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  1. nope they're not newbs they're noobs or someone playing on an alt or a console player moving to pc or some returning player who forgot there account info I guarantee there are no new apb players. 3 years ago maybe you'd see the occasional new player but no apb just loses players we don't gain.
  2. 2's are unbalanced literally makes it impossible attacking a lot of the time
  3. Nope in fact most current arma 3 cheats are engine based(as in internal/external not arma scripting language) they moved on to that since battleye(plus infistar pretty much kills most 'fun' scripts) got a lot better at detecting script executors and script menus. Exe files won't get you banned by any anti-cheat so long as they aren't running along side the game and/or interacting with the game its what makes ai/machine-learning/hardware cheats unlikely to ever be detected.
  4. The reason why you don't see as many cheaters in arma 3 is because its pop is small and the ppl who do cheat on arma 3 often do things that will get them a manual ban very quickly (nuking entire servers). All mainstream kernal anti-cheats(EAC, Battleye, and Vanguard) work in very similar ways and they all can be circumvented. The only way to stop cheating is to make anti-cheats more intrusive and or actually hire people who know how cheats work and what they look like(machine learning/ai isn't a good option either look at csgo with vacnet which literally doesn't function properly and will only flag the most blatant stuff which overwatch already would get/catch).
  5. Trust me when I say weapon balance/meta will change with better performance and matchmaking will improve for a while when(if) engine upgrade comes out. Also there's really no reason to discuss in this thread especially since its already being discussed in other threads and has nothing to do with ops' question.
  6. thought this thread was about engine upgrade why are ya'll talking about gun balance and gameplay changes
  7. Its not coming out until the performance is equal to or better than live which is going to take a while since g1's bright idea was to crudely port everything to unreal engine 3.5 and just "fix" any conflicting/broken code which was a bad idea(see console[missing features and bad performance] or the previous engine upgrade beta) since apb had huge sections of custom code. Now LO according to matt brought in an expert to go through step by step and actually properly fix things which will take a while you might see something later this year if LO doesn't default on any payments and any investors they have don't pull out.
  8. only really care about the tking its pretty annoying
  9. better solution than just removing them completely from fightclub most ppl use fightclub to lvl up roles
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