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  1. Not sure how everyone seems to know that BE is so much worse than EAC. Other than just assuming it due to the population drop.
  2. It's probably a trade lock. You get these when your hardware or IP changes.
  3. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/reset-password If you also forgot your email address, you'll need to contact support. But did you never note down your email address?
  4. Have you tried options -> Repair yet? if not, go to your APB folder: (example:C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\APBGame) Rename your config folder to config_old and open the launcher to start the game again. If that doesn't work try going device manager: Right click your start menu flag -> device manager -> Go to display adapters -> Right click your videocard (Nvidia and click update driver) And if that doesn't work, try running the game on minimal graphics using the advanced APB Launcher. Good luck!
  5. Hey, Since nobody is actually caring to respond to you. Here's a suggestion on what you can do.
  6. PMG only needs a small range nerf. It's way too accurate in medium ranges. It should be next to the shotguns when it comes to range. Good for CQC/corner Areas.
  7. What I mean is, if they are planning on implementing a global mute button. I'd see it as following: [ ] Mute all themes - Other players will also no longer hear your theme Extending the ignore list is also something I would like to see though. This way players can decide to either mute everything (including their own theme) or decide to just ignore people with griefy themes. Another solution would be to have a little mute icon next to the players name in TAB. Allowing you to mute their theme/voice and text for that mission and unmute after the mission.
  8. I hope that you'll design it so when someone mutes themes, their own theme also won't play.
  9. It used to be a sticky, but I think they have removed the stickyness
  10. Can someone share the day and time when the displaypoints reset in the Marketplace? I remember it used to be in apbdb somewhere, but can no longer find it. This way I know exactly when to follow up the bidding.
  11. Agreed. They could just make it an "electric" car making it weight more from the battery
  12. Please look into Moirai and cisco aswell. Give them some love. Cisco feels like a paper car. Due to it being such a weak car that can't carry an heavy item, there is no reason to use it. Perhaps boosting it's speed would help. Moirai definitely needs some love too. The handeling is pretty bad. Making a 4x 4 Moirai with better handeling would be sweet. Making >4vs>4 death match by default would be cool
  13. This is so amazing. 50 extra missions for extra variation. And balance updates, that's so awesome! Vegas finally reduced in HP. Awesome! Maybe it'll finally be possible to properly stop them again with AV weapons. There's literally nothing in this patch that concerns me. Additionally, I think the whole idea of the engine upgrade is so heavily loaded because literally every game changing update was waiting for the new engine to be released. Updates like this now and then give me good hopes.
  14. Will this minimalisme the game and open in default browser, or will this open the steam overlay browser?
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