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  1. Man your reading comprehension sucks english clearly isn't your first language. I never said remove RNG I said the game relies to heavily on RNG for balance which is bad and lazy. Yes a 3 shot jg would be weird with how guns are currently balanced thats why we're talking about an overall slowing of the ttk closer to how it was in rtw(still would be faster) so both the map design and the animations make sense.
  2. when have I ever suggested APB be more like csgo/valorant I just want the game to not rely so heavily on rng and for them to fix the ttk since the game was never designed for the fast ttk we have now animations and map design conflict with it directly
  3. I don't think you understand csgo/valorant since they are even more team oriented than apb. APB is RNG oriented which is bad in any game since it takes away control from the player/players.
  4. yea you might receive a ban unless its whitelisted but you also might just be able to turn off or disable the battleye service before you run it and that'll just kick you after a certain period of time due to heartbeat check so if the software is quick and you know how to disable battleye than yea you can without fear of ban
  5. While you might think that its not how it actually works in practice lag compensation and just latency make it so the server allows for some discrepancy between client and server. Its how teleporting/speed hacking works is still achievable even with checks in place.
  6. yes it would be very easy to click in rhythm if the game actually ran at a consistent frame rate and didn't have trash servers. However you don't actually need to click in rhythm if its a program you can just have it click every game tick and the client/server will just ignore all the invalid clicks.
  7. its located on the timeline somewhere between now and never
  8. this. same thing with dethreating literally takes what I would call way to many instances of it to receive any punishment and the first one is never permanent only in the case of cheating will it be a permanent first time offence. (ignore the 3 day ban for cheating message after trying to log in that is LO lying to you it always turns into a permanent ban there is no 'investigation')
  9. are you talking about the same forum mod who also used said cheats in game?
  10. there is a program or website can't remember what it was but it can fix stuck and flickering pixels by strobing colors might want to try that also lightly taping the area might also work
  11. I don't know when the last time anyone here was killed at min ttk(guns with .58 to .72) but it doesn't happen nearly as often as people think go in game on a dead server with a friend and just unload into them at point blank range and ask them if they could have reacted(reach cover or fire back enough to damage the enemy at least somewhat). This is worsened by the fact the game servers and netcode being awful and than you have apbs build in feature called 'garbage collection' which causes you to stutter for almost a second and you just won't even have a chance. Also please rework lag compensation.
  12. https://spectrum.ieee.org/enabling-superhuman-reflexes-without-feeling-like-a-robot average is 250ms and no its measured in milliseconds
  13. your right but than I see stuff like this and this which makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. pretty sure it requires game to be on the epic game store like vac on steam so free* I guess
  15. Do you know what the average reaction speed is? its 250 ms now add that to the average overall system latency(20-55ms) + network latency(20-90ms) and you have 0.29-0.395 seconds. You are already tagged for 50% of your health in the amount of time it takes to just get and react to the information thats insane. Also EAC is not free don't know who told you that but they're lying and your reading comprehension is garbage LO dropped EAC because EAC reneged on there contract to PROPERLY implement EAC which was part of there licensing agreement. Also yes fix the netcode and servers its not a 5head thing its literally LO's job to make video games you don't see me asking a forklift driver to build rockets for space x I don't care how fudged up the code is ITS there job if they can't fix it than it just needs to die already.
  16. - nope it would be always if matchmaking actually had the pool it needed for far matches - nope they dropped it due to EAC refusing to properly implement it in apb after stating they would. - you are full of it the game had longer ttk and the maps were designed for longer ttk
  17. - premades will always have a huge advantage regardless of ttk - sooooo fix the net code and servers? with current ttk its already almost unplayable so who cares - yea no one is advocating for more bloom should be less bloom and slower ttk so tracking matters more and not rng like it does now
  18. I mean the game was originally designed for a much slower ttk why do you think the animations are so long; makes is soooooooo much easier to camp stuff and it makes maps like waterfront so unforgiving.
  19. ^ this. stop giving every gun high max bloom, slow bloom recovery, and high bloom per shot; slowing avg ttk by adding more RNG is just stupid and lazy.
  20. doubt anyone's real name is 'APB-Enjoyer' stinks of troll alt
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