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  1. how about no. I have an awful time trying to figure out the corner some player is hitting me from when there character model and nametag aren't even visible only thing that allows me to fightback is the crosshair indicator.
  2. rtw wasn't dark it had very high bloom that made it look like light pollution in a city
  3. no there are major issues it was supposed to be released back in 2014 but even after 6 years almost 7 it still isn't optimized and runs like hot garbage compared to live
  4. we need more players not more streamers
  5. I see plenty of people playing with rtx cards even streaming. Maybe its a driver issue?
  6. check https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and start using a password manager like lastpass so you don't use the same password everywhere.
  7. no idea what ur specs are but no live runs better in every way don't believe /fps on the beta it clearly isn't displaying properly. until the beta can run as good as live in everyway or better there is no point in pushing it out again.
  8. I'm on 1909 and still have the input lag so no thats bs.
  9. live is better. beta has bad input lag and the fps display doesn't seem accurate in the beta, for instance on live if I'm multitasking and doing other stuff while the game is running I get drops to like 90 fps but that feels better than the betas "140"~ fps.
  10. were do I submit logs and a latency test for beta input? cuz this thing runs like doo doo compared to live. oh yea and the mouse input lag cuz of not being able to run in true fullscreen is def noticeable.
  11. I'm fine with something new if they pay homage to the original. At least use the original login screen soundtrack its soooo much better than the current.
  12. Do I really need to add "the effectiveness" was unintended? Do you lack the mental mental faculties to read in between the lines?
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