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  1. so only news is your adding EAC(maybe go for a battleye/eac combo like fortnite + fairfight) back after you complete 1.3 thanks for the nothing post I guess. maybe you should've waited at least until you could show the sphere again or social before posting since this doesn't contain new info
  2. no you won't get banned for shaders, sound, etc since there is no file checks only way you'd get banned is if someone recorded/livestreamed and manually sent a video of the gameplay to support
  3. because it requires a lot of reverse engineering and apb is a pain to reverse engineer
  4. Riot was wasted development time that could have easily been used on the engine upgrade(or even apb 2) but we all know it was started under G1 so I can't really blame LO for wanting to finish it(even if it was buggy and very laggy) especially if they inherited some g1 devs/employees who obv never had a clue what apb was always lacking. New content won't keep a 12 year old game afloat/alive when its already nearly dead and hasn't received the graphics/performance overhaul that was originally slated for Q2 2014.
  5. does UNIT even exist or is it just some shell company
  6. no one will buy it when its failed 3 times already or do you mean the ip cuz idk I think that chinese company will hold onto the ip for quite a while
  7. It would be bad though it'd prob be some cheap asset flipped unity game
  8. better than cosplaying a ww2 era panzer crew member hope you aren't wearing that in game
  9. If that is actually the case I'd say LO might be committing some form of fraud since support tells you to use the /report function when you ask them
  10. If they actually still owned the ip they could find investors but they can't make something they don't own the rights to
  11. hold up lemme check to see how many of those names received the big FFban
  12. The prophecy foretold by the gods says 'One day APB will be basically dead af and the great evil known as "MrEpicGoat" will come back to destroy apb in its weaken state and the only way to defeat goat will be to summon matt by chanting the words written in the sacred scrolls'.
  13. they require all of it otherwise they won't help with anything ever
  14. company website was created in 2021. if you check the wayback machine you get this in nov/dec 2021
  15. more like why would I believe someone who cheats/cheated
  16. drop unity if you ever want to make anything close to a decent game. anything you make with unity will have massive memory leaks.
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