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  1. clearly you've never played call of duty warzone... voip phone numbers are free and if it requires non-voip number you can get cheap pre-paid sim cards or even pay one of the many people offering a 2fa service for like $2 per number.
  2. this. nobody cheating right now would stop with small added cost look at escape from tarkov or rainbow six siege
  3. its almost like apb was never consistent even the forums
  4. Accounts were transferred from old forums to new I would know I was in the closed beta forum which were locked/removed when game went into live state mostly to avoid people seeing closed beta testers saying the game shouldn't go live yet cuz game was still broken/buggy.
  5. Doubt. Only players I've seen have different join dates were people who were banned or who use a forum alt
  6. 'join date 2016' 'game has been since since 2016' nice.
  7. so exclusive clothes, items, weapons, vehicles, and activities(ram raiding, mugging, and witness missions) idk that sounds kinda different to me but yeah in there current state its most indistinguishable but you can blame g1 for that
  8. I mean they do just not as much as they used to ffs rtw had an enforcer social district in development and many vehicles [Bishada Rapier(crim), Patriot V20 Jericho(enf), Charge Mikro(crim), Packer Vaquero(enf), Seiyo Espacio(crim), and Nulander Pioneer(enf)] were either enf or crim only
  9. maybe read what I was responding to next time I was talking about gta 5
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