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  1. colby died so they merged the last 10 players should just be east servers only.
  2. no they didn't and no you can't
  3. define 'outperforms' I win with the fbw against .45 users often since if they miss even 1 shot and or aren't shooting at the max fire interval I out ttk them.
  4. yep just going to be the same 10 losers who play all day getting there daily JT capped on there 30 alts
  5. no it wasn't it was a crosshair overlay. shader files are locked down.
  6. so it never worked with battleye? now I will definitely believe everything LO says /s. Also they still aren't broadcasting bans so there is no proof they are issuing any bans.
  7. stop lying we all know /report doesn't work. unless they start broadcasting bans again or show me /report working I don't believe they are actually banning anyone.
  8. show me it working otherwise I don't believe you
  9. no running a vm makes is super easy for cheaters to avoid hwid bans
  10. my point is if your losing in smg range to a .45 when using cj3 oca its cuz u suck OCA with cj3 .45 and since the .45 is semi-auto you have to click at the max rof to achieve that .8 ttk
  11. I mean when did they ever say garbage collection stutter would be fixed
  12. 10m is smg range. if your losing to a 45 at 11m+ when using a cj3 oca you'll also lose to a fbw, carbine, or oscar.
  13. I'm sorry but if your getting out gunned by a .45 in smg range there is either a large skill gap or they are cheating.
  14. its not toxic to broadcast bans(the only people who think its toxic are the losers whose names are broadcast) and yes people might try that but it'll eventually result in a ban for abusing that system.
  15. you make it sound like both aren't possible
  16. Bans should also be broadcast and players should get JT or apb$ as a reward for correctly reporting a player if they are convicted of cheating
  17. *puts on tinfoil hat* LO claims there were false fairfight bans and reversed every fairfight ban(including those who did in fact cheat) BUT they never gave any specific information on WHY fairfight banned 'legit' players or HOW they knew they were false bans. Its pretty simple guys LO supports cheaters and if EAC comes it'll only be after cheaters figure out how to bypass it. *takes off tinfoil hat* The best solution is something like fairfight + battleye/EAC or creating an esports 'OS' essentially that only allows for whitelisted programs/drivers effectively stopping anything but hardware/ai cheats.
  18. maybe instead of worrying about balance you should finish making apb. fix the stuff than balance.
  19. honestly they should just start banning the ppl who keep making the same threads over and over again
  20. I think its best they finish making the game before balancing weapons
  21. 1500 is max default for all of aj and sc cheats it doesn't actually take into account the max render distance. The information just isn't even available to the client past 300m~500m I think haven't cheated on the game in forever though. G1 patched it in way similar too the way valve patched it for csgo(far esp) where that info just isn't given to the client since it isn't necessary.
  22. ^this. consumables weren't a great idea in the first place and they were implemented poorly on top of that.
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