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  1. It's not? That's stupid. Make a support ticket.
  2. Hi LO, Would it be possible to go through the armas to fix a few of the prices? There are differences between criminal and enforcer versions. Also some weapons that are reskins of others have different costs. Example
  3. I used a free trial ingame today. Do note you can't trial a weapon you already tried before. Also not sure if there's a minimum level of rank or gametime in an attempt to make it harder for cheaters to play with Armas trials.
  4. If you're ever looking for an enforcer clan, we at Midgard Inc are starting to play with a few serious groups again where skilled gameplay and teamwork is important.. If you wanna have a chat, visit our discord at https://midgard-inc.net
  5. Good thing you both know how a ticketing system works. I'm curious where you get the information of them unbanning cheaters. @InTronic You can track the support here: You could try sending MattScott or Sakabee a PM.
  6. Try doing a mission in the shipping area of Waterfront. 1. After killing the enemy we rushed in our vegas to the point. At that time 3 enemies were already on the objective. 2. We killed all of them and started ramming the containers open. Meanwhile, I could see the enemies spawn in line of sight and instantly killed us with HVR/NTEC. 3. While we respawned, we kept respawning all the way outside the shipping area, the enemies kept spawning straight next to the point. 4. It ended up in a killfest with absolutely no way to get a car to pick up the heavy items as the enemy just continued to spawn in line of sight, or behind corners super close by. These missions need to die in a pile of fire
  7. Thanks for all the effort! I hope you managed to receive lots of data that helps improve the servers and client. Perhaps a queue would work for next time. I hope based on this attempt, it's visible how many players the servers can take allowing a queue to regulate it. The clan and I were waiting and trying to join, but still had a good evening playing the original game. Good luck on the next attempt and keep your heads up!
  8. I haven't digged into this yet, but I've read there is an emulator. https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/articles/intel-software-development-emulator.html I wouldn't know how it will work, as my experience in CPU emulators is it usually lags like Sh#t
  9. Hello, What about the players that don't have AVX instructions? Would they have any way to install anyway? It would seem weird being able to play the latest call of duty, but not being able to install APB due to a restriction of the installer. Pretty sure there are also UE games that don't require this. Edit: I have copied my Launcher files over to bypass the setup. And the Launcher seems to download the game for my friend. I'll update if the game also works.
  10. First of all, this makes me super happy to see you guys finally did it! When is the capture point of our characters going to be? To copy to the beta database. I would like to get my clan outfitted for Friday
  11. If it worked the first week, and now it doesn't, it actually gives me good hope that it's being developed and improved. Hoping to see improvements. When they were still on EAC, it brought back some of my friends who left because of cheaters.
  12. I would not remove resupply from cars/joker ammo while in missions. They could limit it so you cannot resupply when an enemy is close, or when you're in "combat"?
  13. I like this idea, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't be able to sell/trade these.
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