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  1. Servers run at sub 30 tick most of the time. However if the games fps and servers improve I think we need to have a serious conversation about the games min ttk's since if you've ever died or killed in min ttk you'll understand that if the game and server ran better min ttk will be happening more often and frankly min ttk for most guns is way to fast.
  2. than I choose to not believe you. how would I know that you made a crappy color/image search aimbot?
  3. no they aren't good they are for the lazy coder same thing with external cheats internal is always better. also I said dm me.
  4. dm me the info than I highly doubt this is the case as someone who regularly checks cheater discords and forums and who talks to the coders they're prob just using some cr@p color based or img search aimbot.
  5. Anyone who thinks eac is better than battleye has ZERO understanding of how they function. They are practically the same both have had usermode(no drivers/kernal) exploits both use something called 'heart beat' which just means the battleye/eac server communicates with the client every so often to make sure battleye/eac is still running, these packets can be emulated though(not sure if this still works don't think it does). They are both equally useful for taking out script kiddies and lazy cheaters but they won't touch anyone with even a little cursory knowledge or understanding of they're functioning which is easily obtainable public knowledge since every update is reversed engineered within a few days by some no life. The only way to combat cheaters/hackers properly is to cover as much ground as possible ie server-sided anti-cheat like fairfight + client-sided(battleye) + fairly active gm's with the ability to track suspect players (not saying ban but investigate and compile evidence) [since spectating doesn't follow the players aim give them something like what goat had called aim-lazer which tracks there aiming].
  6. No one is using an ai or machine learning cheat in apb(only ones I know of were for fortnite and rainbow six siege which both ran like a$$). Its much easier to just grab some public driver and remove the detection vectors. Battleye doesn't care so long as your cheater community is small once you start pulling in a larger number of customers thats when they'll flag and ban since that provides them with the best PR. They go "Hey LO we just banned a 100 players" were they each unique? no of course not its the same hand full of idiots downloading some shitty ahk script or some idiot not removing detection vectors on there driver. All client sided anti-cheats can be easily circumvented with just a week or so of work it doesn't take a genius. conclusion we need fairfight back to run along side battleye or eac.
  7. you linked to bans caused by punkbuster not fairfight. the xmas event bans weren't even caused by fairfight malfunctioning as far as I remember there was a bug in the game that caused player names to be seen through certain walls and that caused players to instinctively track them which caused fairfight to ban since yea know tracking players behind walls is indicative or wallhack/esp.
  8. Show me the posts by g1 that said there were false bans or that they reversed bans. LO was the only one that reversed the bans at least publicly(yes I know about dogfish I don't count that).
  9. no what triggered the ban was players tracking other players behind walls its just the threshold was super low this was also around the time you could see names behind some walls. your right though g1 didn't put effort into finding a good threshold for certain fairfight detections like kills pre minute was super high for a long time.
  10. what threshold? kills? its actually supposed to work that way its a statistic based anti-cheat. if players purposefully try to trigger a detection which seemed to be the case since I don't know anyone unfairly banned they kinda deserve the ban since it would be considered "unnatural" gameplay.
  11. fairfight actually worked when it was paid for to bad matt thinks because he was able to invoke a false ban all the fairfight bans were false or even a majority. I see to many names that were on ffbans and are now cheating again and not being banned.
  12. boosting character speed triggers the speedhack check which will just make you rubberband backwards if you go to fast but boosting the character speed + lagging is better than both on there own.
  13. This works for almost every game I've seen it in rainbow six siege, every battlefield game, and counter-strike. Inducing lag via a lag switch or some kind of program to choke packets allows you to do many things since lag compensation is built into these games to make it so players with a bad connection or high ping are able to play the game (which they shouldn't since it creates a bad experience for players who have a good connection). It allows speedhacking even with a proper speedhack detection system and killing players behind walls and breaking your own hitbox so it desyncs from your character model. They just need to kick anyone with ping to high or an unstable connection.
  14. That's not true at all they claimed it wasn't functioning properly because matt got banned by fairfight while trying to get banned by fairfight without cheating. Which you can do with any anti-cheat solution.
  15. /report does nothing attach a debugger and you'll see nothing happens no information is sent anywhere the only way to actually report is through support. We're talking about the company that unbanned every player regardless of if they cheated or not because they disagreed with a few bans. They don't care about cheating or griefing the population is to small for them to actually ban anyone.
  16. MonkaS

    Resolution change bug.

    \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config\APBMachineOptions.ini is where resolution settings are saved try changing it there.
  17. MonkaS


    yea I know that's why I used quotations.
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    oh yea wasn't there a "battlepass" with the Seiyo Espacio or something you'd pay a smaller amount of g1c for what you'd get and than every month for like 3 months you'd unlock stuff? I think g1 scrapped the "battlepass" idea tho.
  19. sorry some of us don't have 10 million apb $ burning a hole in our pocket from playing this game for 10 years.
  20. get that gross broken garbage outa my game that or just make it so it can't be purchased with apb $. rarity was what gave it some semblance of balance.
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