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  1. company website was created in 2021. if you check the wayback machine you get this in nov/dec 2021
  2. drop unity if you ever want to make anything close to a decent game. anything you make with unity will have massive memory leaks.
  3. more likely no one wants to work for a failing company
  4. Everything just has worse starting/max bloom and bloom recovery which imo makes the game feel worse its LO/G1 knowing they need to slow the ttk due to entire game being originally designed (maps & animations) for it but there's someone who prob still works at the company that doesn't want to admit that mistake prob the same person who originally adjusted the ttk. btw not asking for rtw ttk/gun values since that wasn't ideal either.
  5. Man this thread became a gun balance thread quick maybe LO should actually listen to the community for once and just revert gun balance to like 2014/5/6~ game just honestly feels worse besides quickswitch fix, low yield balance, pig/perc, and hvr(even tho damage ramp up would've been better fix imo). I like pre-nerf ntec, oca(whisper as well), pmg, carbine, obeya cr, jump scout, concs, joker rfp, jg, and csg.
  6. no thanks I don't want my hitreg any worse than it already is
  7. Game looks super cringe from reveal trailer and no the customization still isn't as good as apb its literally the same level as saints row 3&4 but with weapon painting now
  8. Please just let matt out of the dungeon its been over 70 days since he was last allowed out
  9. yes and no you can test this by playing on an empty server you'll notice ttk is way faster and reg is better it still sucks tho cuz bad servers + sub 30 tickrate.
  10. would've just been better if it wasn't mentioned everyone has a different perception soon which was the word they used could be Q2 2014 soon for all we know
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