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  1. New content requires employees to make you only have 1-1.5 devs. Do you guys even still have 3d/2d artists or animators or map designers on staff? How are you supposed to release new content on such an ancient game engine especially one that still uses such outdated tech like scaleform. Think about how long the on boarding process will take to get these ppl up to snuff to actually start working. How are you going to pay these ppl to do that work when you guys aren't really making any money except on small projects that game devs/publishers sub contract out to you? what's the plan when these steps don't revive the game because the game is so old no one wants to come back? how is apb 2 supposed to happen when you sold the apb ip to unit game? sorry if you can't elaborate but honestly these are very real questions you should be asking yourself.
  2. matchmaking only matters when you have players to fill the matchmaking pool. why would anyone come back to a game that hasn't had a significant content update in years.
  3. manual bans(they might have to 'clear' the ban list i.e. hit the ban button for accounts that reach the flag threshold) for cheating don't really happen. I'm sure LO might look at evidence(video/clips) if someone has already been flagged by the anti-cheat but for the most part both LO and G1 don't/didn't resort to manual bans for cheating unless your name was known.
  4. its not true no anti-cheat will ban you for having JUST the same ip address as a cheater you'd actually need to do other things to trigger a ban.
  5. That's not true at all, cheats often use xbox gamebar, OBS, steam overlay, discord overlay, etc. for drawing on screen or if designed really poorly they can exploit there drivers for reading/writing to game memory. using any overlay will cause your account to receive a flag(EAC for instance flags ALL top-most overlays) and with enough flags the anti-cheat will ban you. Modern anti-cheats are a lot like anti-virus software using heuristic analysis which results in a lot of false positives.
  6. Rarity is fine but it shouldn't be the case for paid digital items(or things won in a giveaway/contest) that'll just disappear after the game dies or which will lose rarity when the devs decide said item is no longer rare or limited which is the case with the star lcr and now the ffa. Can't wait for them to add N-HVR 762c 'Rapid-99' to the joker ticket store or N-HVR 243-SD 'Sluttles' or any other 'limited'/'rare' item.
  7. That's the point they're making is the seller of the digital item is creating a false sense of rarity its exploitative marketing like loot boxes or having something always 'on sale'. The always 'on sale' being something that is already illegal in many countries. Can't wait for laws to catch up so we won't have to deal these unethical marketing tactics. Game companies that do this are just as bad as cheaters in my mind.
  8. nah seems like a desperate money grab and it does the opposite of appeasement
  9. I mean if I was already using something like that under battleye I would assume it'd be fine with eac they work very similarly
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