo.
  7. Hate me on this, but for the first time in my 320 hours of active mission district playtime, I have had a balanced 40 to 50% win rate thanks to no more threat segregation. Before, I got constantly stomped and regurarly went out of a session with like 2 wins in 12 missions.
  8. God forbid a group of individuals with each having unique preferences and opinions.
  9. Yeah man, they should stop laying, instead, they should stand up for themselves!!
  10. There are 2x "Yes", 1 middle thingy and 2x "No" answers to the question. If you feel like there is an answer missing that doesn't represent your stance on it, let me know it and be specific about it instead of sending me a whole guide on it.
  11. We are here to discuss. I explicitely said in my OP that my opinion is biased. No need to freak out like that.
  12. Hi, I want to open up a discussion on the NFAS 'True Ogre'. This variant features the Double-Drum Mag: +200% magazine size +100% stored ammo +31% fire rate +60% reload time adds a 0.59s delay before firing moderately increases recoil Talking from my own experience, I claim that the True Ogre is too strong in its current state. Every close-quarter encounter against a True Ogre user so far ended up with the enemy being the winner. The buffed fire rate from the magazine mod reduces the TTK by too much. No weapon I have tried so far could beat it in a 1v1, it was moving me down too fast - I feel like I am always dying instantly against it without having the chance to react to it. Yeah, it has a delay before firing, but finding cover for 0.6secs for it to charge up is alot easier than to deal with a charged-up True Ogre, you know what I mean? These 0,6secs almost feel non-existent. Now this is from my own experience and it is certainly biased. Maybe the enemy was just too good, maybe I was just too bad (git gud at this point huh). Maybe I just had a bad day. Maybe I have killed many NFAS users before without remembering. There are many variables that may come into play. However, this is why I am askin you about your experience. Perhaps you don't feel the same about it and it's just me. The more stats and opinions I can gather, the better the picture on the NFAS-12 'True Ogre'. Leave a comment on it and take part in the poll.
  13. They better put a discount on the items as part of a Black Friday sale so we get ultra suckey-dee-suckered into spending money, fam.
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