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  1. All they ask for is ips(geo location), transaction ids(found in email), date of birth, and date of account creation(found in email).
  2. I've been playing since 2010, no the shaw was never inaccurate it was always a lazer beam.
  3. Its a useless system put in place to help the stupid/lazy who use the same password on other sites and don't change there apb password after those other sites experience a breach. Just stick with the 2fa only.
  4. that's actually not true it was purely a visual change
  5. equip a shaw and look at its bloom it has almost none. what it does have is recoil. If I had no recoil right now with aimbot I could do exactly what your talking about. recoil ≠ spread/bloom.
  6. no this was actually fixed before g1 got apb the last patch of rtw fixed the bloom and made it server-sided or at least broke the method cheats used to achieve it. Also shawcopter actually came after the bloom fix since its max spread is really small already. no-spread would be used more effectively for guns like the hvr or oca or ntec etc
  7. most players are gold or silver the only reason bronze is the only server is because of dethreating. so yea remove threat seg plz.
  8. Pretty sure it wasn't an old client(at least not a public build or even a private/open test realm build) file some dev or someone who had the encryption key made that much like the nyan OSMAW. There were talks about someone having the encryption key back in like 2011 on a cheat forum. There have been a lot of "leaked" stuff like the apb reloaded server files for 4game version was teased to the apbemu team or apb reloaded's old server hardware being sold on ebay. Pretty sure nothing came of the server files or the old server hardware or it was just kept private.
  9. Thats the only thing in your config that would be unapproved if you go by old standard which is only text edits. I know the localization edit is approved since they've said its fine multiple times and its just a text file vs unpacking unreal files and editing them which is required for rainbow conc/opgl nade glow. Only stuff I've heard of not be allowed are crosshair-shaders/outline-shaders/no-smoke/no-muzzleflash and stuff like nude-mods and vehicle edits.
  10. flaws entire config was on the approved list on https://www.gamersfirst.com/download but I guess they've since removed it(prob because of opgl nade glow) and yea localization edits were approved. Your right on no smoke tho.
  11. both of those are approved edits sooooooooooooooo
  12. actually it makes you look bad. winning by baiting teammate ≠ good.
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