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  1. And in which way exactly does a triggerbot give you any advantages? And in which way exactly does a aimbot give you any advantages? And in which way exactly does ESP/wallhack give you any advantages?
  2. Can't be done with current population unless you want to wait over a hour for opp now at least gold players can actually play the game more than 1 or 2 days a week.
  3. your entire statement is incorrect there are more players playing now than when we couldn't even fill a bronze district(no golds could play the game at that time however now everyone can play) during the day just yesterday it was 40 v 40
  4. ^this. Game would actually be dead right now at least na if they didn't remove it.
  5. Before they added a DEP check I ran it on some ubuntu flavor with wine and it ran better than windows. If every game I play ran on linux I'd switch over right now which it seems most can now since battleye and eac are supporting it.
  6. *German Law. There are plenty of games that have swastikas they are just censored in Germany since its against the law there and since apb provides its service in germany it has to abide by german law.
  7. Man your reading comprehension sucks english clearly isn't your first language. I never said remove RNG I said the game relies to heavily on RNG for balance which is bad and lazy. Yes a 3 shot jg would be weird with how guns are currently balanced thats why we're talking about an overall slowing of the ttk closer to how it was in rtw(still would be faster) so both the map design and the animations make sense.
  8. when have I ever suggested APB be more like csgo/valorant I just want the game to not rely so heavily on rng and for them to fix the ttk since the game was never designed for the fast ttk we have now animations and map design conflict with it directly
  9. I don't think you understand csgo/valorant since they are even more team oriented than apb. APB is RNG oriented which is bad in any game since it takes away control from the player/players.
  10. yea you might receive a ban unless its whitelisted but you also might just be able to turn off or disable the battleye service before you run it and that'll just kick you after a certain period of time due to heartbeat check so if the software is quick and you know how to disable battleye than yea you can without fear of ban
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