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  1. Can't wait for my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren to play APB on UE 5.
  2. When you have to switch to a 3rd party launcher because the official one is too bad.
  3. Not ARMAS exclusive, but Sidearms - Colby .45 AP SMGs - Colby PMG/CBMP-45 Sniper - N-VHR 762/PSR Shotguns - NFAS-12 (if you want to be cursed at) Assault Rifles - ATAC 424 - N-TEC 5/Joker CR5 Try to get 3 open slots variants.
  4. Hi, this is a suggestion that has prolly been proposed a million times. However, here is my take on it. 1. Appoaching any kind of inventory kiosk (mail, ammo vending machine, vehicle spawn machine) allows you to press a hotkey to access the Loadouts menu. Alternatively, accessing the Inventory and heading into the Loadouts tab will lead you there, too. 2. Within the Loadouts tab, you can view, select and edit your loadouts. You can also add new loadouts if you hit the "+" symbol at the bottom of your loadout list. Here, we wanna view the "Edit Item" menu options. 3. We'll choose the "Rename" option. 4. Let's rename it. 5. Hitting the "+" to add a new loadout or choosing the "Edit Loadout" option will lead you to loadout editing window. In this current version, outfits, player titles and equipment items cannot be bound to a loadout yet. However, you can freely choose your weapons and their mods, aswell as character mods. The loadout menu should be easy to navigate and to edit, especially in the heat of a mission. You have everything you need to change your loadout within seconds, no more fuzzy menu navigation. Hope you like it! Give me your comments and suggestions, that'd be great!
  5. Wouldn't recommend paying with your Steam Wallet. Last time I did that, I had to pay extra in taxes. I live in Germany, so I don't know about you.
  6. Ahahahaha, so you want to force them to actually play the game? What a sad post.
  7. Ai-Zhú

    Citadel Server Issues

    So, I'm gonna be the first here. I can't get my characters to load in the character selection screen.
  8. Play on low res too then? And RIP to those with potato PCs?
  9. Ranking up really takes a while and is generally a huge grind. Getting to R195 took me alot of time and nerves. With R195, alot of useful and essential mods are being unlocked that should not be locked behind progression walls in the first place. Ranking up should be either accelerated or reworked.
  10. Next up: APCs and tanks for Enforcers. Criminal scum won't stand a chance. San Paro is being liberated and APB:R is no more. Bye.
  11. The engine's a bottleneck. New content cannot be created effectively working with the current engine. With the new engine, new possibilities for updates will come aswell.
  12. Hi, I am contemplating on getting myself an EOL grenade launcher. Which version should I go for? And please, I know that weapon is not popular, I wouldn't like to get answers like "neither, they all bad". Just name me the best EOL and I am happy.
  13. According to your statement, open districts wouldn't make much sense then? If you are opposed to people of your skill level only, threat districts would rather do the job, wouldn't they?
  14. No need to swirl around in a circle, the NTEC will do just that by itself when fired in full auto lmao @Topic: Definitely ATAC or PMG (or the CBMP-45, it is a reskin). The only thing you would really need to learn with them is to engage only when your opponent is within their effective ranges, that's all.
  15. I am experiencing 1 to 2 freezes per session. My game freezes for like 3 to 5 seconds and then resumes. Usually happens at the beginning my session and then never againfor the rest of my game time.
  16. That's what I thought. The engine upgrade would make phasing possible and with that, it'd solve the player count issue in one way or the other. However, depending on when it will be released, I thought that my suggestion would have been a good and worthy temporary solution to that.
  17. Yeah, was one of my concerns listed in the Possible Concerns list.
  18. Hi, Considering APB's player count during late evening/night hours during weekdays, I think it would be great if contact pledging would not be district-dependent anymore, meaning that I could pledge to a contact situated in Waterfront even though I am currently playing in Financial and could still earn standing for that contact. As I am currently trying to max out a Waterfront contact and only come to play APB past 12am in the middle of the week, things are getting squiffier when trying to find a Waterfront district with enough players the later it gets. I'd have absolutely no problem with playing on Financial where the player counts are stable, but unfortunately, I won't get any standing for the contact I desire to level up. Pros Complete freedom: Play on whatever map you feel like playing at the moment. Not entirely dependent on player count anymore Easy to implement? You'll just need to make pledging across districts possible and count to the earned standing towards the respective contact correctly, and that would be about it. Possible Concerns Both maps are meant to played on: You are supposed to get to learn Financial and Waterfront. I think that attributes quite alot to learning on how to master the game. There is a risk that one district gets completely neglected as everyone favors the other district. Lore and mission context: A Waterfront contact would have no Financial missions for you. That would not make much sense. But f*** it, who reads the mission description anyways. For example: Give me a mission from Justing Teng (Financial) but make it that Orlenz' Moretti (Waterfront) proposed it to me. Doesn't really matter as long as the standing goes to the right contact (in this case, Orlenz' Moretti). What do you think about it?
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