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  1. also forgot to mention is easier to strafe with the nano unless you have always sprint enabled since even glancing at your shift key will cause your character to not shoot.
  2. there was a oca nano variant that was included in an event that had ir or cj on it which made it have a higher max bloom.
  3. congrats you wasted your time you didn't shoot the fbw fast enough for a proper comparison none of those images even the 15 round one has the fbw at max bloom. also you might want to say what res your using so I or anyone else can try and reproduce it.
  4. Depends on the oca nano variant I assure you there is bloom when the gun is fired. They effect semi auto more because of how apb handles fire rate you can actually click to fast Equip a 45/frog/fbw and turn on that auto clicker in razer synapse or logitech g hub or whatever your mouse software is. [this is sarcasm just check apbdb for the max bloom]
  5. nano's bloom is pretty small especially if you consider the hitbox of players is the size of the largest and tallest character and not what is being reflected by there model. Its just way more forgiving than the fbw/45/frog ping and fps fluctuations make hitting a min ttk with those guns a lot harder vs a full auto secondary which has slightly worse base accuracy(default crosshair bloom) but also has a smaller max bloom than fbw/45/frog. Also makes tracking easier since you don't have to actually time shots to a rhythm.
  6. ya'll are insane I'd take a nano over the fbw and 45 most of the time its just ez mode no need to actually get the rhythm of the fbw or 45 which changes depending on my ping to the server
  7. the nano is just a more forgiving fbw the trade off for the full auto is a slightly slower ttk so no it doesn't need a buff.
  8. you mean it'll be a problem for ego fiends, try hards and cheaters. if your that afraid of this change just make it so rank and threat level is hidden.
  9. yes inflate my ego more. I'm so good at apb everyone just quits the second they see me. I'm so good I've never seen anyone cheat at this game. /s. gtfo you ego fiends are the problem with the game.
  10. He's right /report doesn't do anything if you load up ollydbg or x64dbg or your debugger of choice (this could lead to a ban since it requires you bypassing certain checks) you'll notice when you type /report and press enter nothing will show up. EDIT: I haven't personally tested it since they added the gui that lets you choose what to report for but since they claimed it worked before I'm sure it still does nothing
  11. No its pretty easy to spot a good player vs a cheater if your actually good at the game in question especially if the game has a good kill cam or replay function. ESP is probably the easiest to notice since its so easy to slip up trying to hide it(pre-firing[without the knowledge via teammates or sound queues], not checking corners/angles, and or peaking the least likely spot an enemy would be). Aim is also fairly easy to spot in games with headshots since hs% is often recorded also watching someone's tracking in both real time and slow motion will let you see if they are taking to shortest route to a players hitbox/bone(also tracking at the same hitbox/bone).
  12. None of your suggestions other than loading at a bios level will work. Creating bad game mechanics to just make cheating less "viable" or "effective" just means you'll be bringing the skill ceiling down (bigger hitbox/aim assist). The copies thing already happens in apex legends with one of the characters and guess what? aimbots don't lock onto it same thing with the shields. Any mechanic you can think of can and will be circumvented by cheaters through proper reverse engineering and coding. Also the "computer vision" your referring to is just machine learning/ai trained aim/esp which is to resource intensive to be viable in most games, thats still next generation stuff.
  13. 1. minimizing that information to much leads to performance issues and so does encrypting it which most games already do 2. this is for the most part already done with almost everything. we have server sided spread calculation, vehicle movement, player movement(its check by the server [heavily effected by ping tho most speed hacks choke packets or induce lag to stop from rubber banding], weapons damage, etc. 3. no way to limit aimbot "potency" unless you add things like rng based recoil/spread 4. I absolutely hate these esp abilities that are added to games it just makes it so cheaters can more easily hide the fact they're cheating The only thing that can be done is using something like vacnet or fairfight to ban the non-human performers and or making players run like a "closed" os which doesn't allow for any third party software to be installed and is heavily restricted on what can be done on it(no way to read or write to memory and no way to escalate permissions also extensive vm checks) which would stop all software based cheating and would only really leave hardware based cheats. ? valve never owned or used fairfight
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