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  1. AgonyVI

    2D Artists Thread

    Slash (Quake Champions) Nyx (Quake Champions) welp this is my most recent drawings
  2. AgonyVI

    CURE - Central Urban Response & Enforcement [Citadel]

    Welcome Back @CombatMedic02 and Good luck with the clan.
  3. AgonyVI

    2D Artists Thread

    i have (not apb related stuff) as well xD " dont hate me for this pls " My first Character Concept art (made it just for fun) in (December 20, 2017) ofc made R6:Siege Ela FanArt (November 28, 2017) and KF2 Mrs and Mr Foster FanArt in (May 5, 2018)
  4. AgonyVI

    2D Artists Thread

    i know that feel .... it like 60% or more (1,43GB) of my artworks just waiting to be finished .
  5. AgonyVI

    2D Artists Thread

    (i need to practice more) April 15, 2017 October 26, 2017
  6. AgonyVI

    Midgard Inc. (MGD)